Checks Five-0h – 4.12


After a three week mini-break Five-0 is back with a new episode. Not to cause any panic but we are more than halfway through the season now. As you probably all know this season has 22 episodes.

4.12O kēlā me kēia manawa which CBS translated to Now and Then

Check out former H50BAMF’s / now AOL.ww awesome rap sheet for the episode

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We start the show as usual with the crime of the week. Could those two guys be any more obvious than they were? Guess not. It was clear they meant trouble, and I didn’t believe for a second it was over with them leaving the bar. And of course it wasn’t, the real trouble started later when the two goons attacked Jack Anderson, the bar owner. Without seeing the outcome of the fight we cut to the credits.

Hawaii 4-12[13-00-47]

Hawaii 4-12[13-01-07]

After the opening we go to Vancouver for a quick stop to pick up Adam. I truly enjoyed how they didn’t make a big deal out of this reunion. This were good scenes and I hope that this whole lame story is now over and we can move on.

Sorry, but this whole Adam/Kono thing was just a waste of time in my eyes, it never managed to hold my interest. So, I’m really glad it’s over and we can go back to normal. I’m looking forward to having Kono back with Five-0.

That said I still have a question. How come that Adam is even a free man? Why was he not arrested at the end of 2.22? I take it his men were all taken into custody and are probably still spending time in jail? Adam kidnapped and tortured a man. He then later kidnapped a police officer, assaulted that police officer, he also threatened to kill the head of the Governor’s task force, which also is assault of a police officer. He held a gun on Steve and Kono. How can he not be behind bars?

Not even to talk about his time with the Yakuza before he ‘decided’ to make a legit business out of it? Bottom line is, I still hope he’s not the good guy he pretends to be. He was way more interesting as the head of the Yakuza. Now he’s just boring. 😉

Hawaii 4-12[14-15-19]

LOL – bye Danno. Guess Grace is growing up. That were cute scenes, and I think it’s great to see Gracie this often. Teilor Grubbs is doing a really good job now. Nothing like in the beginning; so seeing her and Danny is always a plus.

Now we’re back at the crime scene with Five-0 at work. Well, Five-0 is not such a big unit, so only Steve and Chin are present. With Kono still gone, Danny on the North Shore and Cath who knows where, they are a bit shorthanded.

I have asked this a few times, but no one came up with a satisfied answer yet. Well, not many beside me probably even thing about such things anyway. 😉 How does Five-0 get assigned to a case? Do they listen to the ‘scanner’ all day and pick what they think sounds interesting? Does Duke call them and asks for help? I mean, it’s pretty clear they get involved in high priority cases like kidnappings, bank robberies or such things. But this was a simple murder case. So, why is Five-0 even on the case? Any suggestions? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Anyway, one of the technicians finds the bar owner’s phone and soon it is clear that Captain Grover knows him and that might explain why he is on the scene.

We learn a little bit about Jack Anderson, that he’s a good guy. They portrayed him almost as a saint up until now. Well, it remains to be seen how long that will hold. He sounds a bit too good. And then we learn that Grover and McG can play nice. Steve asks for his help. Yeah, Stevie, keep him close, so you know what he’s doing. Clever boy. 🙂

With the help of the crime lab they learn who the blood belongs to that was found on the scene. And to their surprise it’s not Anderson’s. Now they have a witness they can question.

Hawaii 4-12[15-23-22]

“It’s like her innocence is floating out to space, or something.” Yeah, Danny, get used to it. I thought it was really cute that Danny called his buddy to find some comfort about his girl growing up. Of course Steve found nice words for him… Grover not so much. 😉 But we got a new constellation out of this threesome-cargument. How about McDango?

I really enjoyed these three on the phone. Such fun.

You didn’t think I would be able to write a review without complaining about how the writers portray Danny at the moment, now did you? Right. Are they serious about this girl? Is Danny really supposed to fall for a young woman that is more like a playdate for Gracie than a potential girlfriend for Danny.

What, now they are giving Danny a midlife-crisis next? Or why the heck would he go after a girl half his age? I don’t even care what age she is supposed to be, but that girl and Danny? I can only shake my head at that, and wonder why the writers can’t come up with something for Danny that feels real and not wrong and stupid.

Just my opinion about the girl they picked for it. The two did it very well though and it was fun to watch them after I managed to ignore what I think about this ‘relationship’.

Hawaii 4-12[15-47-00]

Isn’t is amazing how fast Grover became a member of Five-0? Remember his and Steve’s vehement denial him having any association with Five-0 in 4.08?

It made even Steve smile.

