Checks Five-0h – 4.13


Internal Affairs questions Chin about his father’s murder 15 years earlier and how his then-new relationship with Malia and her family might have hurt the investigation.

So far the press release for the episode 4.13 Hana Lokimaikai’i – translated to The Favor by CBS.

During the episode I had the feeling this was not about that at all. But we come to that later. First let’s do the poll.

Check out AOL.ww awesome rap sheet for the episode

Okay, before we start with this review let me quote something from my classified you might not have read yet.

I maintain this blog because I love Hawaii Five-0, and my main focus is on
Steve McGarrett. For me he is the most interesting character.

That said you will find that my reviews and also most posts are not objective. They mirror my personal enjoyment of the show. I am not an employee of any magazine nor do I have any ties to any ‘official’ show blogs, so I don’t have to keep the post neutral and give every side something to enjoy. That is not my job. BUT I respect all the hard work the actors and producers put into this show.

I don’t enjoy them all equally, and I don’t feel the need to hold back with my opinion on the characters of the show. Do not mistake that with my opinion about people playing these characters. The one has nothing to do with the other.

My blog mirrors how I perceive this show. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

Please keep that in mind when you read my review.

Let’s start with me saying something right up front. I love Chin Ho Kelly. I think he brings a much needed Zen to the team. His character has many layers and I love to see him getting a bit more screen time.

Daniel Dae Kim portrays Chin perfectly, and it is a joy to watch him.

That said, I was really looking forward to this episode. Did it meet my expectations? No, absolutely not.

Gasp! What? This was not an awesome episode? How can that be? Sam must be crazy not to love this background story of our Chin.

No, she’s not gone crazy. I assure you. 🙂

But let’s not jump the gun here, let me tell you from the start how I came to the conclusion why this was not one of the best episodes.

I’m pretty sure this was one of the, if not the shortest intro into an episode of Five-0 ever. I can’t remember one that was even close to this.

We zoom in, see a store, hear a shot, see a dead body… that’s it. 32 seconds and the credits are rolling.

I loved that. I said it a few times now, I’m not a fan of a long winded intro without Five-0 in it. That is mostly just wasted time. I don’t want the crime in detail beforehand, I like to be as clueless as the detectives when they take on the crime. I like to unravel it with them, not already knowing what really happened. So, this was really great.

Next we see Chin rushing to Tripler where his father is being treated for, what we will soon learn was a fatal gun shot wound. It was great to see Malia again, and even more so John McGarrett. Which reminded me again that I’m still mad at the show runners for killing him off in the pilot. LOL

I would have loved to see William Sadler working with Alex. They are great together. (If you haven’t done so yet, you can watch Three Rivers where WS plays Dr. Yablonski’s uncle.) Anyway, it’s great to see him again as the older McG.

After this short first flashback to 15 years ago, we come back to the present. To the interrogation of Chin Ho by Internal Affairs.

Hawaii 4-13[11-36-51]

Hawaii 4-13[11-37-01]

Then we learn that his dad didn’t make it through the surgery. I guess I should have felt something at this point, right? Sadness or grief, or anything? Sorry, but that didn’t happen. Why? Glad you asked. 😉

It felt invented and constructed. It didn’t naturally evolve from the show.

What the heck does that mean? Did any of you ever hear of Chin’s father being murdered? Or that his murder was still unresolved? No, we didn’t. That was never mentioned on the show. And that is why I felt no connection to Chin’s father’s killing. It came totally out of the blue and they constructed a case around it. A weak one I might add.

Hawaii 4-13[11-42-44]

IA is investigating Chin for covering up a homicide. Huh. Which one? His father’s killing? That was ridiculous from the beginning. The IA guy said Chin wasn’t aware of the murderer’s ID for 15 years, and just now learned of his ID through the case they caught five days ago. I think they truly believed that. So, what murder did Kelly cover up? The guy that was tortured to death? Also unlikely since they investigated that murder.

Why would IA even investigate Chin in the first place? The show wanted us to believe throughout the interviews that Chin held a grudge for Gabriel all those years and when he finally had the opportunity, killed him. That was totally bogus.

