Checks Five-0h – 4.11


Hawaii Five-0 – 4.11 – Pukana – Keepsake

a review by COKIE

Sam has graciously asked me to review Episode 11 of Hawaii Five-0 which premiered on December 20, titled Pukana.

First off, it was a Christmas episode. I heard the holiday music and I saw the decorations. Other than that, was there really anything dealing with Christmas? Yes, it showed Danny and Grace at the end and she was opening a gift. But I was hoping for a bit more Christmas shown. Although I suppose there were some Christmas miracles involved in the show.

Christmas past and present on Five-0:

I am not organized like Sam is, so I’m just going to post random thoughts… in no particular order. She said she would add photos to my ramblings, so good luck to you, Sam! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kono… why were those scenes added? I suppose it is her progression in coming back to Hawaii. I thought they were unnecessary and the time could have been used a bit better. But that’s just me. Enough said on that matter.
I understand she will return very soon.

Now, man breaking into a house. My first words were “you’re dead.” And he was. He was unlucky enough to rob the house of a serial killer. Fatal mistake.

Danny working a school clean up. That was nice. Grace finding a wooden box that had been in the water forever and the wood hadn’t swollen up was a miracle (see, I guess it was Christmas). The fact that Steve automatically figured it out was funny. Loved that he pulled off the road and opened it. Now… the locket had a photo in it which was undamaged from the water as well. Far fetched? Just a bit. Unrealistic? Absolutely. Dumb? Yeah, kind of.

One question. Whenever Steve gets a call to come in to work, he always changes into more professional clothing. Danny shows up in his shorts and tee shirt? I thought that was odd. And here we have the dead burglar in the trunk of a car in a lot. Now, I must admit that plot isn’t the main thing I watch the show for, so bear with me on this. Serial killer had something in his safe that he wanted no one to see. One can assume, as per the FBI lady, that it was filled with severed fingers. While I would like to know the contents, I’m thankful I didn’t have to see them. The look on Steve’s face was enough.

Now… the robber’s partner clued them in on the targeted houses, so Chin and Catherine start checking them out? Isn’t it proper procedure to stay with a partner? Why did they separate? Dumb move. Chin, who is quite a good detective, found a tiny piece of foil on the floor. (My daughter pointed out that it is no longer “tin” foil as “tin” and “aluminum” are not the same, but that oversight didn’t bother me). Anyway, poor Chin was hit in the face and then bumped and thumped down the steps. I’m sure Daniel had bruises after that! The scenes in the basement were very vivid and played quite well.

I am surprised the FBI didn’t try to shut down and take over the investigation, but she didn’t. They quickly knew something was wrong when they couldn’t reach Chin and called Catherine back in. During a torture scene, luckily the serial killer was interrupted by his doorbell. Thankfully for Chin Ho, he kept all his fingers intact! Serial Killer had a girlfriend… silly girl. She would take care of him and then HE could take care of her. Which he did with another bump and thump down the basement steps. I must say the woman had courage though after she woke up. The fight between Chin and Serial Killer was very well choreographed. Great job, Guys! And then she got the gun to Chin… that was great. Watching Chin blow him away was also good! <man, am I sadistic, or what?>

The good guys rush in after hearing the gunfire and find Chin and Girlfriend. I did like Steve’s comment to the FBI woman who thought she wanted to be the one to kill the killer. He let her know that she didn’t really want that. I think, no matter what your profession, killing isn’t something that is easy to do. If you have a conscience, that is.

Hawaii 4-11[15-22-29]

OK, side story. Danny takes the locket in the box to Charlie who researches and low-and-behold, Christmas miracle number 2. He finds a hair, apparently with the follicle still attached in the back of this teeny-tiny locket. And is able to find the little girl it came from. Now, a show of hands here… how many knew this wasn’t going to be a happy story??? Little girl and family perished in the tsunami and only the father remained.

Hawaii 4-11[15-32-17]

Hawaii 4-11[15-32-53]

The ending scenes, while good, left me wanting so much more. Danny and Grace opening gifts. It was sweet. Catherine and Steve at the grave site. Very nice. Poignant. For a minute, I was afraid they were going to be at Aunt Deb’s grave and I would have cried buckets, but thankfully that didn’t happen. But come on, Show… couldn’t we have had a bit more of Steve and Cath? I mean, it was CHRISTMAS! At least you led me to believe it was. Kamekono and Max serving food was cute. Quick scene, but cute. Chin and Leilani on the beach was very nice. Chin deserves some happiness and I hope he gets it this time around.

