Checks Five-0h – Release 4.09


Here you go, let’s start with the voting.

Let’s start with information about Thanksgiving in the United States for all the non-US-readers.

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. It has been an annual tradition since 1863, when, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens”, to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26. As a federal and public holiday in the U.S., Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays of the year. Together with Christmas and New Year, Thanksgiving is a part of the broader holiday season.

American football is an important part of many Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States. Professional football games are often held on Thanksgiving Day; until recently, these were the only games played during the week apart from Sunday or Monday night. The National Football League has played games on Thanksgiving every year since its creation. The Detroit Lions have hosted a game every Thanksgiving Day since 1934, with the exception of 1939–1944 (due to World War II). In 1966, the Dallas Cowboys, who had been founded six years earlier, adopted the practice of hosting Thanksgiving games. It is widely rumored that the Cowboys sought a guarantee that they would regularly host Thanksgiving games as a condition of their very first one (since games on days other than Sunday were uncommon at the time and thus high attendance was not a certainty).

For many college football teams, the regular season ends on Thanksgiving weekend, and a team’s final game is often against a regional or historic rival. Most of these college games are played on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, but usually a single college game is played on Thanksgiving itself.

High school football games, and informal “Turkey Bowl” contests played by amateur groups and organizations, are frequently held on Thanksgiving weekend. Games of football preceding or following the meal in the back yard or a nearby field are also common during many family gatherings. These oftentimes, are flag football games.

If you like to know more about it you can read the full article here.

Now we know on what date this episode is supposed to happen. Thursday, November 28. And we’re even given a time when all this begins, thanks to Steve’s ‘turkey-reminder’. 🙂

I really liked that they were all together, having fun. I thought it was a really nice touch to invite Grover to their gathering, not just because he was alone on Thanksgiving, but because he and Steve really ‘clicked’ on their team-building seminar last week.

Let’s all give a warm welcome and ALOHA to Chi McBride. He was just promoted to cast regular, which I love. He is the best addition to the show since Catherine. So much fun to watch him and Alex. They have great on-screen chemistry.

Loved that they used the same music for Danny’s ‘victory-run’ as in 3.17 (The Game). It reminded me of this cute scene.


So, to make sure that they will get something to eat later that day Steve leaves to put the turkey in the oven. Does that mean he can cook too? 🙂

Of course he should have listened to his inner voice and not make Mary his prep-cook. Big mistake. And of course it was not Mary’s fault, nope, the kid was at fault for being, well, a kid. But, I’m not complaining because it gave us such a great scene. 🙂

Well, it’s too bad that there will probably no turkey at all, now that there is another guest coming to the gathering. Aunt Deb is coming to say ‘Hello’.

And please, show, listen to her. Let the gray come back. It does look great. Stop dyeing AOL’s hair.

Of course their reunion is cut short. Steve is called into work. The show didn’t even give us enough time to show us the scenes we already saw in the promo pics. Ah well.

So, what happened to last week’s injury? There is not even a tiny little scar. The show is normally really good with this stuff. Steve has all the other scars he received since the beginning of the show. Cath also still has her scar from 4.05. But all I see here is perfect skin and an intact tattoo. Guess it’s too complicated to always show that scar now since Steve is mostly running around in a tee shirt. Yeah, well, they should have thought about this before they grazed him right in the middle of the tattoo. Just saying.


Five-0 is pretty often down at the harbor. Guess harbors are hard to resist when it comes to crimes of any kind. Even though this time they only find the body of the victim there. Or what’s left of it.


I’m really enjoying the very subtle integration of Catherine’s character into Five-0. At the moment she’s doing all the rookie stuff. Like gathering the information from all the agencies involved. I really like that. And I like the very professional interaction between all the characters. They are friends, and in Cath and Steve’s case even lovers, but that is not a concern while at work. I mean, I had no doubt it would go like this. Simply because Cath and Steve have worked together before, and they have the military training to completely separate work and private life. I think the show is handling this really well. And I love it that the normal dynamic is not interrupted but that she only adds to it. Really well done, show.

