CBS Press Tour

The next two days will be filled with the CBS Press Tour in Los Angeles.

Even though none of the stars will be in L.A. I think it’s a good indication for a season 5 that they will show a part about the making of the show. CBS would not invest in this if season 4 would be the last season.

With a bit of luck there might even be some early announcements. Yeah, not gonna happen, I know. πŸ˜‰

CBS Press Tour

On Thursday, January 15

CBS schedule

Go and read the full article on SpoilerTV. Credit to them.

8 thoughts on “CBS Press Tour

  1. I doubt there will be an announcement – I’m thinking February, which is when CBS made it’s mass renewal announcement last year. As much as I like the idea that CBS is set to renew H50 because of it’s inclusion in the schedule for this, there was also a huge Intelligence presence there today, and that show has GOT to be DOA considering it’s horrendous drop in demo and viewers from the premiere to the second ep! I’ll continue to think positive thoughts, though!


    • Oh, Lynnette, I think that is a very different scenario. Intelligence is a new show, they have to push it. Which won’t help the show, I think it’s not good at all. I lasted all of twenty minutes and then I had enough.
      H50 is a different matter. They wouldn’t invest in a four year old show if they didn’t plan to have more seasons. Wouldn’t make any sense really.
      Always think positive! πŸ™‚ And no, there won’t be an announcement. I think they will be really late this year with it. Don’t ask me why, just a feeling.


  2. Here’s why I think it will be renewed:

    1. The syndication deal alone should keep H50 around for one more season. $2.5 million per episode is a lot of return on investment.

    2. The move to Friday has been a huge success IMO. While I’m not sure it will ever win the demo for the night (cannot even begin to understand how Shark Tank is so successful), it’s a strong presence.

    3. This season seems to have breathed a new life into the show. It’s everything Season 3 should have been. Character development, storyline continuity, and the introduction of new characters that balance really well with the existing cast.

    4. The freshman dramas have all crashed and burned. There really is nothing to take the place of H50 in a schedule shuffle.

    Maybe I’m just overly optimistic, but I really think we’ll all be having our fix next season.


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