Checks Five-0h – 4.10


At 7.55 a.m. on December 7th 1941 the Japanese Empire started their attack on Pearl Harbor. A day as then president Franklin D. Roosevelt named ‘a date which will live in infamy’. The attack killed almost 3,000 military personnel and civilians, destroyed or damaged 16 warships, including almost all battleships. It threw the United Stated into WWII and affected millions of people in a huge way.

Many films were made about this day; some really good, some not so much. Now Five-0 took on the task of trying to do it justice.

4.10 Ho’ onani Makuakane was written by Peter Lenkov and Ken Solarz.
A team that also brought us:

306 320

324 401

At the helm was Larry Teng, who directed Five-0 a few times before.

120 206215 222307 314316 323

They got all out and recreated not only a prison camp from back then, but also did a great job in creating a feel for the time with casting great actors and extras. That alone guarantees for a good episode.

Visitors and locals had the chance to watch the show between December 7th and December 13th on a big screen on the USS Missouri, where scenes for the episode were filmed.

Larry Teng tweeted that the Navy want to show the episode for a full year. Wow, what an honor.

Larry Teng

credit to monimoob

Credit and thanks for this picture to @monimoob

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4.10 Ho’onani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father)

The episodes begins with old footage from 1941 (at least I think it’s original footage). Showing us the wonders of paradise before we will be thrown right into the attack on Pearl Harbor. Seen through the eyes of a young soldier. (And I completely agree with ESS over at H50BAMF that it is a shame that they finally found a person that could actually be related to Steve McGarrett from behavior and how he looks, but of course he’s not Grandpa McG. Maybe if the show runs long enough they might finally come up with a relative that actually looks a little bit like McG, like this guy does. Sigh.) We don’t really learn until later who he was, but we learned right away that he adapted to the sudden chaos and did his best to stay alive and protect his fellow men and his country.

This flashback had some incredible scenes, worthy of a movie. I have seen movies that looked by far not as good. Kudos for creating such a great opening. Looks like a lot of time, love and money went into the making of this episode.


After the opening in 1941 we go to the present of December 7th 2013. A memorial service is held on the USS Missouri. Attended by actual survivors of the attack from over 70 years ago. And of course relatives, friends of the men and women who had served back then. (I have no information who the attendees actually are, but I assume not just anybody can get a ‘seat’ at the memorial? Guess you have to be invited to it? At least that is what I think, if anyone has more information about it, or another better idea, please share your knowledge in the comments with us.) Among them Steve and Catherine.

It took four years to see Steve in his white uniform, and now it almost feels like he wears nothing else but the formal whites. Not that I mind, but Dress Blues and Camo also looks good on him. Just a little hint for Mr. Lenkov. 😉

A few minutes into the ceremony Steve notices an older man standing on the pier. I guess his ‘trouble-radar’ went up right away.


We will learn that Steve was right to be suspicious about him. When Cath and Steve leave the ceremony they encounter him again, and this time he has a gun. Obviously intended to use it to kill one of the veterans. He wanted to kill the man who killed his father.

Well, that will for sure be an interesting story to hear.

James Saito, who played David Toriyama, did an incredible job and gave us a very moving performance.

The former soldier is brought in by Catherine and Steve. Danny also comes into the office and the three of them try to figure out why he tried to shoot the old veteran.

Which he surely couldn’t have done with that gun anyway.

I loved it how they listened to the man and then decided he deserved to at least taken seriously and a look into the matter.

Did you notice that Catherine still has the scar from 4.05 on her arm? Makes me wonder again why Steve never had anything on his arm from his shooting in 4.08. They are normally not this sloppy.

And another question about the logistics. Where and when did Steve and Cath get changed into their normal non-formal clothing? I know, not really important, but I think about such things. What did they do with their prisoner during that time? Couldn’t we have Steve a little longer in uniform? 😉

I truly enjoyed David’s narrative of life back in 1941, that was beautifully done. Even though we were shown the scenes from the past, we were still in the present. Great way to keep us connected even in the flashbacks. Kudos to the show for this, and again for the wonderful acting from James Saito. And of course, all the other actors and extras in this episode. What a wonderful job they all did. If you like to read a recount from one of the extras head over to 50undercover and read the post about it.

I loved it how they constantly mixed the original footage into the episode with the scenes they shot as flashbacks. It made all the scenes feel so much more real.

Just imagine men come to your house and tell you to pack what you can carry and leave all the rest behind. What would you take? Can you imagine their confusion about why they were suddenly taken to prison by their fellow Americans?

Their first little digging into the past brings to light not only the ‘official’ report about David father’s death, but also that he himself had a pretty troubled youth. He was given the choice to join the Army or go to jail. He had obviously used his chance and turned his life around then.