So, they find a body in a barrel that is almost not even identifiable as a human being. It’s not the first time that the show gave someone an acid bath.




Six minutes into the show and we can start with the Crime of the Week. But first we take a look at the other COTW, the forgotten turkey. Aunt Deb and Mary try to buy a turkey big enough to feed an Army. Well, good luck with that on Thanksgiving Day.

I’m still not sure if I’m comfortable with the idea of Mary taking care of a little baby person. Mary and raising a kid is not something I would put in one sentence. Guess we have to wait and see how this goes over time.

And we have to have a little sneak back at Kono, telling her that the threat is gone, that they took down the rest of the Yakuza. Excuse me, what? That was a bit too easy. All this crap of running off and they simply arrest the bunch after coming back from Tokyo the other week? Just like that? But hey, since I thought this whole storyline was just stupid, why not also the solution?! And now what? She needs three more episodes to find Adam? Great.

I’m sorry, even though I’m mostly going easy on Five-0 because I really love the show, and I’m willing to forgive quite a bit. But this whole Kono/GP thing was handled poorly in my eyes. This was really the best they could come up with?

I can tell you I will be very happy when we will have this part behind us and hopefully it will never be mentioned again. I think this storyline is totally lame, uninteresting and poorly done. But that is just my opinion.



So, now we can focus on our barrel victim and as usual Chin has all the information. With Cath giving the information Max found out. Uh oh, our victim is a Secret Agent. That doesn’t bode well.

I have a question for the head of security. How could he not know that his agent was at least missing? As we learned later he received a text message from the killed agent. But frankly, that didn’t fly with me in 3.13 when Chin texted Steve he would take time off, and even less with a secret agent guy. I mean seriously. I would not allow my agents to check in via text message. Anyone can send a stupid text message. I think that is a huge hole in security.

And what’s even worse, what I hope is not the standard, he had all the needed information about the president’s route in his phone? How stupid is that?! Technology is fine and well, but it’s also very vulnerable. Who is so stupid and puts sensitive, important information on the cell phone?!

I liked it how all the agencies came together on this one, lending a hand to each other. Even the SWAT captain came in, and played nice. 🙂

I really enjoyed how they switched partners in this episode. They all had something to do, that was great.

Boiling water on the stove? Well, looks like they just missed him. And Danny is right, that is a big bullet.

Was I the only one who found the mother and daughter very strange and odd?

So, now we learned that Nolan a.k.a. Russo is probably the guy who killed the secret agent. At least he followed him after being questioned. That makes him suspect number one.

Oh, Danny, I’m with you, I didn’t see her arrest coming either. Well, had I not seen the sneak peek. See, that is a reason why I’m always trying not to watch the sneak peek or the promos. Am I successful in avoiding them? Nope, never. LOL But I truly believe they often reveal too much in their sneak peeks.



I thought it was really great how it turned from humorous to deadly serious and heartbreaking. That was so well played. I loved watching their interaction. Kudos to the both of them.

And I love how they show Steve as a tough Navy SEAL who can also show his vulnerable side. Scenes like this make him very human, and I truly enjoy it.

So, now we know the big secret, even though I really thought this was not the big family secret they made it out to be. I thought something big concerning the family heritage or something like that. For certain not an illness, as tragic as that may be.

Anyway, we continue with the crime solving.

Isn’t it nice how Chin is always able to come up with surveillance footage? This time even with the murder scene. Or at least let’s hope the guy was dead before he was put in that barrel.


Now we have to learn that the president will not cancel his trip to Hawaii. No matter what the threat. And nobody is happy about the information that they only have two hours to find the assassin.


Remember how I told you about fake IDs? Some reviews back? Guess what, another person using a fake ID. Does any of the bad guys on Five-0 ever uses a real ID to fly from A to B?