Hawaii 4-13[11-45-32]

After learning of the current case and seeing Steve and Max for half a second we go back to 15 years ago.

We learn that young Steve was thinking about becoming a SEAL; that was a nice touch to give us a connection to the present. And we learn that Chin helped Malia’s little brother avoiding being charged. Well, nothing spectacular about that. Aren’t there always cases where a first time offender gets spared a prosecution? I don’t think that was a big deal at all.

Did Chin know back then that this little brother killed his father or that he would become a big time crime lord? Certainly not.

Hawaii 4-13[12-04-59]

Hawaii 4-13[12-07-33]

So, after Chin’s little outburst, and Steve and Kono trying to calm him down we go back to the case that brought this investigation on. Or not, who knows why they wanted to investigate Chin. Anyway, we learn a little bit about the killed person and the crime boss.

Hawaii 4-13[12-22-54]

A little side note here, am I the only one who thinks that he looks just like Leonardo DiCaprio? By the way, I think Christopher Sean did a great job portraying Gabriel Waincroft.

Hawaii 4-13[12-29-14]

One thing is for sure, Five-0 does funerals perfectly. This was another great example. John McGarrett’s speech was heartfelt and truly great. This was one part of the show I truly enjoyed. There were a few scene I really liked, but scenes here and there, no matter how good, won’t make for a great episode.

I have a technical question. Why did they get a folded US flag? He was not in the military, serving his country. Wouldn’t his coffin be draped with the state flag? I have seen that be done on many occasions for police officer’s funerals. I thought since he served his state first, he would get the flag of the state of Hawaii?

Hawaii 4-13[12-33-46]

Hawaii 4-13[12-33-56]

Hawaii 4-13[12-34-03]

You know, I’m sure that was not the desire effect, but I had a good laugh at those IA officers. Especially the one doing the questioning. His rapt attention and demeanor, hanging on Chin’s every word, like it was oh so interesting what Chin was telling him, cracked me up.

Hawaii 4-13[13-20-03]

Loved how Chin found his love for shotguns. That was cute.

Hawaii 4-13[13-22-20]

And there was another thing that totally cracked me up. Kono as a teenager. I’m sorry, but putting on a wig and stupid shorts, trying to drink beer and being reminded to wait until being of legal age, does not make Kono look like a teenager. This was simply ridiculous. It had me in stitches. Couldn’t you have simply left her out?

Oh, of course not, she gave the hint about the tattoo. Jeez.

Hawaii 4-13[13-25-20]

You know what made me really angry and shaking my head? The further questioning of Chin. What the heck was the point of it? The guy yelling at Chin and all?

It was just stupid. Gabriel had been investigated, there was no link to the murder, he even had an alibi. It really didn’t matter what Chin thought. There was no proof and therefore nothing to be done.

Why questioning Chin about it? There was no cover-up and those guys knew that. I’m even madder now that I know Chin didn’t kill the man he thought for 15 years to be the killer of his father. He arrested him.

This whole investigation is nothing but a set up for a future storyline. And that is what’s bugging me about it. This case/episode was simply not solid. There was no basis for this investigation.

And I don’t care if IA can launch an investigation with or without evidence, I simply felt this was a cheap shot to built a case for future use. This was really weak.

Hawaii 4-13[13-40-07]

Now Kono asked the question I was wondering about the whole time. Why would Chin cover up the murder of his father if he thought Gabriel was the killer?

Because he was in love with Gabriel’s sister. ROTFL. Really? That was what the writers want to base this whole investigation on? This was just getting better and better. I’m sorry, but I can only take this with humor. This whole episode so far was so pointless.

Hawaii 4-13[13-43-51]

Hawaii 4-13[13-43-28]

And now we get to see Steve being questioned. I think he was the only one who kept his cool. But that is really no wonder, he was trained to keep his cool in any situation. I highly doubt those two clowns could break Steve McGarrett.

