Ratings 10-plus

Hawaii Five-0 managed to crack the 10 million viewers in the first viewing. I’m sure the demo will rise to 2.5 in the next seven days. Total viewers will also increase a few millions.

Congrats to the show. And thanks everyone for watching! GO SHOW!

Final adjusted rating. H50 won the night in demo. Thanks to SpoilerTV

even better rating


Credits to SpoilerTV

3 thoughts on “Ratings 10-plus

  1. Don’t understand how they come up with the numbers, but as long as they’re good, and they are, I’m happy and confident that we’ll have a s5!!


    • Well, that is actually a bit complicated. If you are interested in the process Spoiler TV has a good explanation for it.
      It has a lot to do with statistics. And the live numbers depend on the people that have a Nielsen-Box at home, their viewing counts. Not yours or mine.
      It’s different with the DVR and Online numbers. Don’t aks me how that really works, no real idea. 🙂
      But, the important part is, the numbers are really good. Especially for a Friday.
      So, I’m very confident that we will get a season 5 and even beyond that. The international number and sales are stunning, so nothing really to fear.
      Even though I only really truly believe in the next season when they start filming it. 🙂


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