Now Steve and Cath went to interview the man David accused of Murder. The old veteran back from the pier, and through whose eyes we saw the attack at the beginning of the show.

It was not much they learned from him though. He suffers from dementia and might actually not really remember what happened back then.

He was quite aggressive though, which could be caused by the disease, or because he simply is an aggressive old man. Either way it doesn’t mean he killed David’s father. But I can understand Steve thinking he had something personal against the Japanese back then, he did say it like that. And quite frankly, even if he married a woman from Japan, that doesn’t mean he didn’t hate them back then. The one has nothing to do with the other.

Okay, I do like patriotic movies, TV-show and stuff like that. I really do. I enjoy the heroics and the attitude to show the county’s pride. Nothing wrong with that if it is done right. But too much is too much. And the next scenes, well, that was too much. I cringed when Chin came in to shake David’s hand. I’m sorry, but that is going too far for my taste. That scene had nothing to do with respect, honor and patriotism. I thought those scenes were very awkward and out of place. I liked their conversation though. That was very good, and very true.


So, now what to do with David? As Chin rightly mentioned they couldn’t keep him there. I liked it how Steve put him under ‘house-arrest’. He really has a big heart. 🙂 I absolutely loved how moved and surprised David was that Five-0 was going to investigate his case. He had obviously given up on justice. Well, he hasn’t met Five-0 yet. I loved those scenes, they made me so happy. Almost choked up when he realized someone believed him and would do something about it.

And now we got another extra kick out of the episode. Steve finds a picture of his grandfather in David’s family pictures. Did they have a connection, David and Grandpa McG? Could Steve hope to learn something about his grandpa from someone who actually knew him? His father was born after grandpa died, and Aunt Deb was probably too young to even remember him. And if Grandma McG still lived when Steve was born is unknown. So David might actually the very first person who Steve encounters who had known his grandfather. How cool is that? I hoped David would remember something to tell Steve at some point during the episode.

LOL – really, Danny, I loved you in this episode. There, I said it. See, I can like Danny. On occasion. 🙂 I loved their cargument. Run errands for the guy who wanted to commit premeditated murder? Yeah, Danny, that happens when you have a big softie as a partner. But he recognized that himself and even warned Steve if he’s not careful he might actually turn into a human being. So cute. Loved it.

Alright, here comes my next complain. Yeah, even in a great episode I can complain about something. Not every scene has to be perfect to make for a great episode.

Danny’s claustrophobia is getting ridiculous. Really, I’m already dreading where this is leading. I’m not complaining that he has it, I’m loudly complaining that he suddenly has it. And this ‘bunker-warehouse-thing’ they went in? That was bigger and wider than a lot of caves and even warehouses Danny went in the last three years without any kind of problem.

But I know where this is going. We still need the episode with the boys together for an ep and in some kind of peril. I bet they will get trapped together and either Danny can’t help Steve because he can’t go some place, or Steve has to calm him down for a huge part of the episode. I’m sure that will be great, but it would even be greater if they didn’t invent a phobia Danny suddenly developed out of nowhere. There, I said my peace and will shut up now. Just let me again say, this is stupid. 😉

Why were all the boxes, well, boxes, and the year they were looking for in barrels? Huh. Does that mean anything? Probably not. Other than, if I were a rat, I would get my dinner from the easy access paper boxes and not gnaw my way through metal. I found that rather strange.

So, the crime lab boys get something to do. Hope they didn’t also pack up the rats. 🙂

And now they learn that the angry old man was a witness, not an offender. Interesting to see that he at least was involved, and that it was documented. That gave them something to follow up on. Great work guys.


I liked it how we learned what everyone was doing, how they all worked the case from different angles. Cath ‘babysitting’ David. Chin and Danny coming together at HQ, and Steve going through his grandfather’s stuff in the hope to find a connection to David.

After a little brainstorming and exchanging their gathered information they decide they need to take David back in time to jar his memory.



Chin, Steve and David make their way out to the camp site. I think it’s great that it were those three to go there. Not Danny or Catherine with Steve. Chin also has a connection to the site, just as David and in a way Steve. That was very thought out by the writer’s. At least I hope that was the reason, and not because they were the only ones available for shooting that day. 😉


Now we had to follow David to relive this very painful moment in his life. Again they did a great job taking us into the past. This was really fantastic work.

But was what little David saw really what he thought he saw?

To figure out what really happened they needed computer science. One question, did you notice that the smart table is now slightly tilted? Is that to accommodate Danny, so he can better reach the content? (Yeah, that was mean, but said with love.) Or did they simply need four years to figure out their smart table can actually do that?


So, they figured out the name on the old papers was not George P, but George R. That will hopefully lead them somewhere. To an Ex-Cop by the name of George Rigby.