Hawaii 4-11[15-39-02]

Hawaii 4-11[15-38-12]

Hawaii 4-11[15-37-42]

Hawaii 4-11[15-37-32]

Hawaii 4-11[15-36-59]

Now… here’s where reality leaves the show for me. Danny and Grace manage to procure last minute, round trip airline tickets from Hawaii to Japan on CHRISTMAS DAY and fly the box and locket to the grieving father. Very nice gesture, but does anyone realize what those tickets would have cost??? And to get two tickets by walking up to the counter was Christmas miracle number 3. Besides, this was Danny, who apparently has recently received a mighty nice raise. He now has a very nice house and managed to afford these tickets after suffering through the first two seasons in a series of hovels or living in his friend’s living room.

Hawaii 4-11[15-45-04]

Hawaii 4-11[15-46-13]

OK, I did a lot of grumbling above. But as I crave new episodes so much, I have to give it 4 Badges. It was full of holes, but like I said, I don’t watch just for plot. And I just couldn’t give it 3 Badges. So, there you have my take on this episode. Sam, I’m sure by now you are sorry you suggested this… ๐Ÿ™‚


No, Iโ€™m not sorry at all. I have only one thing to add. The scene when Danny was teasing Steve about never paying for lunch. I thought that was funny, but I need to step in to defend Steveโ€™s honor. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hawaii 4-11[15-52-17]

Steve gave Danny a three-day-weekend at the Kahala Hotel for him and Grace after he had just met the guy. Remember back in the pilot at the end?

Hawaii 1-01[(061284)15-54-15]

Steve was willing to fly half around the world to meet Cath halfway.

Hawaii 2-04 HD[15-58-07]

He took Cath to a very fancy dinner in 3.11.Well, at least on the second try.

Hawaii 3-11 HD[16-01-39]

Hawaii 3-11 HD[16-03-01]

He bought her a very expensive gift when she retired from the Navy.

Hawaii 4-03 HD[16-05-22]

He’s constantly providing beer and free food at his house for Danny and other guests.

He might not have invited the whole gang to lunch or dinner after a case, and insists on splitting the checks, but he for sure is not a cheap date. I just thought that needed to be said. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I totally agree with Cokieโ€™s verdict of 4 badges. Weak ones, but still better than okay.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

One more thing. I donโ€™t write reviews with the claim to be objective, and neither does Cokie. This is how she perceived this episode. If you disagreeโ€ฆ that is just fine. We donโ€™t claim in any way that our opinion is the right and only one.

18 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – 4.11

  1. My thoughts exactly! It was a good episode but it did have a lot of holes and not enough Christmas. And yes, there is no way Danny and Grace would have been able to go to Japan so easily. Steve is very generous when it counts. Especially when it comes to Catherine, as it should be. I would have liked to see a little more McRoll celebrating Christmas together, though I understand the importance of her accompanying him to his father’s grave.
    Great review as always. Honest and respectful.


    • I also think Cokie did a great job with her review.

      I think it was a nice sentiment about going to Japan, but they should have done it more realisticly. Like for example showing how Danny and Grace took great care in wrapping it and sending it to the father and then him unwrapping it. That would have been a lot more emotional, at least for me. It would have been realistic. And not as far fetched as what they did on the show. That ruined it for me a little bit. I was shaking my head, and that was not the desired effect.

      Less is often more. Sometimes Five-0 forgets that. But none the less a good episode, even though it wasn’t at all what I expect around Christmas time. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • thanks so much for your reply Leni. I really wanted more Christmas… and more Steve and Cath, but I guess we can’t have everything we want!


  2. Nice review, great pics! It was an ok episode. Maybe because the week before was so freakin awesome this juspaled in comparison. It had a few bright spots but most of it bordered on blah. Nothing shone brightly, not even the guests. I have to mention that Danny calling Steve a putz threw me. I’m a native NYer and Yiddish words are a part of our lingo and putz is not a nice word at all. The use of such a strong ethnic word just didn’t fit. I’m really looking forward to Kono’s return in January!


