Already at 4.16

After Peter Lenkov confirmed that we will only get 22 episodes this season, now
Jeffrey Hunt twittered that they started filming 4.16 today. Just seven more episodes to go for them. I wonder when their hiatus will start this year. Earlier than usual probably.

First I was a bit sad about just 22 episodes, and even though I’m a firm believer in a season 5 (and even beyond that), it still got me wondering why CBS cut the season short after anouncing 24 episodes earlier. If it gives the actors more time to do other stuff, and the writers to come up with such great stories as they did so far, and if we will get a season 5, well, than I’m all for it.

As Alex said 24 eps are way too many. 😉 Well, Alex, not in our books.
But I’m happy for them to get off early.

Thanks to Jeffrey Hunt @Huntvision on twitter for the pics and the heads-up.



Day 2

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