Checks Five-0h – Release 4.07


Here you go, let’s start with the voting.

This episode was for sure anticipated by many. Not just to see what would happen with Catherine’s investigation into the Adam/Kono storyline, but mostly because of the ‘baby-pictures’. And of course the cute sneak peek.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning. And what a nice beginning it was. Catherine was getting ready for her undercover job to find out the whereabouts of Sato, the guy who took Adam. A short question here. Why do they even think that he’s still alive? And if he is, why is that? I mean we learned that there was a price on his head, and the last guys trying to kill him where not there to take him into custody. They would have killed Adam and Kono without any questions asked. So, why would Sato keep him alive for so long now? Doesn’t make much sense to me. But since the whole Adam/Kono thing doesn’t make any sense to me, better not dwell on it. 😉

Better just to enjoy the show of Steve and Cath. I truly liked it how these two just flow. And I learned to love their new intimacy. It’s surely different from season one when Cath was introduced to us in 1.05 Nalowale. They didn’t seem to do much other than jumping each other’s bones back then. Not that there is anything wrong with that, and I wished we would see a little bit of that on the show once in a while. But I like their relationship as it is now way better. They grew into an equal loving partnership, and I think that is really great. When you see them together you can see the connection, and that is what I truly enjoy. Great job by both actors.

Anyway, Cath is getting ready and Steve acted like the concerned boyfriend. Knowing that she’s capable of pulling this off, but still not comfortable seeing her doing it. I really liked it. And I also liked that he gave her a little more protection in form of the badge. She at least knew that Five-0 would be behind her. She suddenly wasn’t a civilian anymore but under the protection of the Governor and Five-0. Great move.

Did anyone really think they would take the badge away again? Didn’t think so. But we come to that later.

Now, that was one heck of a fight. My only complaint, why can’t we get something like that with Steve? 😉 Seriously though, this was great work. And, other than with a certain member of Five-0, I truly believed Catherine being able to kick butt like that. It looked really great. Of course, she would not have gotten away with just that tiny little bruise. Come on, Show, are you scared to give your women bruises on their faces? You let her fight like that, but don’t let her show for it? That was a bit unrealistic, but hey, it’s TV, right?

Of course this was not the Crime of the week, no, that we come to now. We start with scenes of a woman with a little boy on the beach, and a surfer watching them. Of course this idyllic scene comes to an abrupt end when the surfer gets brutally murdered on his surfboard. Slashed to death. Now we have our victim and the crime.

I absolutely loved to see Chin enjoying his pancakes and texting with his new girlfriend, if we now can call her that. And I loved how they showed the text messages. Nicely done.


What follows now is the only scene I really have a problem with. Don’t get me wrong, I love Grover. He’s a great character and it looks like next episode will be a blast. But I think he was way out of line here. He might not respect McGarrett, or think he has no business leading the task force, but HPD doesn’t think so anymore. He earned their respect by now. And threatening Chin and Five-0 with no back-up when needed? Not cool and very unprofessional. Something like that is unacceptable in my eyes.

And actually, Steve might not be a real cop, but in this episode he was pretty much the only one acting and thinking like a cop. But I’ll come to that later.

I know Steve will win him over soon, but still, his conduct right now? Not acceptable for me.


Alright, let’s take a minute to get the time line right. I know, I know, pretty much hopeless most of the time with Five-0. But let’s try anyway. Cath is getting ready in the early morning, right? Then she goes to some private club and takes down the source. And all that before 8:30 a.m. when we see Chin having his pancakes. Somewhere in that time line the surfer was killed. Now we’re back at Steve’s house, and he’s still home just finished getting dressed? My question, what the heck did he do all this time? Getting back to bed after his shower? Or why was he even still at the house? OR was Catherine getting ready and taking down said baddie in the early evening of the day before? But then is the question where the heck was she all night?

Anyway, Steve hurries to open the door…


to reveal… this!


I must say this is by far the most adorable film-baby I’ve ever seen. Where the heck did they find her? She is not only cute as a button, but perfect in every scene. SO adorable.

