Funny little Pilot detail

S!zz luvz... made me take a look at my favorite scene in the pilot episode again. And I had a good laugh at this little blooper. Cokie thought we needed to share this with you, so here you go.

When the two boys drew their badges Danny was so irritated by his future partner that he couldn’t even hold his HPD badge the right way up. 😉


After realizing that the crazy man wasn’t about to shoot him, he found the time to correct his mistake in the next scene.


Wow, my first post just about Danny. Don’t get used to it. 😉


8 thoughts on “Funny little Pilot detail

    • Oh, not to worry, feeling perfectly fine. But you know me, always trying something new. I needed a full day to come to a decision after Cokie suggested it if I wanted to post this. LOL


  1. LOL. Sam is now posting about Danny. We definitely need a new episode to get her away from this! 🙂 You know as many times as I watched that scene, I never saw that. Too funny!


    • YES, we for sure need a new episode. 😉 I’m afraid this time we will have Danny and Kono in it, but Cath will be missing. I wonder when they will have all of them in one episode? I’m so looking forward to Cath and Kono working together, I truly hope that will happen soon.


  2. I read about this little blooper somewhere else but it also mention that “Steven” was spelled “Stephen”!! Now what’s wrong with “Danny” dropping by once every now and then?????


    • I haven’t read that yet. Steve was spelled Stephen in the first drafts of the pilot script, but they changed it for the final version and filming.

      Nothing wrong with Danny, but read ‘Classified’ and you know why this is a special occasion that Danny has a post of his own. 😉


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