  3. In reply to your comment about Danny’s salary raise – he doesn’t have to pay child support anymore. Once he got joint custody, that goes away, and it was probably – based on cost of living in Hawaii – around anywhere from $2000 – $5000/m. Huge difference in where he can live and what he can do. And he doesn’t have to get Grace the “best of everything” to impress the neighbors and Grace has never seemed spoilt, so he’s still saving a whole lot there. And, Japan wasn’t necessarily on Christmas Day. It could have been a week later. Unless we get a New Year’s episode, we won’t know exactly how much time has passed.

    Remember when Chin tells Kono that all Michael’s guys that were after them had been caught? We didn’t see any of that, so obviously we don’t see the day-to-day everyday of 5-0. That implies there are cases in between the ones we see, so the Japan trip can make more sense that way. Also, Danny would not have gotten that knife in between the layers of that puzzle box – they are usually airtight and immune to ‘cheating’ to get them open. Would it have realistically survived a tsunami and 2+ years in the water? It’s TV – of course it would;)

    Why yes, I do *try* to watch for the plot and obviously try waaaay too hard to make them make sense:D

    I usually don’t comment on the episodes, especially this season because I don’t agree with the Steve and Cath pairing (them making out in front of the kids in the baseball episode was, frankly, inappropriate and kinda gross), but I felt the need to help Danny on this one.

    Cokie – please write more fiction! I can’t wait for another story…


    • I have to step in for Cokie here. The father said ‘Merry Christmas’, he wouldnโ€™t have said that if it weren’t actually Christmas. So, I think that was supposed to be Christmas when they flew over there.

      Excuse me? You think Cath and Steve were ‘making out’ at the baseball game? That was for sure not making out, and most of all not gross. It was very sweet and very appropriate for the occasion. I think people should always show that they love each other in front of kids. They did nothing that was not appropriate for that age group.

      Don’t mistake your dislike of Cath being with Steve with inappropriate behavior. I think their behavior was more than okay.

      Thank you for coming out and giving us your opinion. It is totally okay not to agree with a review or the show. Please don’t hold back, we are always interested in what others think. So, please come out and comment more often. You are more than welcome with any opinion.


    • working on another story, Paulette. Thanks for your comments above. But I have to be honest, I do love Steve and Cath together. She brings another entire dimension to his character and I think that was needed. He has lost so much in his life that I think she is his rock.


  4. Sorry I’m late to the gate – the Holidays hit me like a bull bison at a dead run this year – I think it’ll take all of January to catch up! Cokie, you did an admirable job on this review. I agree, there was some legitimate head scratching during Pukana, but by and large it was a nice episode. For me, it had about as much “Christmas” in it as I expected. We’ve never really had an episode that was based on a Christmas story line – no Christmas robbery or murdered Santa, etc., so I wasn’t expecting more. Thanksgiving was our Ohana episode this season, with Aunt Deb (and I agree, a dead Aunt Deb would just opened the floodgates! A little Baby Joan with Uncle Steve might have have been a nice touch….but oh, well.)

    I do agree with Paulette that Danny has a reason for having some extra cash at hand, and it probably has to do with not having to pay child support to Rachel anymore. Perhaps show will address this point at sometime in the future. Going to Japan? Well, that was a puzzle but what the heck! I enjoyed it anyway. Would like to say I think Teilor Grubbs has developed as an actress in leaps and bounds this season. She’s maturing and looking more comfortable in her skin with each new appearance.

    I assume the Kono hunting for Adam scenes are meant to alleviate the fear many viewers have had that Kono is being phased out of the show. I always thought that was ridiculous, but I was aware she was having a baby from the start of the summer hiatus. I never understood why Grace Park refused to confirm she was pregnant, or that she even gave birth in October! That is a mystery to me, and I think, a mistake — it created a lot more drama than was ever necessary. Just my 2 cents, there!

    Great review, Cokie! Thanks for the reviews and posts all season long, Sam. I enjoy dropping by here and sharing my opinions, too! Happy New Year, and may 2014 be filled with joy, health and happiness for all!


    • I agree with you, GP created a lot of drama about her person with her secrecy. I’m not judging her, it’s her right to do so, but as a person in the spot light, I think acting like that was not the best advice. If you try to hide something, you will be in the spotlight even more. Just a fact of life. I’m not a fan of hers, so I don’t care either way, but it could all have been handled way better.

      And I agree with your opinion about Teilor Grubbs. Remembering that not so good child actor (to say it nicely), she does a very good job now. She learned a lot and it’s fun to watch her as Grace.