I hope there will be lots of material on the DVD-release from filming this episode. Just look at the little girl’s face, she is transfixed on Steve. I wonder what Alex did to get her look at him like that. Well, she is probably just a smart little girl. LOL LOVED this kid.

Enough with gushing over this cute little baby, let’s get serious for a minute. Or in other words, let’s get real for a moment. Seriously? Mary adopted a baby? I truly, truly hope that no agency in the world would let a person like Mary adopt a little kid. A person that was in trouble with the law, never held a job longer than a few weeks, has no job right now, is one of the most unreliable persons ever. That woman would be allowed to adopt a baby? I so hope not! Yes, she could have ended up with a baby anyway, because unfortunately pretty much any idiot can get pregnant. No rules for that. BUT to give her a baby is a totally different thing. That is something that needs to be considered carefully. And I simply don’t think Mary would meet any of the needed criteria. At least I really hope so. I think letting Mary adopt a child at this point in her life is a terrible thing, even worse than giving Kame a flight license. Nothing funny about either thing. Okay, enough ranting about this move to give stupid Mary (No, I don’t like the little sister, never have.) a baby. I will try to get over it. LOL

I think Danny is absolutely right, Mary didn’t adopt this baby, Steve did. Wasn’t he the one who got her out of every mess she made in her life so far? So, Uncle Steve better get ready for that kid. Not sure how legit Danny’s argument is though, that if Mary can love the baby that will be enough. Sorry, but that is not the only thing you need to raise a kid. It’s not that easy.

Of course we now officially meet our victim, or at least we think so. Brian Carpenter, we will learn soon, wasn’t who he wanted everyone to believe he was.

Interesting thought on Steve’s part here; it got me smiling. Only he would probably take a knife or other weapon out to surfing. Steve, really? An argument got out of hand and that’s how he ended up stabbed while still out at sea as Max told us? What surfer takes a knife with him while surfing the waves?



Love it that Chin and Steve are working together more often. I enjoy Steve and Danny while arguing, but I think in action scenes Chin and Steve work just better. When I think of action of any kind, a picture of Danny simply doesn’t come up for me. In those scenes I want Chin… or Catherine… or heck even Kono… but Danny? Nope, sorry, he doesn’t cut it for me. And because of that I’m always deliriously happy when I see Chin and Steve together.

And aren’t our two boys clever? Just because the drain was clogged they found the key? Well, I thought that was a bit too easy. Anyway, they figured out who the dead guy really was. Even though I wonder if he really would have been so stupid to leave any pictures of his wife and kid in his apartment, even if they were hidden. That would have been a pretty big risk.

Look at all the greenish cars in the parking lot. What company do they belong to?


But then we have to learn that even what Chin remembered of him was still not the real deal. He had been recruited by ATF and had worked deep undercover, as his handler Kennedy told us.



I’m sure it is never easy to deliver the bad news.


So, the ATF doesn’t have the money for a high tech screen? They do it old school? Interesting. Do they have that information on that board all the time, for everyone to see? Not very secure if you ask me. I can’t rationally explain it and I don’t know how she was involved, but I knew she had something to do with Matt’s murder.

I again had a good laugh at Danny’s expense. What comes out of his mouth sometimes is just so contradictory. He said he’s not going to point any fingers at anyone being guilty of anything, but he already thought that Matt was guilty of slipping up. And a short time later he even said he’s dirty. If it was for him this case would have been closed really quick. ATF guy turned bad and was killed for it. I think he was a really bad detective in this episode. Very close minded. He made up his mind pretty fast, and ridiculed Steve for being open minded and not believing right away that Matt was dirty.

That is what I was talking about earlier; about Steve thinking like a real investigator here. Keeping an open mind for all possibilities and looking into everything before making up his mind about the guilty party. That is something Danny was not willing to do. He practically laughed in Steve’s face for doubting Matt being guilty. (That happened a little later at the smart table, but I didn’t want to go to this topic again then.)


So, they boys decide to pay a visit to the head of the crime organization Matt infiltrated.