But, Steve, I do have a question for you. Would you really be the first one to arrest Chin? What about the murder he did commit? He did kill an unarmed person in cold blood. Did any of you ever investigate that, or were you happy to take Chin’s ‘Delano’s dead’ and closed the case?

If IA wanted to investigate Chin, and actually get him for a crime, they should look into that murder. Then they might be able to put Chin behind bars. But I truly wonder if Steve would be able to arrest him.

Hawaii 4-13[13-46-24]

So, after they couldn’t find any evidence for the cover up, they wanted to find out if Chin had been a mind reader. Come on, show, how is this even a legit question? “Did you have any idea if he would become a drug lord when you gave him a free pass”?

Seriously? That was what this about, if Chin knew what was going to happen to Gabriel in the next 15 years? Now it was getting totally ridiculous.

Hawaii 4-13[13-57-10]

After this we’re back to the present day case. Five-0 frees the kid of the tortured dead guy, but are too late to also save the mother.

She was already taken by Gabriel who wanted her to get money out of the deposit box at the bank.

I must say I really liked all the scenes from that case. Great work from the guest actors, and the stunt coordinators. Some really great fight scenes.

Even though I wonder what took Steve so long to get up to the roof, or was he standing and watching the whole time? Hardly.

“I’ll catch you later.” Yeah, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this stupid investigation.

Hawaii 4-13[14-39-41]

Why was Steve called in a second time?

Calling Steve

At the end we have Chin at the beach, remembering his first meeting with Malia. I loved the very last picture with Chin at the beach with the beautiful sunset. That was true beauty.

But to be honest, I didn’t care much for the scenes with Malia. We already ‘saw’ that in 3.02 when Chin told Danny about it. That was a perfect description of it, and so beautiful, I really didn’t need to see it again. In my eyes nothing could ever top his words at night on the beach. This actually took away from the magic they had created back then.

Hawaii 4-13[14-47-09]

So, what’s left is my verdict.

It seems this episode had some scenes I truly liked and enjoyed. Some were really great. But I can’t give a good verdict just based on a few scenes.

It is such a shame that this whole ep was so boring and dry. DDK did such a great job and it could have been such a great episode. But in my eyes it wasn’t.

This whole murder-Chin’s-father came totally out of the blue. We never even heard of that before. And the explanation of Chin doesn’t want to bother other people with his problems? Please, that is just BS.

This whole ep was created as an ‘in’ for a further storyline, and it showed. That is my complain about it. This was not an episode that was bound to happen because the overall storyline dictated it. It was simply pulled out of thin air. And that is never a good idea.

The episode was simply not round as a whole.

And I’m not even complaining about the lack of Danny or Catherine, or Steve and Kono for that matter. There was simply nothing for them to do, other than look stupid as a teenager, act good during the rest of the ep in Kono’s case; and look great in a suit, run around and shoot up a street in Steve’s case.

Daniel Dae Kim did a great job with all his scenes. No doubt about it.

William Sadler was so good to see again, I so wish that character wasn’t dead.

Christopher Sean was a really great guest star, and did a wonderful job as Gabriel.

Robert Knepper was superb as the IA Officer, even though he made me laugh when he shouldn’t have. But I truly liked him.

Brian Thompsen’s IA Officer was completely useless. He was just sitting there probably for the protocol as a witness. But if he was there or not didn’t make any difference. What an ungrateful role.

But I’m really sorry to say, this is an episode I will probably never watch again. It was simply not interesting. I never felt any connection to the case in the present or the murder in the past.

I was very tempted to give this just two badges, because in my eyes, it really missed a lot of its potential. But, DDK really was great in it. And I simply couldn’t overlook that. So it barely made it up to three badges. But I must say this was, for me, the weakest episode of all seasons.

I’m sure most of you will disagree with me. 🙂 That’s fine, there is always the next episode.