But excuse me if I’m a bit confused. Didn’t Denning tell Steve he would be held accountable for any crossing the line? I distinctively remember that back in 2×01. I mean he didn’t really cross the line since then, not like before, and he for sure hasn’t been held responsible for anything really. So when did they get their immunity and means?

Maybe Denning decided to look the other way whenever something came up? If any complains even reached him. I guess nobody will complain about any methods as long as the outcome is in their favor.

I think that was a very good question Steve asked Grover. ‘Why didn’t he call you?’

If you had a friend with the police and would have been in that kind of fight, wouldn’t that be your first call? You bet I would have done that. If I didn’t have anything to hide that my friend could not know about, that is. So, this whole story got a lot more complicated after they learned what really went down behind that bar.

Okay, raise your hand if you expected this to happen. Who saw it coming that the young girl, sorry, woman would get shot? I for sure didn’t. So, that was really cool.

Even though I wonder what happened to the bullet? Amber was only grazed by it, that means the bullet kept going. Where to? There was no cracked front shield, no bullet in the car. Guess that is the same mystery like in 3.03 when the bad guy shot the dinghy and the two bullets never went trough the dinghy but were mysteriously stopped by ‘air’.

Hawaii 4-12[16-31-19]

Hawaii 4-12[16-35-57]

Hawaii 3-03 HD[16-42-56]

And now we learn that the good guy wasn’t so good after all. He’s wanted by the FBI for his involvement in an armed robbery and the killing of a young woman.

This whole case begs the question, how well can you know someone? I believed the wife that she had no idea about her husbands background, about what he had done. And I believed her when she said he would never do such a thing. The Jack from now wouldn’t, but the one from back then did.

I liked it how Grover talked to the wife and Steve questioned the kids. I love to see him with kids, he’s really good with them. And he learned more from them than Grover did from the wife, simply because she didn’t know anything. Except where he might go.

Going a bit out of order here, but I wanted to wrap the ‘Danny case’ up in one go. He goes to investigate and finds out that a stray bullet was the cause of the injury.

I really have to ask you why did that father had a gun on his boat in the first place? And if he felt the need to have one, why wasn’t it under lock and key? Why was he so stupid and let his children play with it? Target practice from a boat? How stupid can one person be?!

I’m always happy to see Lukela, he’s such a great character, and I love it that he’s always there. He and Chin figure out that it was not a random brawl at the bar, but a hit. The question is who paid for it?

Hawaii 4-12[17-33-42]

Hawaii 4-12[17-34-21]

Aww, McGrover in the woods, sorry, forest. Loved their banter. They are snarky and funny, without being mean. And of course Steve revealed the reason why he took Grover along. As if we didn’t know that all a long. 🙂

H50 - 4-12 Sneak[17-42-11]

While the two thickheaded boys were still traipsing through the forest, Chin went to find out who was behind the hit. A bit more subtle than Grover, but equally effective.

Hawaii 4-12[18-04-02]

Now back to the forest. I guess it is killing Steve that he still doesn’t know why Grover left Chicago and came to Hawaii to start a new life. His ‘digging’ doesn’t give him the answers he’s looking for, but I bet he won’t give up.

And I would like to know what Steve’s running from, since he said we’re all running from something. What’s his skeleton in the closet?

Hawaii 4-12[18-12-03]

So, the dead girl’s husband hired the killers. 20 years is a long time to hold a grudge like that, and then to even go through with killing someone. At least trying to. Guess that can be called premeditated. 😉 I’m sure that was not what his wife had wanted for him.

Actually I think what he did is even worse. He planned to kill another human being. Jack did kill someone, but he didn’t plan to do it. Technically it was an accident. Not by law, I know, but it was not intentional. I think the punishment for the husband should be way more severe than for Jack. But I’m not a lawyer, so what do I know?

Chin is on his way to arrest the husband and McGrover are hopefully just minutes from arresting Jack Anderson.

Well, Grover, this was not your smartest hour. And here actually comes my first and only real complaint about the episode. Danny’s young girl doesn’t count, you know me and Danny. 🙂

I was so hoping for some hand-to-hand combat between Steve and Jack. They really had the greatest opportunity with Grover disarmed and wanting to take in Jack alive. That would have been the icing on the cake. When was the last time we had some Steve-action? When was he in a fight the last time? Way too long ago. Give us some simple action with Steve. Doesn’t even have to be something big, just a really good fight. Or some running, or something. Please?

