Checks Five-0h – Release 4.08


Here you go, let’s start with the voting


Before we start with the review let me say that I don’t think I ever smiled, giggled and laughed out loud as much during an episode of Hawaii Five-0 as I did this time. This was such a fun show to watch, so I hope you will have at least a little fun reading the review.

Normally we get the Crime Of The Week in the first few minutes of an episode, and it looked like it would be the same this time around. But very soon it became clear that was not the case.

We are in Tokyo and for the first time in many weeks we see Kono reunited with Five-0, well, sort of.

The four Five-0, NinjaSteve, NinjaChin, NinjaCath and NinjaKono, kidnapped Sato to learn where Adam is, or if he even is still alive. And can I just say how absolutely great they all looked? Yes, even the nice looking baddie. So much pretty in one place, damn. 🙂

If I had anything to complain about it would be about the fact that there are a few too many faked deaths on Five-0. Doris, Adam’s father, and now Adam himself. That’s a bit too repetitive for my taste. And story wise it didn’t make much sense for Kono to stay behind. She can look for Adam just as well from Hawaii, which by the way would not be as suspicious as her staying in Tokyo. By staying behind she makes it very clear that she’s still looking for Adam which puts him and her at risk. Not a clever move. But as we all know this was needed because GP was not ready to return to work. So, I guess we have to live with it for the time being.

I thought it totally cute that Cath had cut off her glove’s index finger. Nekkid trigger finger for our special couple. 🙂


When I saw our team of three entering Five-0 my first thought was ‘how the heck did they manage to arrive in Hawaii in the early morning hours’? Flight time from Tokyo to Honolulu is roughly 7 hours. Honolulu is 19 hours behind Tokyo. When it is for example Friday, 8 a.m. in Honolulu it is Saturday 3 a.m. in Tokyo. That would fit if you didn’t have to add the seven hours on the plane. To be at HQ in the early morning hours they had to fly out of Tokyo on Friday 8 p.m. And that doesn’t include security check and all the other stuff that expands your actual flight time. I don’t think that fit with their timetable of kidnapping Sato and questioning him at all.

Whatever the case they had a damn long day from this point forward. 🙂 And what we learn from this short conversation is that Danny is back home in Jersey celebrating his Dad’s 60th birthday. This obviously sets the stage for his mom coming to live with Danny in a short while.

And then Steve gets called to meet with Denning. 😉

Before we get to the meeting we learn a little bit about Grover. For me the best addition to Five-0 after Catherine. He is such a great character to have on the show.

As we learn now he has a daughter, and later we learn that he also has a son. Peter Lenkov tweeted a few facts about him a while ago.


“Use your pencil. Worked for me.” LOL



So, now our two alpha-males meeting with the Governor. This was really hilarious to watch. Denning is a clever guy to make these two team up. And I loved him for tossing this ridiculous complaint. I think the Governor enjoyed this way too much, sending them to arrest someone for unpaid parking tickets. 🙂

I would have loved to hear the phone conversation where Steve told Chin and Cath that he and Grover were going to enforce a warrant for outstanding parking ticket fees. Would have loved to hear their snickering.

Grover might not like what Steve did to him and his SWAT team, but he never endangered the public, himself or any other members of Five-0, HPD or SWAT. Running to Denning, just as threatening Chin are petty acts. If someone had a real ground for a complaint then it would be Steve. What Grover did at the coffee shop was a blatant form of misconduct and Steve could bring up charges against him. Threatening fellow officers with endangering them by withholding back-up is a punishable offense.


And of course neither of the boys rides shotgun, so they have to take both their trucks all the way out to serve the warrant. I loved the two acting like sixteen-year-olds racing their cars. It was of course clear who would win. It will stay a secret if he ran a few red lights or not. 😉 At least he waited for Grover and didn’t go to the door alone.




And now we learn what Grover’s beef with Steve really is. It has nothing to do with Steve pulling a gun on him, or doing the job a different way than Grover would. Nope, it’s because Grover thinks Steve got his position handed to him on a silver platter. In his eyes Steve never earned the right to lead a unit.