A little word of advice to Xzibit, I mean JZ, don’t, I repeat do not threaten Steve’s girlfriend. That won’t end well.



You know, I really think I must have missed something along the way in the last three years or so. Isn’t Danny supposed to be this great detective? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. Danny, every idiot could see that Xzibit had nothing to do with the hit on Matt. Jeez, why do the writers let Danny look so stupid that often? I just don’t get it. I sometimes feel like he’s not contributing anything to the case, and is just there to ride along. That is not good.

And what, Danny, just because Xzibit didn’t know about Matt being a cop mean that he was dirty? At this point there is not even a shred of evidence or even a hint at him being a dirty cop. Why do they let Danny bring that up again and again? It’s not founded on anything. At this point it could be about a beef over a girlfriend, or a random act of violence. There is nothing that hints at Matt being a dirty cop. Not yet anyway. That is what I meant with Danny being close minded and short sighted.


So, now it begins. Mary calling Steve because she can’t take care of the baby. Who would have thought.

Really, in my eyes Mary is nothing but a stupid brat who calls big brother Steve to get her out of every mess. Maybe if she ever starts to think her actions through before she does something she might, might be a good mother someday. And no, I’m not talking about eating egg salad. But taking in a kid with no one there to help her out if something happened. No friends, no family except her brother who she treated like shit for a long time. As I said stupid selfish brat.

I hope that Steve at some point will say no and let her get out of her messes on her own. He should have done that a long time ago. Giving her a wake-up call, but I think she’s a lost cause anyway. I’m sure she will mess this up just like everything else. Just give her a few episodes.

But on the other hand, Mary’s stupidity gives us Uncle Steve, Uncle Danny and Uncle Chin. 🙂

And every scene with the guys and the baby were just hilarious and so darn cute. Please keep that baby around! One huge regret though, we didn’t see Steve taking care of the baby over night. That little girl stayed with him the night Mary was in the hospital. I would have loved to see that.

Loved Danny’s amusement about Uncle Steve on diaper duty. And he’s right, it was very entertaining.

LOL, Chin. ‘Why is there a baby attached to your chest’? Absolutely loved Chin with the baby.


I almost forgot about this. Catherine and her investigation. Liked the scenes in the blue room a lot. Cath was really cool in getting what she wanted. She will be a great addition to Five-0. Can’t wait to see her work the first case with the boys. And just wait until Kono is back. Those two working together might even get my to like Kono again. 😉



Do you spot the little baby lion in the picture? 🙂


Now Danny can talk about his suspicion of Matt being dirty. Now it’s okay. But even though they find the money, that still doesn’t mean he did anything wrong. Glad Steve kept believing in Matt.



LOL – believe it or not, Danny, but some of us can actually multitasking. Entertaining a baby and listening to Chin explaining his findings. 😉

The theory of Kennedy actually being the dirty cop made a lot more sense then it being Matt, even though that still didn’t explain the money.

That little kid was a real pro, getting handed from one person to the other without any fuss. Would love to know how long it took to familiarize the little girl with the three guys, so she wouldn’t scream every time she was handled by them.

Another visit to Xzipit gives them another clue to what is really going on.


And welcome back Fong.


My goodness, such a cutie 🙂


Well, I guess most people found the fairy tale Danny told really cute and funny. Yeah, you guessed it right, I didn’t. It only showed me what Danny really thinks of his so called best friend. That he’s a selfish idiot, way below Danny’s own brilliance. There is nothing funny or charming about that story. And it was not even told in good fun. Steve is right, Danny is an angry old man. Oh, and trust me, I’m not done with poor Danny yet. 😉


I wonder if Grover and his men took just that little longer to respond to the call for back-up? Who knows. But I think he is totally wrong blaming Steve for the third guy getting away. That is on him. Why the heck didn’t he send some of his people to the back of the house? That was just stupid to blame Steve for that. And going off like that right after arriving? Also not cool; he didn’t even have any information about what went down before they arrived. He just assumed, and that is a deadly thing to do.

Can I just say that I though Darryl Hannah’s real estate agent was horrible and skip through this whole thing and go right to Danny’s discovery? Thank you.