413 Okay

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

28 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – 4.13

  1. I had high anticipations for this episode. And -as in 4.05- unfortunately they failed. I sat there waiting for the big “aha” moment but it never came. True, I absolutely LOVED DDK’s acting, enjoyed guest star Robert Knepper, was happy to see William Sadler again, liked Kono’s and Steve’s -though brief- appearances and the stand they took against IA.
    But overall I can only second you. Great acting is luckily what I am accustomed to when it comes to our show, but that’s not enough. The story felt being pulled out of thin air and didn’t make much sense to me, the scenes with Malia -though I always liked her character- were unnecessary and rather distorted my memory of her and the whole interrogation of Chin was just waaay too long. I felt like watching an episode of Criminal Minds or such a show where this setting would have fit.
    I give kudos to the crew of 5-0 for “trying something new” and a heartfelt thanks to DDK who made these 40+ minutes entertaining. But that’s about it. Sadly.
    Yes, I agree with you that this was the set-up for another Chin story, which I don’t mind but this is too predictable. As the IA guys said “trouble seems to be following you” we can only guess that probably someday they will find out Chin killed Delano in cold blood and that will come back to haunt him.
    Like you, I mainly focus on Steve as -for me- he carries most of the show as the team leaser. And, though his actions are not always correct- stands up to face the consequences and I love him for the man of action he is. Just some rambling on the side… 🙂
    So, overall it was not a bad episode, but honestly I am also not eager to watch it again. A three is a good mark and those three badges I would mainly award to DDK.
    Well, off to a fresh start in 2 weeks, with the team back together and our boys getting in trouble. Yes, high anticipations for that one also, but I think we at least won’t be let down in the action/bromance/fun department 🙂

    Thank you for your review – I’m with you all the way.


    • HA! I’m not alone. 🙂

      Yes, those three badges all belong to DDK. Mostly. They others were good in their acting, but hey, that’s always the case on Five-0. Well, mostly. 😉

      Very much looking forward to 4.14 – and so happy that Cath will be in it. It would be just wrong if the two boys get in trouble and Cath wouldn’t be there to worry. Just saying.

      AND I’m looking forward to 4.15 and 4.16 – Not only will be Danny’s parents in it, but Steve’s PTSD will be addressed. I can’t wait for that. I’m sure it will not be anything dramatic, I mean they want to keep him doing his job, and it will probably be a lightweight ep because of Danny’s parents. But I’m SO delighted that they are going to address it at all. Can’t wait. Did I mention that I’m excited about it? LOL


      • Yes!! I absolutely hear you 🙂 Same for me here.
        Looking forward to seeing you around after 4.14 and thanks always for the great work you do here – it’s much appreciated!


  2. I agree with your review hon. I am not sure I would even have been as kind in your final assessment. Like you, the main pull for me to this show was Alex O’Loughlin. I enjoy the team dynamics but the leading man will always be what I want to see the most of in an episode. If the writers decide to write an episode without much of the leading man in it, to keep my attention and interest, they will have to replace his absence wiith something else, whereas this week, there was hardly any McG, no Cath, no team dynamics, no Grover…..precious little that would attract me. DDK did a very good job with what seemed like a patched together, invented story. And I’m sorry but I have rarely seen such a bad idea as pretending that Chin and Kono are teenagers….a wig on Kono and make her talk in a higher voice…come on Peter, we expect a lot better than that of you!
    This season has been fantastic and they have set the barrier very high but this episode came in so low that I definitely will not be watching this episode ever again and I would definitely used Steve’s words…;forget about it.
    There are very few hours in a year for the fans to enjoy this show and I am very disappointed that they wasted one of these precious viewing hours with this waste of time.


    • Very harsh words, but I can completely understand your stand on this.
      I agree with the few hours we have with Five-0, and in a way I agree that is was kind of a waste. Not as strongly as you do, but a little bit.
      I’m the same with wasted minutes, even seconds in an episode. They only have about 44 minutes, so to waste that time on useless blabla, or scenery that we have seen dozens of times is a waste of time. Normally Five-0 has fine balance for such things, but the time in the IA room was wasted time in my eyes.
      They could have done this a lot better. And we know that they have great writers, great directors, great actors to do just that.
      So, I will just put this ep behind me and wait for the next one that I’m sure will be great again.


