Checks Five-0h – Release 4.06


Let’s start with the voting.


I’m not a big fan of Halloween in general. I find it rather weird having kids running around in costumes and take candy from strangers. Many believe Halloween originated in the US and then came over to Europe. They couldn’t be more wrong about that. If you like to know what Halloween is actually about you should read the article on wikipedia, it’s pretty good. 

And no, it’s not about getting drunk and dance to wild party music. 😉

Anyway, what I do love though is when a TV show has a ‘themed’ episode. Either for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween. Just as a side note, we will be really lucky this year and get all three of them. Carol Burnett comes for a visit on Thanksgiving, revealing yet another family secret. And according to the pictures, Steve and Mary are not thrilled about it.

Credit to Peter Lenkov.

PLenkov 02

PLenkov 01

Okay, now let’s start with the review. Max, obviously a huge fan of Halloween and Keanu Reeves, attends a beach party with Sabrina. Let’s have a warm welcome for Rumer Willis. Reclaiming her role as Max’s girlfriend. I think it’s great that she’s back. These two will give us a few great scenes in this episode.

Of course this is Five-0, so the party can’t go without a hitch. They get interrupted by a guy who had either too much to drink, or as Max thinks is a Zombie.

Next we cut to Catherine jogging among the trick-or-treaders; having flashbacks of Billy’s death. I think it’s great that the show didn’t just forget about it but have her work through her guilt and sorrow.



While she is trying to outrun her problems, her boyfriend is at home manning the fort for the kids on their hunt for candy. Which leads to some nice and very interesting scenes.

Catherine is obviously very disturbed by the recent events, not just Billy’s death, but also by leaving the Navy. As Steve said it could be a great adventure to start a new life, but also be very scary. And maybe Catherine realized that she wasn’t as prepared to leave her organized life behind as she thought she was.

So, many things are going through her head, and I love it how Steve helped her see a new perspective. Steve obviously had to struggle with a lot of things; survivor’s guilt only one of them. Selfdoubt another. I loved that the show didn’t shy away from showing the aftermath of Billy’s death, and that they showed Steve as such a vulnerable human who was revealing a lot to help his girlfriend. Steve went through a lot of trauma during his time with the military, just look at his medals and you know he had seen a lot. Check out Highly decorated if you like to learn about Steve’s medals. He went through what Cath is going through right now.

I loved these scenes. And I was actually happy that they didn’t make it sappy and let him take her in his arms and promise everything will be fine. He gave her the space she needed, and Cath is her own person. I really liked that, it’s purely them.

It seems that Chin is the one on call tonight. He shows up at the crime scene, probably called because Max was involved. I don’t see why Five-0 would have been involved otherwise. Max gave CPR to the deranged attacker and it seems that he is now also infected. Will he turn into a Zombie as well?

So, not only Max was infected by whatever, but now we learn that the alleged Zombie is really a doctor at the very same hospital he was now admitted to. And as we learn soon both of them had been exposed to Scopolamine. Its use in medicine is relatively limited, with its chief uses being in the treatment of motion sickness and postoperative nausea and vomiting. But what Five-0 came up with is actually not made up.

[Per the United States State Department (March 4, 2012): “One common and particularly dangerous method that criminals use in order to rob a victim is through the use of drugs. The most common has been scopolamine. Unofficial estimates put the number of annual scopolamine incidents in Colombia at approximately 50,000. Scopolamine can render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. In large doses, it can cause respiratory failure and death. It is most often administered in liquid or powder form in foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents occur in night clubs and bars, and usually men, perceived to be wealthy, are targeted by young, attractive women. To avoid becoming a victim of scopolamine, one should never accept food or beverages offered by strangers or new acquaintances or leave food or beverages unattended. Victims of scopolamine or other drugs should seek immediate medical attention.”]



So, now we kind of know what happened, which means Steve and Danny need to be called in to help investigate.

Yes, Danny, think about the environment, your car gets better gas-mileage. 🙂

So, Danny’s house got violated with toilet paper. Yeah, I’m sure it was done by some hardened criminals, or at least by little kids on their way becoming such criminals. Danny, Steve is right, catching these monsters will be your big career case. LOL Enjoyed this cargument very much.



And what follows is one of the best scenes of the episode; Steve and Danny having a blast in the party bus.

So, the two boys are taken to a party held by Corbin Bernsen. Some of you might remember him from L.A. LAW, JAG or more recently PSYCH, and he played Jim’s father in THE GLADES. He also was in one of my all-time favorite movies.

Anyway, back to the party. I totally laughed about the boys discussing scarcely dressed woman for what Danny is grateful. Well, Danny, as Steve said let’s see how grateful you’ll be when Grace will be a teenager. Good call, Steven. 🙂

What they learn is that their victim/attacker had been at the party and then had been picked up. Probably by the real bad guy of the episode.

This was actually the first time that I didn’t know right away who was involved from the people who were introduced to us. I thought Corbin Bernsen’s (sorry don’t remember the character’s name right now) reaction to the news was genuine. I didn’t pick him as one of the bad guys. Good work, show.

Now it gets interesting; why did someone kidnap Basner to get access to the morgue? Well, we learn why pretty soon. He took a dead woman’s head with him. Due to the security footage we also learn that Basner then was again drugged and left at the scene. But he didn’t stay there but made his way to the beach party; all the time drugged out of his mind. I wonder if he will face any charges?


Don’t you also think the neck looks really small? 😉


Now the boys work the case and find out about the headless woman. That she had been abducted before and missing for 30 days. And she died a year later in a car crash, as Danny calls out possibly connected to each other.