Hawaii 4-12[18-28-43]

I wonder what Grover is hiding, or running from? Guess we have to wait a little longer to find out. It was nice of Steve to give him the chance to take down Jack on his own thanks to his distraction. Even though that robbed us of the above mentioned fight. 😉

Hawaii 4-12[18-36-05]

Hawaii 4-12[18-39-18]

Chin and Duke had no trouble arresting the husband. Guess he was actually waiting for them.

Hawaii 4-12[18-40-21]

Hawaii 4-12[18-40-56]

I think it was great that Jack got the chance to tell his wife and say good bye to his kids. Steve and Lou do have big hearts.

Hawaii 4-12[18-43-55]


I wonder if Chin was thinking about what he had done to the murderer of his wife. Never forget, Chin got away with murder. He did kill Delano in cold blood. Not in any way better than all the killers he put behind bars. That is still something that hangs over his head, and I wonder if they ever will get back to that.

Hawaii 4-12[18-48-09]

This was for sure the first step to own up to what he had done. I thought it was a nice gesture. Won’t help either of them much, but still.

Hawaii 4-12[18-52-56]

Now after all is done we can wrap up the episode with another gathering at Steve’s house. I actually really like how he invites all the people who are important to him to his house. I like to see them come all together and spent time together.

Best quote of the episode comes from Danny: ‘He’s like you, but he can cook’. After Steve tells him that Grover’s not bad, just a bit thick headed. 🙂 I think Danny is a bit jealous of their developing friendship. He shouldn’t be, he will always be Steve’s Danno. LOL

And, of course, we have the return of Kono. That was very well done. Loved the last three minutes. Great work, Show.

So, now what’s left is my verdict.

It was a good solid episode for me, but by far not awesome. Loved Grover and McG. They are really great. Loved to see Gracie and Danno, that is always a plus. Liked it that the return of Kono was not a big deal at all. I was afraid they would make a big ep out of that, and I think that would have been wrong because it was no big deal the last 11 eps. So this was perfect. Liked Chin as usual.

BUT I truly missed the interaction of them as a team. With that I mean them being together on screen. They are working perfectly as a team even when apart, but I really want to see them all together now.

And I missed Cath. By the way, since when is she in the reserves? She said she was OUT. And if she was in the reserves, why wasn’t she in uniform at the funeral or at Pearl Harbor Day? And why would Steve miss her in those cammies? 😉

Did she decide after getting out to go back? I think it’s again something they didn’t think through. But it’s really no big deal, at least it was a good explanation for her absence. As far as we know she will be missing in action for a couple of episodes.

I hope we will see them working all together really soon. I think Kono and Cath will make a great team, so I’m truly waiting for that to happen. And I want some nomality back. I love how the show is evolving, how we don’t have just four people working the cases. That would be so boring. And without evolving this show would be dead soon.

Ever so often people are complaining about they want the core 4 back. Really, I can’t stand that anymore. Get over it. This show has so many great characters, there is something for everyone to love. And if one character is not in an episode or two, or 11 for that matter. So what. There for sure is a reason for it. Not everything that is happening on a show is written in advance. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

I for one love all the additions which differ so much from the original show. And I’m grateful that Peter Lenkov gives us such a divers show with such great characters. So, I’m not complaining about what is happening, or who is on the show or who is missing. In the long run it will all be balanced out.

What I missed the most in this ep was some action. I SO hoped for some hand-to-hand with McG and that ex-soldier they were after. When was the last time we had Steve show us some cool moves in an ep? Right, such a long time ago. Give us some McG action, please, I’m begging you. 🙂

I told you above what my personal opinion of Danny’s new girl is, so I hope that relationship goes nowhere.

But all in all I don’t really have much to complain about. I seldom have serious stuff to complain. Most of the time you should take my ranting with a grain of salt. 🙂

4-star 412

13 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – 4.12

  1. I do miss the core team at times and maybe I don’t want to get over it! But l love the new characters. They bring out different aspects of the core characters.

    I agree with you though… this girl could have a sleep over with grace.What were they thinking? She needs to go back to new york.

    Loved the wit and banter. I think danny does feel a little jealous. Maybe he will appreciate steve more.


    • Well, you can want them all you want, but you are not one of those people who constantly complain that they are not the only ones working on Five-0. So, wanting them, and hating the others are two different things.

      Maybe I was not clear in voicing what I meant. People can of course miss whatever they think is not enough on the show. But please stop complaining so loudly about it. Let others enjoy it.

      And a tip for all the people who claim to hate the show; if you really can’t stand it, just go and watch something else.