What I think Grover forgets in this is that Steve led units and operations long before Five-0. He didn’t get his position as a lieutenant commander in the SEALs handed to him. He worked damn hard for it, and I think he has every right to call himself a team leader and the head of Five-0.

And anyone who thinks Steve didn’t familiarize himself with police work or police procedure simply doesn’t know anything about SEALs or Steve. They are all about to know everything there is to know about the job they are about to do. That is just who they are. Steve would never have taken the job or continue to do it if he didn’t learn everything there is to learn about leading a police force. And what he didn’t know in the beginning he had Chin and Danny for to tell him.

All this talk from Grover made me think he never did his homework and has no idea who Steve is or what he did before he came to Hawaii. Had he done that he would know that Steve even has the investigative background with Naval Intelligence.

Again I found his talking like this very petty and it made him look like a person of weak character. I think it’s contradictory to what he represents, and I find it very odd.

But as always Grover also made me laugh. “Go protect, I serve.”

Yeah, well, Grover, I have to tell you, in a sticky situation I’d rather have the protection from Steve than having you as… yeah, well, what, make sure everything goes the ‘right’ way? Thank you, but I try my luck with Steve.

I have to say, I never had so much fun watching two men simply trying to serve a warrant. Their ‘banter’ was so refreshing, so honest, so real, it was just great.

These two actors have great on-screen chemistry, they are just brilliant together. It is simply a joy to watch them work their magic.

And now let’s just do that.

And then from one second to the other the mood changed from funny, to deadly serious. They are just about to leave the house when they come under attack. And from people with a lot of fire power. Steve even got hit.

I think Chin is so far the only one who didn’t get shot in the arm. Steve was shot there twice, Kono took a graze to the arm, just as Catherine. Danny was shot in the pilot, also a graze to the arm.


It will be interesting to see what they are going to do with the tattoo in future episodes. The wound looked deep enough to damage the tattoo. If you only suffer abrasions, a tattoo is normally not damaged because the paint is in the deeper skin layers. But this wound looks deeper than just a millimeter, and therefore would have damaged the tattoo. Guess we have to wait and see.

This poor guy had a few encounters with Steve. First he was one of the good guys, but unfortunately Steve needed his uniform. So, the poor officer got knocked out over it.

Then he switched to the dark side and got blown up for his trouble. Never mess with Steve and his hand grenades.

And since he still hasn’t learned his lesson, he now tries to shoot Steve again. Not a good idea.

Grover and McGarrett manage to stay alive, but Ian gets kidnapped.

Loved the two science guys in the kitchen. One only thinking about the case, ignoring his injury for the time being, and the other mixing up some mean stuff to stop the bleeding. Putting cayenne pepper on the wound? Ouch. With a capital O. That has to hurt.

So, now we have the two going for a walk and we get even more entertainment out of them. It will be interesting to learn why Grover left Chicago. I guess there will be an episode about him coming up. Can’t wait.

Can someone tell me why the car suddenly leaked gas? If they had hit the tank it would have leaked right from the beginning, not start after a few minutes.

“Can you even ride?” Oh, yeah, Grover, Steve can ride. 🙂

Okay, I was so well entertained in the last 22 minutes that I didn’t miss any team members. I wonder what Chin and Cath were doing while their boss was out on a team-building seminar, sorry, I mean out to serve and protect. 🙂

I think Chin took on the newbie and showed her not only how Five-0 works but also how police work is done. With Catherine on Five-0, Kono will officially no longer be the rookie. (Yes, I know you’re only called that for a year.) Chin has a new student on his hands. I like that idea.

And what I liked even more was that Grover and Steve kept going, they worked on the case together until the end. They didn’t have to do that. Grover is SWAT, but I thought it was great that he stuck around and helped with the investigation.

So, now everyone thought this was about a bank robbery. Good theory, but not the right answer for our Crime of the Week.

They don’t look very convinced, do they?

Now our two boys finally realize there is something very fishy about the little punk and his parking tickets.

Oh, and Grover, next time keeping secrets from Steve? He really doesn’t like that. Not telling them about the computer was not really clever.

Catherine and Danny have something in common; they can’t work the smart table. LOL Loved it that the data didn’t ‘fly’ onto the big screen, that Chin had to help her. I thought that was funny.