      Thanks for coming out and giving us your two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • thank you! Sorry I have been out of the loop here, but I appreciate your comments. I, too, agree that it was odd that Grace didn’t want anyone know she was pregnant and/or has had a baby now. That just doesn’t seem realistic. And it did cause a lot of people worry… Sam was especially upset. ๐Ÿ™‚ oops, did I say that out loud???


  5. Holidays are over, so on with my rant. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    For me it was just an ‘okay’ episode. As you mentioned because of the ending. That was so ridiculous, way too much and totally OOC. And because I’m apparently a hardhearted woman I had no tears in my eyes. Instead I was crying: “Seriously? No! Don’t do that. Wrap it and send it via snail mail.” But bleh. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And the other reason was – again – Danny. I’m really tired and done with him. How comes he still has friends like Max, Kamekona and Steve? If it wasn’t for Steve he would get no information at all, he would still be the obnoxious haole, without real friends on the island and, don’t forget, without custody of Grace. Steve said: “Ignore this man!” Sigh, I wish I could. Yet I have never learned to endure torture like a SEAL. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A putz? That’s Danny. Sorry.
    But of course there were things I loved. DDK was really great in this episode. Love him and love Chin. And our two small and not so small elves were cute.
    I loved the scene at the grave with Steve and Cath, but I wish there had been more. She knows him so well, better than anybody and I would love to hear some private conversation, about his father, his life… No, not the L-word… You can’t take it back ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
    And I really loved the scene with the puzzlebox in the car. LOL! As a SEAL Steve has learned patience, and as Naval Intelligence Officer he is a strategist! Hilarious too was the ‘moment of the open locker’ ๐Ÿ˜† , Steve’s face was cracking me up.
    Now I’m looking forward for some McGrover. I really love those two. Banter with respect, without being nasty and without being insulting and offense. And I can’t wait for Kono’s return. No, I don’t think McKono will ever happen ๐Ÿ˜ฅ , but I love her back. Yeah!


    • No, no, don’t be sorry about your words about Danny. The show is portraying him as a horrible person at the moment. I have a very hard time seeing anything lovable in him. His behavior towards his so called best friend, and by the way his boss, is unacceptable. I really have no idea why Steve puts up with him. I’m still waiting for him to blow up and tell Danny how rude he really is. And how incompetent he handles work at times.
      I’m waiting for the show to finally evolve Danny, his behavior is getting really old. Calling his friend an animal, a puts and other names that are not a term of endearment. I’m sorry, but I can’t feel the love. Some people still think it’s funny, but imagine to be with someone like Danny all the time. To endure this kind of behavior all the time. Do you still think people would think him funny? I don’t think so.
      I think it’s a shame what the show is doing to his character.
      Yeah, ignore him, sorry but like you I can’t.

      As you know I’m not a fan of Kono, but I too am looking forward to her return. Mainly because then the stupid Adam/Kono storyline will be over and hopefully done with, and I can’t wait to see her working with Catherine. I think they will be really great together.

      McKono, I think I should put that word on the blacklist. LOL

      And like you, I was not moved by the ending with Danny and Grace in Japan. At all. See in my reply to Leni. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for your refreshingly honest comment. I love it when people say what they think, no matter if that is a popular opinion or not. We are all adults and everyone loves different things. We should all be able to talk about our dislikes and likes in a civilized manner. And no one should be offended when someone likes different things, or doesn’t agree with an opinion.
      That is what this blog is all about.


      • I agree so much that this is a wonderful place to voice your opinion and not have to worry what people will think of you. Imagine what life would be like if we were all the same and all agreed with everything. What a boring place this would be! I love reading different opinions. At times, it has certainly made me question what I thought. And at other times, I will admit, I’m thinking “ugh, no way”, but that’s what makes this little space on the web most interesting!

        And I now have to say that I’m SO looking forward to this Friday!!! H50 was on in the U.S. last Wednesday and my daughter taped it for me as a surprise. It was the camping episode and i was reminded once again how much I loved Lucy. She and Steve were great together!


    • I love what you said about the puzzle box in the car. I hadn’t thought about Steve being a strategist and you are so right. I also love Steve and Grover together. Hope there will be more very soon. And Kono can come back (which she is) but as for McKono… sorry, I never want to see that. I am behind Catherine all the way!


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