  2. Loved, loved your review!
    You know in general we usually agree, while I sometimes have a few things that I see differently. But this time – spot on! 🙂
    Thank you for being so open minded and taking a stand against people who complain all the time. I recently was lectured on twitter that a certain person “had the right to voice her opinion” which was just all negativity and telling others (unfortunately over a 1000 followers) how bad the show is. I usually don’t engage in these talks but I was tempted and told her that voicing an opinion is one thing, but trying to convince others how bad a show is that others/we love and appreciate is another thing. In other words, I told her to stick it (she got really rude) and blocked her.
    I am so done. Why waste so much energy on negativity? Just stop watching if you hate something so much. I will never understand these people.
    I am loving 5-0 more and more. Why? Because it is no longer the “core 4” but perfect (!) additions have been made, along of course with other elements that I look forward to week after week. I am so enjoying Catherine and Grover, I love Gracie and Duke being there and hell, I even enjoy Kamekona and cousin Flippa being around. I don’t need an exact copy of the old Hawaii Five-0 from the seventies. At first “our” show started as a remake but they have advanced so much further now and I applaud the show makers for venturing into new territory and bringing in new people as assets to the team.
    They have a hard job to do and high expectations to live up to. But in my eyes they are doing a great job overall. The cast and crew are so dedicated and entertain us on a very high level.
    It might not be to everyones taste (again, why are they still watching then?) but I love it. Season 4 is really great so far. One or two exceptions but overall really, really good. This episode wasn’t perfect, a few issues here and there but good entertainment, lots of fun, a happy reunion and much more.
    I am eagerly awaiting the next episodes with Chin and Steve’s dad and 4.14 with Steve and Danny being kidnapped. Peter Lenkov promised us more McDanno bromance and Peter hasn’t let us down with his promises this season.

    Thanks again for this review. Refreshing, entertaining, down to the point.
    Oh, and I finally had my imported “Aloha beer” that I kept in my fridge while watching this episode (goofy grin on my face when I spotted an Aloha beer case on the steps in the bar in the first scene) 🙂
    Have I mentioned that I loved the pics you put together?
    Thank you and see you next week!


    • I never understood why people try to take the fun our of something other people enjoy. If they don’t like it that’s fine, but don’t try to take the enjoyment from others. That is just plain mean.

      I really truly enjoy Five-0. There is always, and was always something I don’t agree with, or even think it’s stupid or wrong or whatever. But even though I’m voicing my opinion, I would never try to make people see it my way. If others don’t see it like I do, that is perfectly fine. I’m happy if people can enjoy something, doesn’t matter if I like it or not.

      I will never understand those petty little minds who try to hurt other people; and trying to take enjoyment from you is hurting people.

      Thank you for stopping by and voicing your opinion.


  3. I agree with everything you said!
    I’m glad the Kono/Adam storyline is over, it was boring because there never was something new.
    I missed Cath, I know she won’t be in for a couple of episode, but I really think she should have been in this one because she is the one who found Sato…
    The way Danny met Amber was nice but I think there was a big mistake in the cast, she is too young. And I know Peter said the difference of ages would be a problem, it still doesn’t make me change my mind about it. I have no interest in this SL.
    I love Grover more and more, he is just awesome and I really want to know his story.

    Thanks for a great review 🙂


    • Yeah, I was a bit sad that Cath hadn’t been there because she was the one that got the Kono/Adam thing going with finding Sato.
      I really hope she will be there when the boys get kidnapped in 4.14. Would be a shame if she wouldn’t be there.


  4. Hey, great review, as always! Great group of pics, too! The stars have all obviously aligned as I can agree with all your points to this week!

    It was a fun episode, it came close to awesome for me, but “Danny’s girl” bothered me, too. (Who in the world cast this actress, anyway? I mean, she appears to be a good actress, but she doesn’t look or sound like a New Yorker to me at all!) There has to be something going on here. They don’t just give Danny a new “love interest” because the guy’s lonesome! She’s got a story, all right! Coming to HI to start fresh? People on this show usually have something to hide or run away from when they relocate to HI. She is either running from an abusive relationship or a criminal past. OR…! She’s luring Danny into a sting! We’ll get to the bottom of this eventually.

    Loved the MCGrover time, and the 3-way Cargument was perfection. I also thought the Kono storyline was put to rest admirably. It’s definitely not over yet, though. Adam can’t just walk back into his perfect life.

    I’m not sure if Danno is jealous of Grover, or more distrustful of him. He questions why he’s at every Ohana moment, and he really hasn’t done anything yet to earn all the team members’ trust and join the Ohana. I think Danny is wondering IF Grover is trustworthy and really will have Five-0’s back when the need arises. Perhaps Danny’s continued questioning is setting up a future episode (this happens a lot in this show!)