And finally we know what was going on. Matt had been trying to find a leak in the department, but he obviously didn’t know who the guilty party was. But now we will find out soon.



Now Five-0 is plotting and going to finish what Matt had started. They set the trap and hopefully the murderer will be caught.

The following scenes are my favorites of the whole episode. I love Grover despite what he did earlier, or here for that matter. He and Steve have such presence on screen, that is really great. But I loved this scene because, I think for the first time on the show, Steve pulled rank and position. He made it very clear that he is in command and the team leader. He never did that before. And I LOVED it. Grover must be so pissed that a stupid lieutenant commander of the Navy is in charge of the task force. A guy below his own rank telling him what to do. I loved how Steve told him to either follow his lead or to beat it.

Steve has more than enough experience to lead any kind of operation, and if he decides to do it one way, Grover has no right to question his decision. It is just how the chain of command works. It was again unprofessional from Grover to do this. It is unprofessional to let his dislike and anger dictate his behavior like that.

And by the way, I thought it was the completely right choice to grab the person right after taking the money. Not let her wonder around the zoo. The risk of losing her would be a lot higher than that a fire fight would happen.

Steve: “I could have been dead if I waited for SWAT.”

Grover: “Maybe. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.”

Excuse me, did Grover say it is only important to do something the right way, no matter the outcome? Sounded like it to me. He would have prefer to see Steve or any other officer dead as long as they acted the right way? What kind of crap is that?

The take down was really easy and not very spectacular. But it was still entertaining to watch. And of course watching Steve getting reminded by Danny to feed the little girl. Good thing that they have cell phones these days. Would have loved seeing Max with the baby.

All this just because Linda suspected that Matt was on to them? It was not even about the money. I wonder how she ended up with such a cold killer as a boyfriend? I wonder how she met him? She worked for ATF, so I assume she was thoroughly checked out, background check and all. So how come she ended up being such a criminal? I think that would have been interesting to learn.

What was left was the actual take down of the crime organization.


I’m actually not sure what to think of the next scene. I would not have shown that tape to my son. Not at this point. How old is he supposed to be? Pretty young, I think. And he hasn’t seen his father in three years. He doesn’t even know his dad. I think she should have shown this when he was older, not now.


And of course, there is one other thing to do. Mary needs to collect her little girl. From three very reluctant uncles. Seemed to me that they didn’t want to part ways with her just yet. That was really cute. But don’t worry guys, I’m pretty sure you’re all on babysitting duty sooner than you may think.



And last but not least we finish the episode with a new member to Five-0. And I can tell you I’m very happy about this. I think Catherine will be a great addition to the team. This was a long time in the making and I think it’s great that they took their time with it.

Welcome to Five-0, Catherine!

As I promised I would get back to you about Danny. 😉 Danny, please think of something new to say, ‘this animal’ wasn’t funny years ago, and for sure isn’t now. Please writers let him rant and snark all he wants, but please let it be a bit more intelligent. This is getting really old.

So, what’s my verdict for 4.07?

Even though I was extremely annoyed by Danny in this one, there was still so much to love about the episode. And maybe I was just not in the mood for this annoying Danny. Who knows? Anyway, I loved every scene with the baby, that little girl was just too great. And the three uncles were brilliant. It was thankfully not some stupid comedy, but done with fun, but also very low key. I really enjoyed it.

I loved, truly loved the confrontation with Grover.

The case was interesting, even though the solution a bit lame.

Catherine! Just wow. Loved every bit with her.

Lots of action in this one. Even though it was still not the right guy involved in hand-to-hand combat. But we’re getting closer, at least we’re in the same household now. 🙂

I wish I could differentiate my rating system a little more, because good and good are not the same thing. And awesome as in 4.01 is not like awesome as in 4.07. But none the less this one gets 5 out of 5. It’s not on the same level as 4.01, that is still a bit higher, but good would simply not do it justice.

So, there you have it. Now, let me know what you thought of the episode.