Can someone please tell my why that guy cut off his foot? Just because people should think he was still at the house? Seriously? There has to be an easier way. You can be sure I wouldn’t have let anyone cut off my foot. And for sure not with that saw in the bathtub. That was really gross. And not very logical.



With Chin’s computer help they figure out pretty quick where their one-footed guy is.



After taking the three guys into custody it’s time for the blue room. It wouldn’t be a Five-0 episode without being in the blue room at least once. 😉

And I loved to see when realization set in and Steve suddenly knew what was going on. That was a great scene.

And now, finally, after half an hour, we find out what the bank job was really about. Ian was testing his system. At least that is what we were told. But that really didn’t make much sense. He already used that system successfully with those organization he committed treason for. So, why the bank job, why doing the stunt at the airport?

Whatever the reason, I think it was really cool that he managed to get away. Yes, Steve and Grover made the right call, and I’m sure they will get him in the end, but this was, I think, the first episode where the bad guy got away. That was great.

Even though I wonder how he got off the plane. 😉

What was left after this was just the report to the Governor. And did anyone think Steve wouldn’t take full responsibility for Ian to get away? No, of course not. But I thought it was great to show both were willing to take the fall if there were consequences. Of course there weren’t since it really was the right call.

I really liked those scenes. This was a great team-bonding experience. Wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but I think this was just what these two needed. I think they will be forming a great friendship.

I thought it was really sweet when Grover gave the computer back to his daughter. And the little talk afterwards. That was really nice.



Wow, look at that, Steven does have a wallet. 🙂

Anyway, Steve get his bank account hacked by Ian. I thought this was a great way to end the episode and to make sure that we haven’t heard the last of this guy.




So, what’s left is just the verdict. And I have to tell you this was a really easy one.

I loved this episode. It was so much fun to watch. One brilliant thrill ride from start to finish. I didn’t miss anything in this episode. This was perfection for me.

Grover and McGarrett are just great together, they have such on-screen presence.

As I said in the beginning, I never laughed out loud so often as I did during this episode. The team interaction was great, McGrover was brilliant, Chin and Cath were great, the case had many twists and turns. And the outcome with the bad guy getting away? Just brilliant.

This one gets a big 5 out of 5 from me. It was as good as 4.01, but in a totally different way.

This really was friggin’ awesome.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for the promo pics to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

16 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.08

  1. I gave it a 4 for one reason, and one reason only. You know why. No Danny. Yes, I can enjoy an episode without everyone in it — many people enjoyed the 2 episodes in season 2 without Alex even if they weren’t wild about it. That’s the way I am this week. I thoroughly enjoyed all parts, esp. Alex and Grover, and I acknowledge it was perfectly fine,well – written and acted by everyone involved. I just missed his presence. I will certainly get over it, though! Looking forward to Carol Burnett!


    • I can surely understand that a Danny fan would miss Danny. 🙂
      But I must say I thought they kept him out of this one way better than in 4.05 where he was there for a minute only to never be seen again. Without any explanation. This time he was simply on vacation in Jersey. I was happy for him to celebrate his Dad’s birthday. And truth be told, what would his role have been in this episode? Even Chin and Cath were barely in it. That’s why I think it was better not to have him at all.
      But I’m looking forward to having him back next week. I think it will be interesting to see how he reacts to Steve and Grover’s new dynamic. 😉


  2. Loved everything about this from beginning to the awesome end. Surely this kid will be back. He doesn’t have any musical tours to stand in his way.

    I love the fact that when the governor told Steve to sit, he plopped down in the chair. It was like he was saying “I’m sitting on the outside but I’m standing on the inside.”

    Fantastic… Definitely 5 stars. Or more. 🙂


    • Yes, I would give it more if there were more points to give. Maybe an extra point for best comedy? Best entertainment? Best snark? No, I know, for sure best facial expressions. That was brilliant.

      I love your “I’m sitting on the outside but I’m standing on the inside.” Perfect description.


  3. No complaint coming from me about this episode! It was brilliant.
    The McGrover has won me over! 🙂
    I cheered and laughed and was biting my nails. And as a bonus all these Alexpressions, this face!!!
    I missed nothing, absolutely nothing, not one bit!