They pay a visit to his daughter who kept all his old material. I must say that was not really a lot for a guy who kept copies of all his work. I have more research stuff laying around than he has from decades of police work. Just five boxes for 30 years with the police force? Huh.

Well, wasn’t that a nice office view? Not sure you do your job at the beach, but I thought it was funny. Even though I can’t believe the descriptions were that detailed, and that he kept everything. If that were the case, than he really didn’t work many cases.

But what really cool was, that they found out who had run out of the tent right after the shooting. Joseph Archer. And they found out that his brother was one of the head guards at the camp.

Now if they can find the bullet that killed David’s father, and can match it to Archer’s gun, they will have their killer. I thought it was really cool that modern science solved an over 70 year old crime. And what was even better was that justice had been served long before this. Archer had not been a free man, but died as a prisoner in Halawa.

And now after all those years of thinking knowing who killed his father, David has to learn that he had been wrong. But regardless of that, justice was served and he now learns what really happened. I think it was a touching scene that the two old men shook hands. Nicely done. They both found some kind of peace through that. I hope David doesn’t have to face charges after all this. Can they simply ignore what he tried to do? Maybe the Governor pardoned him, or something?





I absolutely loved the ending. Loved the score and the story. No more words needed for that.







So, what is left is my verdict. I guess it is not hard to see that this was an exceptional episode, and nothing but awesome would suffice.

Personally, I think you can’t grade this like a normal episode, simply because the message was too important. This episode is not about Five-0, or about our normal enjoyment we get from certain pairings, or action sequences, or whatever might float our boat when it comes to Five-0. This was about something way more important. And the show did a great job with that.

Of course, the show could only scratch the surface of this complex matter.

Yes, Pearl Harbor is a big part of American History, but people shouldn’t stop at what happened on December 7th. They should also look beyond that, and see what the US did after that day. No one should ever forget what a horrible injustice was done. This day should not only be remembered by the attack on American soil by the Empire of Japan, but also because of what was done to innocent children, women and men as a result of that attack. That their fellow American citizens were ripped out of their lives and thrown into prison camps because they were of different origin.

People mostly see the big boom, exploding ships, dying sailors. And of course are continuously reminded of that by a very touching memorial in Pearl Harbor.

But that is by far not all that happened. This day led to such heartache for so many innocent people, and I commend the show for tackling the almost impossible task to do this time justice.

There shouldn’t be any fingers pointed or any blame placed on anyone, but what happened should never be forgotten. So that history does not repeat itself.

I was actually shocked to read so many tweets on twitter from people saying they had no idea about their own history and have never heard of the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

I ask everyone, how can it be that a nation doesn’t work through their dark history? Every nation has skeletons in the closet, every nation their dark spots on their vest.

The important thing is how it should be handled; remember it, learn from it and keep it from ever happening again.

Don’t close your eyes to your own history. Future generations depend on us to remember the dark parts of our history.

Five-0 did a fine job doing their part. Remembering all aspects with dignity and respect.

My deepest respect for that.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

14 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – 4.10

  1. Hon, no-one could have said all of this better! Excellent episode; Excellent comments. This is an episode I will watch again to enjoy at cry at. Excellent acrting, ec=xcellent music, excellent telling of history. Ok, so what work describes this episode….excellent…no, perfection. Thanks for this check hon.It was also ….perfect!!


  2. Thank you soo much for this review. You did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of this episode.
    After all the hype I admit I was almost a bit reluctant to watch, afraid it might not live up to what I pictured in my mind.
    Having been to Pearl Harbor I did a lot of reading of what happened in the aftermath and was shocked -like you- that so many Americans are not aware of the shameful events long after December 7th. I bow my head to the 5-0 bosses for tackling this delicate topic in such a sensitive way.
    I loved every minute of the episode. Yes, there was the claustrophobia again -but hey, Danny actually dared to come inside!- and Chin’s request for the handshake, a bit odd but after some thought I could relate to it from his point of view.
    Other then that I felt like watching a mini movie. The Pearl Harbor footage seems to have been original, I think I can recall some of the scenes being shown in the movie theater right down there.
    I loved Danny, Chin, Steve, Catherine and very much David. The chemistry was wonderful, the actors did such an amazing job.
    This episode will forever rank very high in my best-ever list. It was so very different and so non-
    5-0 in a way, but it was perfect. An emotional masterpiece of TV.
    Top score for me!


    • Like you I had been a little aprehensive about this episode, but I have to admit my concerns were unfounded. They had found the perfect balance of present and past. I don’t think it could have been any better than this.