  3. I love the episode because I love Chin and it was nice to see him more but yeah, the IA investigation was too much.
    THANK YOU!!!!! I’m so glad to see someone else didn’t think Kono looked 16. I thought I was the only one. It was kind of ridiculous.
    I will still say this episode was perfect thanks to DDK. He’s such a great actor!!


    • Yes, DDK was great in this episode. And he’s the reason why this one made it to an okay in the end.
      And Kono’s teenager was just ridiculous. Totally agree with you.
      Happy you could enjoy this episode more than I could. 🙂


  4. This was a fair episode, but not going to be re watched anytime soon! I agree with virtually all your points, Sam. Not much I can add to your critique this week! I agree 100% about this being a set up for a future story, but that really depresses me as I am really getting sick of Chin and IA investigations. In fact, I’m tired of all this Chin angst and ” trouble follows him everywhere.” I just think the whole IA routine is old and tired and I simply roll my eyes now when it rears it’s ugly head again.

    Not saying the acting was bad – it was terrific on all counts. DDK, Bill Sadler, Christopher Sean, Robert Knepper, Reiko Aylesworth, acted their hearts out with what they were given. It just wasn’t an interesting story, the flashbacks didn’t work for me, the new canon dropped in our laps left me scratching my head (Chin’s father was murdered? Kono knew John McGarrett but never mentioned it? Malia had a delinquent brother…hmm.)

    I completely understood Danny and Catherine’s absence – they had nothing to add to the investigation. They weren’t in HI 15 years ago and apparently weren’t in on Gabriel’s takedown. That might have been a little odd, but in previous episodes, there has been action that did not involve all the team members, so it could easily be explained away.

    Thanks for your review, Sam. This was a disappointing episode for me for sure, but for many, it was a delight, so who am I to complain! We all have different things we watch this show for (really, any show) and what I like, someone else will hate. That’s the nature of the beast. I’m always looking forward to the next new episode. See you then!


    • I really think they pulled this story out of thin air, and that is why it was missing the point in my eyes. As you said, like Kono knowing Steve’s dad, or Chin’s father being murdered. Nothing really fit with what we know about all of them so far.
      I have no problem with half of the team being away, I don’t even care where they were. Cath probably still on reserve duty, and Danny maybe on vacation. I mean they all need a vacation at some point. So, that was fine with me. There was really nothing for them to do anyway.
      And I’m sure you are right; what I think was a lame episode as a whole, was for others really great. Taste is not objective in any way. So, if others enjoyed it, or even think it was the best ever. So be it. If it makes them happy, and they could enjoy it, that’s great for them. 🙂


  5. OK, going to jump in here. I gave this an “OK” total rating, which doesn’t really reflect a lot of the episode, but I honestly couldn’t give it a “good”. But let me stop here and say that Daniel’s scenes blew me away. He acted his little heart out and his scenes were perfect. I loved him in this. Unfortunately, as everyone has said above, the show just didn’t hit the mark. There was NO reasoning behind this. It all felt contrived and pointless. Yes, Chin knew the drug lord. He hadn’t heard from him forever and learns in this episode that Malia had been in contact with him several years ago. Well, Malia is now dead and they can’t talk to her, so you can’t accuse Chin of covering anything up.

    The IA guys, I suppose, were supposed to be menacing. I thought they came across as cartoon characters by the way they acted. The one doing all the talking has another agenda in mind… and I’m sure we will see it before the season is over. And I already dread it. He was ridiculous in his questioning techniques and just over the top in the acting department. And the guy with him kept giving him looks like “can you believe this guy” whenever Chin would answer a question. I hated all that questioning.

    Loved both Malia and John McGarrett and their scenes. I did enjoy the Malia scene on the end. To me it was sweet and I love the fact that even though Chin is/or may be in a relationship with Leilani, he still mourns what he had with Malia.

    Kono as a teenager… I’m not even going to touch that, other than it bordered on ridiculous.