All screenshots were done by me. Credit to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

12 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.07

  1. Fun and entertaining review, as always! Although, I have to admit I did roll my eyes with your irritation with Danny! I do agree about getting rid of the “animal” phrase from Danny’s repertoire. That is indeed very old and tired. I also agree that it’s the writers’ fault for putting the words into Danny’s mouth – Scott does an outstanding job delivering what they tell him he has to say! In my opinion, and like you, this is just MY opinion for whatever it’s worth – I feel Danny becomes truly annoying and loses points in the detective game when the writers want to emphasize that Steve is the hero/star of the show. They make Danny the foil to Steve’s compassion, understanding and brilliance. Danny has to become the one who makes all the wrong assumptions because Steve has to be the one to get it right all the time! There have been only 2 times that I can think of where Danny was correct with his instincts and proved Steve wrong – and both were in S1. Danny disliked and distrusted Nick Taylor from the get go, and Danny never deviated from believing his old partner, Mecca, was dirty. I don’t know why we haven’t seen anything on this order since then, but it has certainly brought Danny’s level of competency down a notch or two. Needless to say, I’m not at your level of disgust yet, Sam. And I say this without any disrespect to Steve at all! I would just like to see the writers accomplish showing Steve’s awesomeness without letting Danny be the court clown/idiot every week! Is that too much to ask?

    As far as the fairy tale goes? Sorry, I loved it. Danny has the right to say his view of Steve’s obvious hijacking of his car every time they’re in it – he doesn’t even pay for gas! Although, I would assume neither does Danny – there must be some sort of expense account! I don’t think it was mean or spiteful or unloving or anything of that sort. I think it was just a frustrated rant.

    As far as Catherine is concerned, welcome to the team, baby! Can’t wait to see her interacting with Kono!

    This relationship between Grover and Steve is very reminiscent of the dynamic between Steve and Danny in season 1, but I agree, I’m not sure I like the way Grover is already attempting to undermine Steve’s team by sidling up to Chin and telling him that his loyalties should be to HPD and not the pseudo-cop McGarrett! It was very hard for Danny in season 1 to adjust to McGarrett’s ways, and yet, when all was said and done, Danny always followed Steve into the fracas because that is what partners do! Grover does not appear, at least as of yet, to be as immersed in the partnership brotherhood! Next week’s episode will be very interesting!

    All the baby scenes were too cute for words. Mary, on the other hand… Well, I’ll reserve judgment on her until we see what transpires in the Thanksgiving episode! Thanks for the review! I always look forward to it!


    • Wow, this is almost a post and not a comment. 🙂 Love it.

      I don’t think they show Steve as someone who knows it all and is right all the time. I just believe he is more open minded and open for all possibilities. He didn’t know if Matt was dirty or not, and he agreed to the possibility, but just didn’t jump the gun like Danny did right from the start.
      And I really don’t understand why they write Danny like that. At this level he is not a valuable asset to Five-0 or any police force for that matter. And that is such a shame. And I don’t believe Steve or Chin, or whoever shines more because Danny is painted pretty much as an idiot. At least I don’t see it like that.

      Yes, of course Danny has the right to voice his opinion. I just think it is such a shame what he really thinks of his best friend. And I disagree with you; this was not said in a loving way. But that is purely my perspective. 🙂

      I don’t think any of them pay for gas when they use the cars clearly for Five-0 business. And I bet Danny didn’t even pay for the car. At least not in full. It is a car sponsored by the state of Hawaii. No matter what people say, I don’t believe they use their private cars for police business without compensation. Not gonna happen.
      And one thing is for sure, Steve will not give up the driver’s seat. So, Danny can either put his foot down and say no to using ‘his’ car and ride along in the Silverado from now on, or he can at least enjoy ‘his’ car from the passenger seat. Guess he likes to at least sit in his car. 🙂

      Really looking forward to the McGrover episode. Will be interesting to see how they manage to find a way to work together and start to respect each other.


      • I realized after I hit post that I really outdid myself this time! So sorry! Obviously, we have different perspectives, and that’s why I love reading your review each week – you help me see things a little differently. I don’t think we’ll ever completely agree about Danny, but the debates can sure be fun!