Chin got in contact with TSA and they are now waiting for information if and when the bad guy entered the country.


That leaves them a bit of time for a chat. I loved it that Steve asked Danny to have a talk. And I actually really liked Danny’s advice. It is no secret that I’m not always very fond of Danny, but I truly liked and enjoyed him in this episode.


Before the boys have their talk we go back to HPD and pick up Deb. I hope she’s happy with the person Steve has chosen for the job.

I really liked how Deb was worried about Steve, yes, and Mary, but I thought she was mostly worried about Steve. He’s a very strong person, but also a sensitive guy. If he weren’t he couldn’t emphasize like he does with most people. This side is something we rarely see, and I loved it how Deb told Cath about it.

I had to laugh at Catherine. Friend. Right. Who are you kidding, Catherine? Deb of course saw right through that. I truly liked how she asked Catherine to look out for Steve. (Yes, and Mary)

Even though I’m a bit confused about this aunt coming out of nowhere all of a sudden. Mary told us when she came back in season 1 that she had seen her brother the last time at their mother’s funeral. Does that mean he never visited his aunt either? Why would they be close then? If that is true he had seen her the last time over 20 years ago when he was still a teenager. That begs the question how she would know how Steve really is, or how he coped over the years. But as always with the time line on Five-0, best not to think too hard about such things.

(The next scenes happen after a lot of other stuff, but I put them up here, hope you don’t mind.)

I think Steve is a little wrong about his opinion that Deb has to consider the whole family. Sure they will all be affected by whatever she might decide, but ultimately it is her decision alone. No one should judge a person about how they want to spend the last weeks or months they have after a diagnosis like this. Some might want to fight with all they have to the last second, others might want to enjoy the rest of the time they have to the best of their ability. Neither is wrong or right. As a loved one you can only support him or her in any way possible.

Steve realized that with Danny’s help and I think it was very good advise to make some new strong memories, something to hold on to when the loved one is gone.



Now they have a location for the accomplice of their assassin, and are closing in on their target.

Loved Grover in this one. The four of them make a good team. They also found the rifle for those big bullets. And it’s a darn big gun too.

I actually believed the bad guy when he said he didn’t know anything about killing the president. Something was not adding up, and I think the boys also thought so.


Finally they find out that the president never was the target. Now they only need to find out who is and stop the assassination of that person. But that is why they are Five-0, of course they manage to do that.

Does anyone know where Alex O’Loughlin was while they filmed the scenes at Hickam? He was not there with the three boys. His footage was added later in front of a very stupid looking background. Just wondering.

Anyway. I loved how Steve teased Danny and how Chin and Grover almost giggled about it. I truly hope we will learn at some point what ‘Strawberry Field’ was all about. I think there is a really great story behind that one. Might be worth a story.

This was a really great scene, would only have been better if they had all been there at the same time. 😉





So, after the four boys saved the world, or at least an important witness, they come home to enjoy a great turkey dinner. Anyone thought that would actually happen? LOL

But Steve being Steve of course has a contingency plan. I bet he even had one in case that one wouldn’t work out. 🙂

But before they can go to have dinner, we get a nice get together and some sibling scenes even I could enjoy. Yeah, you guessed it right, still not a fan of Mary, or the actress. The only thing I like about Mary is that she brings a different side out of Steve.

So, now we learn what Steve’s back-up plan was. They all meet at the Tiki Bar. Where we have to listen to Larry Manetti singing. Thankfully that was rather short. I’m not a fan of bar singing. At all. And I confess the second sneak peek was just horrible to listen to. But after watching the episode and listening to it a second and third time, I truly enjoyed it. Because it does have meaning now. Even though I could still live without her singing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Carol Burnett. Her singing… not so much. 🙂

But I think this was a great ending to the episode.


Again, we’re at the end of an episode of Hawaii Five-0. I can hardly believe that we already saw nine episode of season four. They are currently filming episode 13, already more than halfway through their schedule.