    All in all, I was very satisfied and enjoyed this episode. Now, on to Chin’s story next week – that guy just can’t catch any breaks!


    • Yes, Danny’s girl is the main reason this was not awesome for me. That and the lack of action.

      I was suspious of Grover in the beginning, but not anymore. I think he will have their backs. I think in the beginning he was really miffed that he had been played like that by Steve. It had hurt his pride big time. I think he’s a good guy.

      But suddenly Danny sees that Steve can be friends with lots of people, he is acutally a lot more social than Danny is. I think that scares him a little. Steve is a really good guy and liked by most. Danny not so much because of his often rude behavior. I think Danny is learning an important lesson right now. LOL

      Poor Chin. He seems to have a sign on his back ‘kick me’. 🙂


  5. I love the direction the show’s taking. It’s seems to have settled down (my humble opinion the first few epis of this season were a big hodgepodge and all over the place). While I miss the original 4 – some of the best scenes from earlier episodes are with them – I like the diversity the other characters bring to the show as a whole. I do love Steve and Grover and love that Danny is a bit jealous of him (or like Lynette said maybe its distrust). But we all know Danny has nothing to worry about, he’ll always have Steve’s six and vice versa!! I do think Grover enjoys a bit of that immunity that seems to have re-appeared this season (who wouldn’t). I’m reserving judgment on Amber (though I’m [not-so-secretly] hoping she won’t turn out to be a Lori Weston useless addition from s2 (no hate please, just my humble opinion again). Yes, she’s young, but let’s see what she’s got before nailing her coffin shut. We know why/how Danny landed in HI, let’s learn her story – they just may be kindred spirits.

    All in all, a great episode. Uncle Steve hugs! Kono hugs! All’s right with the world.


    • I don’t really agree with your opinion about the beginning, but can understand why you feel that way.

      I really don’t know what to make of the new Danny-girl, that seems so ridiculous to me. So, I will sit back and wait for what is to come. 😉

      So far, I really love season 4, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of it.


  6. I found two-thirds of the episode really really good. But one-third …
    It is no secret that I think Danny is hard to bear. But that wasn’t the reason. Ok, again without back-up, yet with a mid-life crisis 😉 , but the story was boring. Cranky, crouchy Danny has a crush on this girl and on the spur of the moment follows her? Seriously? Every time the interesting and funny part in this episode was interrupted I had a hard time to force myself to watch. If SC does not have time to be with the team on set, I think they should just leave him out, or do more like this threesome-cargument. That was funny!
    But let’s focus on the great parts of this episode. At first the McGrover. I love those two. Grover is a lovable grouch without being disrespectful and insulting. And both men have such big hearts. What Steve told Grover in the jungle/forest/woods (teehee, I love Steve the McNerd), was so true and showed such a knowledge of life and I’m sure that Grover knows that in the depths of his heart as well.
    And then Steve and Grover let Anderson say Good Bye. That was beautiful.
    The end… Sigh. I love it how Steve’s Ohana has grown. What a mixed bunch of friends. I love how S4 has done that and has breathed a change in Steve’s life – in a positive way! Good for us too. It shows that Steve is a really social person and it’s hard for people to not like him. They are happy to have a dedicated and selfless friend like him. And they all hang around with him in his house constantly. LOL! So much for being a miser.
    Also, I cannot help mentioning the smurf. (Yes, I know these things are now called hoodie, but I have worn them as smurf – Schlumpf – for the first time decades ago. We called them smurfs and for me they remain smurfs, even if they’re green! 😆 ) And if a man like Steve wears them as tight-fitting – then harr! Then he was the first one to embrace his (Pardon? Nope. 😉 ) Kono! Rolling up his sleeves so that he has as much skin contact as he can get. Yes! So it is! Don’t roll your eyes! 😆
    But of course, she has the stupid Adam in tow.
    However, I must say that I missed Cath a little bit. She shows me a Steve I do not see otherwise. Relaxed, at ease … So I like them very much together. She’s grown on me.
    Of course, just until Kono finally notices that Adam is a wuss and she chooses Steve. Steve then kicks Adam’s ass to New Jersey. There he can visit Danny, who he is living there again, because his Lolita wanted to move back. Steve and he can even call at Christmas. That’s me being gracious. 😉
    Okay, I’m wandering from the subject. I happen to do that.
    What I wanted to say: Good episode. And I want more McGrover.
    BTW I have a feeling that Steve already knows why Lou has left Chicago. I mean Steve can get a lot of classified information? Maybe he has done that and just wants to hear it from the man himself?


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