        On to MCGrover! (And thanks for letting me steal your page like that-I have a habit of going on ad nauseum, and I talk with my hands a lot, too!) 🙂


  2. I gave it 5 Five-0 badges just for the cuteness factor. And the storyline was good, too. I will be quick this time, but I did NOT appreciate how Grover talked to Chin. That was wrong, wrong, wrong all the way around. Not only very underhanded, but also very mean spirited. I did not appreciate his threat at all. That went beyond any petty differences. It was just… wrong… have I already said that? 🙂

    As for Danny’s fairy tale. I take it as that. nothing mean spirited about it. He was just mouthing off and telling a “tale”. I would think he has done this countless of times with Grace. I personally loved the “big, hairy ogre” description and didn’t take any offense to it at all.

    Catherine was great. really enjoyed her scenes… especially the first one. I just can’t think of any words for that one!

    Loved the show. Can’t wait for next week. The two of them together look very interesting!


    • Oh, you’ll be quick this time? 🙂

      I really didn’t understand why Grover acted like this. That was really petty and below anyone’s standard. Sorry, but that really was way out of line, no matter how much he hates McG. That was a blatant misconduct.

      Well, I know most see the fairy tale as a funny thing, but I don’t. And I think it was mean spirited. Simply because it’s the same old with Danny all the time. It is getting really old. Four years, and he’s still ranting and being mean like in the very first episode. That is getting on my nerves. And even wrapped in a fairy tale I don’t talk like that about my friends. Never. Words do hurt, and there is always a bit of truth behind his thoughts. Sorry, but I can’t see anything funny about the Danny we have on the show at the moment. And I sincerely hope they will wake up and give him better lines and a better attitude. This Danny I only find very annoying.


  3. I enjoyed that episode, it was so funny and that baby is so cute, I loved to see the boys taking care of her but if the baby puked on Chin’s top, how come the baby wasn’t dirty too, that girl has to has very good aim LOL
    I even forgot about that badge Steve gave to Cath but I wasn’t surprised when he said she can keep it. I’m actually happy that she is now part of the 5-0 formally.
    Also I thought that Grover is a little not professional, especially when he was suggesting that he is not going to care about being late to back up the 5-0 team because he doesn’t respect Steve’s way of handling situations which requires his back up.

    Voted for 5 badges


  4. I voted for 5 badges too.
    Yes, there have been a few things that were stupid for me. The scene with Daryl Hannah i. e. was … *cough* horrible. Even the baby couldn’t make it better. Or the scene with the tape from the murdered father. And Danny’s fairy tale? *sigh* It was not really funny, but I was not surprised. That’s him. The best things could happen to him and he would still be an angry man. Can’t say old, he’s younger than me… 😉 Yes. I try really hard to be done with being annoyed. This episode for sure won’t make me like him. Still closed-minded and shortsighted.
    But there was so much to love. First and foremost the McJoan. I may or may not have made really embarrassing noises as Steve made these baby noises and nuzzled her head. Or as he checked her ear after putting on that sunhat. My second time watching will be with my hubbie, I have to be prepared then!
    I don’t like Mary as a person, but I like Steve being the big brother. He really loves her and you can feel it. She annoys him, she’s immature, but she is his sister, the only family he has left.
    And I ablsolutely love the scenes with Grover. In these scenes he is “the COMMANDER”, he never pulls rank, but with him he does. BTW, I love Chin for being Chin! Well done with the money. And I love the double-bamfness when he is with Steve! Grover is a non-professionell a$$, just because of his dislike of Steve. Isn’t it the task of the SWAT team to secure the back of the house? I think it is.
    And Cath? I like that Cath is now a part of the team. It’s logical, they need someone, they are only three and I don’t want Chin to be always alone during the case 🙂 Her fight scene was a little bit too much for me. But they have done that with Kono too (her fight against the kidnapper of the murdered young computer geeks family, who was a trained soldier). I would like her as someone like Jenna was. Making the stuff behind, the intelligence work. Don’t think Steve will make a team with Cath, he is too professionell for that.
    Now I can’t wait for the next episode. I think Grover and Steve will get slowly in touch with each other, get to know each other better. Maybe Grover learns to respect Steve. As we can see in some pics, he is in Steve’s house at Thanksgiving ;-).