So, what did I think of this episode? Well, there were awesome scenes in it. Wonderfully emotional moments, and a lot of pretty.

The case, well, that was not the strongest.

I was torn between a strong 4 out of 5, or a weak 5 out of 5. I finally settled on five badges, because I don’t watch Five-0 for the cases. Yes, they have to make sense for me, but that is not where I get my enjoyment from. If I wanted only the cases, I would watch one of the other dozen crime shows. I love Five-0 because they are different, because they develop their characters, because they have great personal storylines. And as I think they have a real good hand for finding the right actors for their characters. I don’t think they could find a better McGarrett, Danno, Chin, Catherine, Grover or any of the other characters. Especially Steve and Danny are perfectly cast.

Alex O’Loughlin made this character his own. He’s a perfect McGarrett, with all his faults and the character developed from this emotional stunted person to what we have now. And Scott Caan’s Danny is someone you can love and despise at the same time. Truly great.

Those characters and their involvement and development is why I watch and love Five-0. Others might not see it that way and are missing more serious crime time, or more CSI, or whatever. But this show is really not about that. And I love it for that.

So, there you have it, this episode gets 5 out of 5. It was awesome, but not friggin’ awesome. 🙂

5-star 4-09

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

12 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.09

  1. O.M.G., SAM!! I absolutely agree with everything you wrote this week! High Fives! We did it! Obviously we’re not so far apart in our thoughts as it sometimes looks. I have nothing else to add – it was a truly enjoyable Thanksgiving episode.


  2. I don’t have to think twice: Just frigging awesome!
    Of course there where some things a little bit far fetched, but I really don’t care. These were not so much of a disturbance for me. It’s just a TV show – and a very good one, imho the best one. I have great respect for the writers who must handle so much this season, two main characters absent for reasons, and they do it quite well! More than that. I’m thoroughly enjoying this season. Sure, I long to see Kono back (as a McKono shipper) but this won’t keep me from being incredibly happy about these 9 episodes. As long as we get scenes like the one between AOL and CB in jail! Maybe one of the best scenes ever. I have really a soft spot for strong man who show their weakness. And AOL did it for me! Portraying Steve as a poor little boy who – again – will lose somebody.
    And I’m with you about the ‘use’ of Cath. Very well done. It’s exactly how I thought it had to be. Background work, gathering intel.
    And the end of this episode was downright perfect. At least, that’s my ‘feeling’. A wonderful brother/sister hug. I’m not a fan of Mary (although I have to admit she seems to be a little bit more mature now, I give her the benefit of a doubt) but I love her scenes with Steve. They are always emotional, if it’s the comforting older brother or the angry chef 😉 .
    BTW I’m a little bit conflicted about Danny’s advice. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong thing to do. On the one hand, you have to respect her wish, on the other hand people sometimes need to be reminded, that they are loved. That people care and that they will be missed. And yes, there are miracles. But maybe it’s only me hoping that there will be a miracle and CB can come back. I would love that!
    So concluding, AOL and CB rocked their scenes, AOL was amazing as the tough acid bath Navy SEAL morphing to tender hearted brother and nephew! And Joan wasn’t bad either. I loved her flower hats. And I loved how Steve looked at her at the end! He already loves this little flowered bundle of joy!