    Immediately when Chin saw who the drug lord was, he stopped and the entire story came out. I still can’t figure out how IA feels he knew the situation. For this reason, the show didn’t ring at all true. I’m guessing in the future, we’ll see the purpose of this, but I’m already dreading that episode. Just because I don’t want to see another witch hunt with Chin as the target. Hasn’t this already been done? Twice, now?

    The positive in this show was Daniel’s acting. And Steve in a suit (I never claimed not to be shallow and that was a high point for me!) But let’s face it, there was really no teamwork other than the raid that took place “5 days ago”. No Danny to interact with. No Catherine or Grover conversations and because there were only three characters with little or no interaction, it was boring.

    There… I said it. It was boring. And as much as I hate to say it, Daniel’s excellent acting just couldn’t save this show. And then, we didn’t even get any previews to look forward to. 😦


    • Those IA guys totally cracked me up. I’m sure they thought it was dramatic acting, but it was so over the top. I’m sorry, but that was just amusing. But it’s not the actors’ fault, they did the best they could with the given material. I guess.

      I don’t mind if the one or other is missing if there is a good substitute for it. I don’t mind Danny missing if I get Grover instead. If not, as strange as it sounds coming from me, I want my Danny dose. Even if it is only to rant about him again. 😉 This time there was no team whatsoever. No interaction. I truly believe this episode would have won if they wouldn’t have sat in that stupid room most of the time. If the story had the chance to develop ‘outside’. You know what I mean?

      Yeah, no previews. But I’m sure the next three episodes will be absolutely great. They will come soon enough. Only nine episodes to go. A bit scary, isn’t it? Where did the time go?


  6. No doubt about it, this was a two-camp episode. You either loved it or hated it. I easily fell into the loved it camp.

    This was one of those “thinking” episodes. I had to watch it multiple times to catch all the little nuggets the writers were throwing out there.

    If you were going to have an IA investigation, Chin was the obvious choice. He’s an easy mark that’s NEVER going to be able to get past the “dirty cop” label pasted on him. It’s like the little kid that always gets accused of something because he has a reputation for being a troublemaker and is always caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Anytime something questionable comes up with 5-0, you aim for the softest target first.

    That’s why I don’t think this IA investigation was just about Chin, it was about 5-0 as a whole. McGarrett was being accused of letting things slide and looking the other way for the sake of “family”. It was about questioning Kono’s loyalty when she has clearly aligned herself with a former member of the Yokuza and being willing to look the other way because Chin is family.

    There is so much more to this than just the one hour we saw. Resolution to this investigation is coming down the pike.

    Now I’m gonna go hide in the bushes and watch y’all tear me to shreds! 🙂


    • ROTFL – No one is going to tear you to shreds. If anyone tries, they have to go through me first. On this blog everyone is free to speak his/her mind in a civilized and respectful manner. Who can’t live with a different opion should keep quiet and grow up. So, you are very welcome to state your opinion here! 🙂

      I don’t agree with that this was an episode to either hate or love. I don’t hate it and I certainly don’t love it. Parts of it were great, but others boring. It was just okay. But certainly nothing to hate. Or love. LOL

      You’re certainly right, the investigation was not just about Chin, and that is what I’m actually dreading. Can’t they come up with something other than IA going after Kono, Steve, Chin or Five-0 in general? Been there, done that. Move on. 😉

      Yeah, resolution will come. Hopefully in a much more entertaining way than this time.


  7. I’m so happy by reading this recap, it’s absolutely the way I think about this epi and unable to express myself the right way. I was so desappointing during the watch, not enough Alex of course and furthermore this story is a complete no sense.
    And now two weeks hiatus, noooooooooooooo.


  8. Sylvie, I live in France as well and when you mentionned not knowing when season 4 would start in France, it made me start wondering if it’s not later than previous years?


    • Hi Sherry
      I just have a look on Wikipedia and they are saying that the firt epi is for the 1th february on M6, I can’t believe that it will come so soon from now, yeah!!! So, so,happy.
      Did you find a way to already have a look at the episodes?


  9. Just saw first ad, that I’ve seeen in any case, for the beginning of season 4 here in France next Saturday evening….roll on next week!!!


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