    • Totally agree with you. And don’t remind me of the most stupid fight in the history of Five-0. Little Kono defeating the Special Forces guy in such a way. That was SO stupid and unrealistic. But the show doesn’t care about realism in regards of Kono. Just remember how she pulled Chin up while he hung of that roof? Even Steve couldn’t pull up a guy, and he fell to his death. But Kono of course could do that. Urgh. Just stupid.

      I’m certain Steve won’t team up with Cath. They have years of training separating their personal feelings and their jobs. That will not be a problem, and if the writers do make it a problem, then they are again completely out of character.
      I like Cath to stay behind and do what she’s best at, gathering Intel. Of course I also want her going out on occasion, but not every time.

      Yes, Steve will win over Grover. But I still think he is out of line with his behavior. He is not worthy acting a captain. That is very poor conduct and should have consequences for him. But of course that will not happen.


  5. Great episode as far as hotness and cutness from Alex 🙂
    Grover does come across like Danny in the beginning of season 1. Grumpy and distrusting of Steve´s methods. But unlike Danny, I find Grover more tolerable in his ways (maybe it is just his onscreen likable presence). Maybe they are building up Steve´s and Grover´s relationship, starting with the wrong foot but ending up in great partnership. Sometimes you need to get over hurdles to bond stronger.
    Cath making the team might be temporary, maybe she is only filling in for Kono. I do like her, she has a girl bad-assery about her 🙂 Though the fight scene would have been more believable had they made it shorter (but I am never a fan of big fight scenes, so it might be just an issue for me).
    I think people sometimes don´t get the humor the writers tried to write for the show. For me D. Hannah was most likely written as a weird cookoo character. I do admit the first watch I did roll my eyes, but after that I finally started laughing. Cause it was pretty silly 🙂
    I thought the baby would have been Mary´s oopsie pregnancy, it was a bit stupid to write it as adoption. But hey, we got all the cute uncles and a lot of us just saw a glimpse what Alex as a baby dad is like. Priceless! I just loved it when Steve said to Mary, you have to take back the little baby person 😀 Adorable…
    I like the Steve we are getting this season. More than just the Navy Seal bamf. This mix of emo and tough guy is great so far.


    • You’re right, DH was totally written over the top, on purpose. But that is not my kind of humor at all. I can’t even smile about such stupid stuff. And her performance? Let’s not go there.

      Steve is written beautifully this season, and I hope they will start writing Danny better soon. At the moment these two are not a match made in heaven.

      All the Danny lovers should ask themselves if they wanted to work with a guy like Danny day in day out? I for certain wouldn’t want to. Way too high maintenance. Sorry, but I couldn’t stand having him as a partner. For a short time, maybe. But not for as many hours a partnership like Steve and Danny’s required. And everyone saying ‘yes, please partner me with Danny’, sorry, but I have a hard time believing you answered that question truthfully and thought it through. There is only so much anyone can tolerate every day, all the time. Just my honest opinion that I would not want to be on the receiving end of his ranting and raving all day. That would tire me out and bring me to shoot myself or better him after not even one shift. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. IMHO, Grover was not “threatening” Chin despite the way it came out. Grover was just wanting him not to be a hinder but a help to the HPD. Grover just thought that Steve got his job due to his daddy. As Grover thought in the later episode where they have to work together. As he thought Steve really got his job on a silver platter. But glad Chin has really won my respect and like way up!

    And actually I love the story with Danny about how he felt. Steve at times can be selfish and sorry if you all do not feel that way. As he may be the boss but needs to consider people other needs besides himself. Like with driving Danny’s Camaro and driving it no matter what.

    FTR I do still love Steve but his attitude just rubs me the wrong way. I love Danny as at least he backs up his claims. Sorry but love Danny!


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