    • You’re right, there is no right or wrong way to go with Deb’s decision. But I think that is what Danny tried to say. Not to try to force her to change her mind. To support whatever she decided. And I think that is pretty good advise.
      Stranger things have happened on Five-0, so why not letting her come back? Who knows what is going to happen. Maybe she was misdiagnosed or whatever. Anything is possible. People came back from the dead on Five-0. 😉


  3. Thank you so much for your review Sam – this one was spot on!
    I also appreciated leiCa’s comment very much – I can pretty much second your guys’ thoughts.
    I just finished watching the episode again and -I was honestly surprised- loved it even more then the first time.
    I am not a big fan of bar singing either – but CB just nailed it. She brought tears to my eyes this time.
    Yes, the plot wasn’t the greatest, but you know what – that’s not a big problem. This episode was full of emotions, love, laughs, action, teamwork, bromance etc.
    According to your ranking, this is a 5, according to “my” ranking it is a 9 out of 10, just to leave a little room to top it 🙂
    I watch Five-0 for a lot of reasons, just like you. And despite a few bumps in the road, this was a great and emotional episode.
    The ohana started it, the ohana closed this one – wonderful.
    I agree that the Kono story arc was far fetched but I give the writers credit for trying to accommodate Grace Park’s wishes and need for the baby time out and still have her in the over all story somehow. The way they handle Catherine’s appearances so far I applaud – very well done!

    I loved the tiny little bits and pieces that made me smile here.
    Did you notice Danny’s T-shirt during the football game? I was like “holy crap, did he borrow Steve’s shirt from last week or the one from the Aloha girls trip?” – because it’s blue and has a hole on the left bicep 🙂
    Also, wonderful idea to play the music of the football episode from last season when Danny got to enjoy his private Aloha-stadium-touchdown-moment!
    And did you closely watch the faces of everyone playing? They had so much fun and came together as ohana, not actors! That’s a reason I also watch this show, the chemistry is so believable.

    I could ramble on… overall just happy how this season progressed. The move to Friday’s luckily seems to have worked. Kono will be back soon. We got Chi as a regular. Cath is there and she fits in fine. Fong is back….. and so much more.
    There are a lot of things that make me happy and I happily await each and every new episode.

    The next one will be a particular interesting and probably a very emotional one.
    Let’s see what Peter and his team have in store for us.

    Until then… 🙂


    • “The move to Friday’s luckily seems to have worked. Kono will be back soon. We got Chi as a regular. Cath is there and she fits in fine. Fong is back….. and so much more.” – agreed


  4. Ok, after much thought I just couldn’t give it four stars. It is five and it was awesome. Totally. Bymeans perfect, but awesome none the less. There was laughter, tears, angst, fun, love, friendship, and a case thrown in there, too. I have to say that I couldn’t figure out the mother and girl but I assumed one of them was bad, not that she was the target. I just thought mom was loud and obnoxious.

    And I think they are using three different babies for Jean, but what a beautiful smile. So sweet.

    Friggin awesome. again.


  5. Finally got pic spam done and i can visit the recaps! Sam, great recap! You and I are mostly on the same wavelength this season. Probably the only difference is that I really like Mary. She’s grown on me the last few years and I think she was superb this week. Her fidgeting and sadness in the scene with Steve on the porch was perfection. I’ve cried more each time I watched.

    The Kono story has bored me but mostly because I find Adam boring and useless. Other than that I think they did a decent job trying to keep her relevant through her missing episodes and I give them props for that.

    I agree Cath is being integrated perfectly and I also had no doubts that Steve and Cath would be find working together. I mean, when has Steve ever NOT been all business at work? very rarely!

    Chi ….well, he’s the best thing next to Alex O’Loughlin on the show IMO so I have nothing but great things to say about him. I think they’re still fleshing out his character and we’ll see some inconsistencies I’m sure but overall he’s fit like a glove.

    I think Cath introducing herself as Steve’s friend was about timing and respect for Deb’s situation. It wasn’t time for making it about her and steve’s romantic attachment, it was about picking up an older lady with cancer who just got booked at HPD and making her comfortable. Obviously they had the convo pretty quickly though.

    As for Steve saying what he said in the convo with Danny, it may not be politically correct but it’s a completely normal feeling. that you want the sick person to fight fight fight. But what I thought was interesting was while Deb was worried about Steve, Steve was worried about Mary. His main concern was that it was going to “destroy Mary”. I thought that was a nice touch.


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