  4. What is there to say? 🙂
    Loved, LOVED it! Only one or two tiny little bits and pieces that were odd (like you mentioned yourself) other then that nothing to complain. Oh yes, maybe the pink laptop. In reality it wouldn’t have been returned to Grover’s daughter so soon (or even at all) after being used by Ian in an attempted attack. It would have first needed to be cleared for her use again. But hey, maybe the IT guys worked their magic?

    Grover and Steve have a fantastic chemnistry together. Like you, we hardly ever laughed and cheered so much during an episode. “The blind giraffe” – priceless, just to mention one scene. I loved the Governor basically acting like the school principal. He calls McG simply Steve now. Oh, what a difference drinking a beer together makes 🙂
    I didn’t even miss Danny but I look forward to his return.
    Cath had a sweet “oops” moment with the equipment. I think if the writers have her appointed to alot of -important- background work this should be a perfect storyline for her with all her NI experience. Hopefully it will keep the Cath haters at bay. I thouroughly enjoy her presence on screen.
    I loved the ending. What a perfect opportunity the writers created to bring Ian back, maybe even in a cliffhanger ending at some point.

    This one definitely gets top marks! Entertainment on a very high level!


    • You are absolutely right, Grover wouldn’t have gotten the computer back. It would be evidence and he would probably never get it back in RL. Sometimes people are lucky and get personal stuff back before a trial is over, but not such an important piece of evidence. But that was really not important enough to mention. I just imagine Toast or Cath secured the evidence on the computer and gave it back. Even though it would have taught the daughter a lesson if the computer would have been gone for good. Of course then Daddy had to buy her a new one. Probably one without a cam in it. 😉

      Loved Denning. Calling Steve, well, Steve was a nice touch.

      Cath is the best addition to the team ever. I truly hope she will stay there as long as Five-0 keeps going. She will be a great asset to the team.

      Danny? Nope, didn’t miss him one bit. But as most I’m looking forward to see him in the next episode. I truly feel it was a good move not to have him in this one. I think he would have been in the way and would have taken away from the joy of Grover and McGarrett. Can’t really explain it, but I think with him in the episode it would have been overkill.

      Yes, entertainment on the highest level. This was outstanding. For sure in my top ten episodes.


  5. I loved the episode – absolute best so far this season! While I missed Danny, Grover proved to be a more than capable replacement. I love edgy Steve and Grover brought out the best of the edge! I don’t hate Catherine – what I hate is how they make her like Kono and she’s not! Seeing her doing what she does best – intel – was absolutely perfect!

    From beginning to end it was a well written, well executed episode. Everyone was on the top of their game. I loved Nick Jonas and hope he comes back so Steve can capture him! And I’m looking forward to more Grover and the start of a beautiful friendship!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

      I don’t think they make Cath out to be a second Kono at all. Don’t forget, Catherine is a highly trained Navy officer with three tours in Kabul and a lot of other stuff she did during her career. She has way more experience than Kono has. Kono is just three years out of the academy, she is still not in the same league as any of the other members of Five-0.

      I’m also looking forward to see Grover again. He will be in next week’s episode, and hopefully will have scenes with Danny then.


  6. Thanks for your quick reply, I can only second your thoughts!
    I will rewatch this epi quite a few times. Absolutely a top 10 spot for this one.
    Looking forward to the Thanksgiving episode, too. Keep the familiy coming 🙂


  7. I agree about the giggling…I was laughing out loud at the begining of this episode. The two alphas battling for the top dog place and ending up behaving like little school boys!!! This episode was so so so good, freaking awesome!!! It may be going to number one of nearly all the episodes of all the seasons…..well almost. Certainly ofr amusement, it’s number one!! I love this relationship between Grover and Steve. Excellent excellent episode……..ok, get the impression I liked it???
    Thanks as ever hon,for the excellent check, wonderful comments and excellent pics!!


  8. Just watch it again for the 3rd time. A GREAT ep. Loved Grover and Steve working together, for me they are the best team and I’m so happy that Chi is now a regular in the show. For me, and please don’t shoot it was the best ep no danny.! Not even for a minute did I missed him.


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