  3. Well done, Sam! Great review of a wonderful episode! The writing, music, production and acting were basically flawless and full of reverence and dedication to detail. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved. Made my husband watch it with me last night, and he actually sat still through the whole episode (something that’s very hard for him to do with any show) and when it was over he just said: “Well, that’s probably the best episode 5-0 has ever done!” Score!!

    Funny – I agree completely with you about Danny’s claustrophobia! Come on, show – really? Of all the tight spots he’s been in during the first three years, he suddenly develops an irrational fear of dark, narrow places? It’s pretty darn obvious to those of us who have followed this show long enough that the show is setting the stage for the annual bromance episode that puts the partners in some line of jeopardy and someone has to get the other out of the pickle. Getting a little predictable, I’m afraid! That doesn’t mean we’re being cynical, and I know, I for one will enjoy the episode when it shows up on my screen, but it does mean, Peter Lenkov, that perhaps it’s time to change things up a bit and give Danny a backbone instead of a growing list of phobias! Please?


    • Thank you, Lynnette.

      Congrats on the next step to converting your husband to become a Five-0 fan. 😉

      I agree with you, they are too predictable about this claustrophobia, and I truly think this is ridiculous. I really don’t like it when writers suddenly decide to change a character and think nobody will notice.
      I mean, come on, these guys lived in our livingrooms for three years now. We do know their quirks and fears. And suddenly changing them will not go by unnoticed.
      But I also agree that I will surely enjoy that coming episode. 🙂


  4. Great summary for a great episode. The internment camps are a part of Americas dirty little secret, of which I’m sure there are many, many more. Black, white, Muslim, Asian, racial profiling will sadly never end whether it’s 1941 or 2013. Like Steve, as along as we carry forward a good part of someone from our past, we’ll create good in our time!


  5. That was great episode and very touching for me(onions everywhere), I enjoyed it and even learned one or two facts about Pearl Harbour attack, when I was 12 I couldn’t wait for a history lesson about that in my school but I was disappointed because my teacher just mentioned it, so I didn’t knew about the camps and I was quite shocked to learn about it from 5-0. I can’t imagine what those people felt in that times, they didn’t do anything and they were placed into camps.
    I would love to see more episodes like that in the future, it was just brilliant, but I can agree that Danny’s claustrophobia it’s ridiculous, I hope they really have some plans with that little problem.


    • I also think it was a very touching episode, they did a really great job with it.
      Not sure if we can get episodes like that very often, I imagine they are pretty expensive. But I honestly think the standard of season 4 is really very high.


  6. Is that to accommodate Danny, so he can better reach the content? (Yeah, that was mean, but said with love.) …. oh yes, I can SEE the love in that statement. I thought it looked like a smaller smart table, but maybe it was just the angle.

    Love your review. I have nothing to add other than I thought it was wonderful and I definitely think it deserves 5 badges. Love the photos you pulled from the episode and also love the banner.

    The ending of this was so wonderful… you are right, no words are needed. The writing and the acting were superb in this one.


    • Oh, come on, I said I loved Danny in this episode. LOL And I really found it odd that they changed the table in that way. I don’t think it was smaller, just the angle was very different. We normally see it more from above.

      Thank you. It was such a hard choice which scenes to capture they were all so great.

      As I said in the reply above, I think they have set the standard extremely high this season. Fantastic work all around. The stories were great, the acting superb, Catherine’s integration into Five-0 was seemless and wonderful, and let’s not even start with Chi McBride. Grover is THE best new character ever. Love McGrover.


  7. I have not much more to add! Of course this episode was awesome. Again. S4 is killing me – in a good way. The Danny factor was bearable although I felt a little bit sorry that he needed 4 years to realize that Steve is a big softie. I noticed it in the pilot 😉 .
    I was pulling myself together through the episode till the scene as Steve returns the sword to David. But that moment killed me. James and Alex were simply amazing together. I’m pretty sure that Alex loves this season too. So many different emotions to portray. And I’m also sure that they couldn’t find a better man to portray such a complex character as McG. Badass kickass BAMF, compationateness, funny goofy clown, sad, lost and desperate little boy and caring, tender hearted human.
    And about the scar, or the lack of a scar. I think TPTB are afraid. I remember all of us screaming (after Steve got shot) DON’T MESS WITH THE TATTOO! 😆


    • LOL – you are so right. If someone didn’t notice right in the pilot that Steve has a big heart, well, that person must be blind or something.

      James Saito did an amazing job. Just incredibly moving and wonderfully subtly acted.
      And the work Alex does for Steve since day one is just so good. It is such a shame that it’s not really recognized what a difficult role this McGarrett really is, and what a great job he does with him. But at least we all know.

      ROTFL, don’t mess with the tattoo. Yeah, they should have thought about that before they shot him THERE. 🙂


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