Peter Lenkov Teaser 4.14

Peter Lenkov is just too good to us. Teasing us with all those editing pictures.

I really love him for that. Thank you, Sir. It is very appreciated.

What I love most about these particular shots is the fact that Catherine will be in 4.14 when the boys get kidnapped. Happy dancing here. I know, calming down now.

Peter Teaser 01

Peter Teaser 02

Oh dear, Monkey in trouble. 😉

Peter Teaser 03

5 thoughts on “Peter Lenkov Teaser 4.14

  1. Yes!! I love seeing Cath, I was afraid she wouldn’t be here to save her man 😀
    I’m curious about what Grace did.
    Such a great episode in perspective!


    • I think she got in a fight at her school. That can be interesting to see how Danny handles that.
      I wonder if we will ever see Rachel again?
      Totally happy that Cath will be in this ep. Brings a whole new layer of worry for the boys’ safety.


  2. Is that Michael Madsen, the bad guy? This is going to be so great! I hope Steve and Danny get into it very deep, so Cath will have *something* to worry about 😉


    • Yeah, I think it’s MM. Really looking forward to this episode. I just hope their predicament won’t be too dumb with Danny’s sudden claustrophobia. But I’m sure I will enjoy it anyway. LOL


    • I hope so too buttercup…I also hope for a “I’m so grateful you’re safe” scene….and that Cath is very, very grateful. 😛


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