Ehm, Danny, can you please stop moving ALL the time? Could you please not use your whole body while talking? It makes it very hard to snap any good screen shot of you. Thank you. 🙂

Aww, Max and Sabrina in the hospital. How cute was that?


Five-0 is on the case and there is plenty to find out. Chin is taking a look at the victim’s car and Steve and Danny take a look at her house. First Chin discovers that the woman was under surveillance and then the boys at the house find out that she was also watched in her own home. How creepy is that?

Hilarious, the boys now have a walkument. Danny, really? Using the resources of Five-0 and the crime lab to investigate the TP?

Okay, may I have a word with the writers please? I’m sorry, but this is not how it is done. You can’t just decide after four years to give one of your main characters a phobia he never ever mentioned before. AND which he never ever had any problems with before. He was in caves, bunkers and small spaces without any problem before. So, what was this all about? Danny’s Halloween prank on Steve? Danny’s way of getting back at him for not taking the ‘crime’ against him seriously? For calling him an angry old man? BUT would he go so far and leave his partner without back-up in a potentially dangerous situation? I for sure don’t think so. At least I hope not. NO, he wouldn’t leave Steve alone in a dangerous situation. So, writers, what was this about?

And if you decide on such stupid crap after four years, then at least use it! Let something happen to Steve while all alone. Even if it were just letting him slip and fall in the muddy water. Or let him have a little fight and get away with a small booboo.

This? This was just stupid. And by the way, I doubt Danny would have gotten away all these years hiding a real phobia. He probably wouldn’t even have made it into ‘police school’ with claustrophobia.

While the boys are out in the wild, it seems that Catherine has found a way to occupy herself. She started investigating the people behind Adam’s abduction. I must say I had already completely forgotten about Adam and Kono. I mean it’s not like I care about it anyway, and that is why I honestly don’t know what I think about Cath doing this stuff. First time that I’m not thrilled with what she’s doing. Not now or later her ‘undercover’ work. Don’t really care much about it. What I do like however is how very well they all work with Catherine. I think it won’t be that much longer until Chin or Danny will suggest to get her on the team. I’m sure it won’t come from Steve.


Back to the COTW, to our two boys in the woods. Or better, back to Steve alone in the tunnel system. Walking around and chasing a man through the tunnels. I’m not really clear how they managed to come out where Steve entered when he was chasing the guy in the other direction. When did they make a U-Turn? Doesn’t really matter. This chase and the time in the tunnel was a wasted opportunity. I didn’t find it very interesting or thrilling.

Okay, how is this wide tunnel any different to the tunnels in Korea, or the cave in Chin’s wedding episode? Two occasion that I can think of right away that Danny had no problem being in. The cave had been a really small, dark place, where a claustrophobic person would not have ventured in to. But Danny seemed very relaxed in there.

Really, writers, you didn’t think this through. And Danny’s remark of Steve not paying attention to his people was just completely stupid. Wasn’t funny at all.



I felt sorry for the poor guy right away. I mean, come on, it was clear from the start he was just as much a victim as the woman had been. Here I started to wonder what was really going on, and who was behind of whatever was going on.

I loved their clueless faces when Max explained about the MRI picture. Now they learned what the victims had in common. And what this was all about, someone conducting experiments on humans. The two victims were used as lab rats.

I really liked the editing here. Chin and Danny listening to the first victim’s testimony, and Steve questioning the second victim. I think that was really good.




I absolutely loved it that Max practically solved the case for them. Came up with the evidence and the suspect. Well done, Max. All Five-0 had to do was arrest the guy.

Of course that was not as easy as they thought it would be. I didn’t think for a minute that Ellery was actually in his home, nice editing though.

Now we spent a couple of minutes with Catherine in undercover mode. Still not sure what I think about it. Of course it was a cool way to get his fingerprints. Nicely done.



Meanwhile the boys try to figure out where Ellery might be. And they actually find a hint that leads them right back to Corbin Bernsen, the guy from the party. What does his son has to do with all this?

I really liked the finale of the episode with the guys being too late to save the doctor, but soon enough to rescue Brock from himself. Great ending of the COTW. I think it was poetic justice that the doctor was killed by one of his ‘lab rats’.

Oh, and now Danny can go into the really small tunnel just fine? Yeah, right. Claustrophobic my ass.

Now all that is left is to see our heroes decompressing and coming home. Very cute scenes with Danno and the hardened criminal Grace.

“Where’s all our toilet paper, Grace?” LOL Danny, check the tree. 🙂 It was so cute that she thought it was better to do the prank on their own home because doing it to others would be mean. Aww. I think that was so cute that even Danny was speechless for a second.

I was hoping Cath would tell Steve about her investigation, but maybe Chin and Cath thought it would be better to slowly ease him into the idea of her working the case. 😉


And we end the show with Cath and Steve. Catherine has her mind obviously set on solving the case of Adam’s kidnapping. It’s a good thing that her man seems happy that she has a new purpose, maybe not really happy about what that is, but as the supportive friend his only question is ‘So, what’s the plan’? Loved the ending. Felt very domestic, calm and like they are in a really good place right now.

But what’s with the new brand of beer? No Long Boards? 😉




So, there you have it. My 4.06 review. What’s left is the verdict.

Well, I truly greatly enjoyed it. There were some really good scenes in it. The only thing lacking in my eyes was some action. Five-0 was always about action, but I think this season is a bit behind in that department. I want my action back. Yes, I admit I’m an action junkie. I’m missing it. I want to see Steve involved in some hand-to-hand combat, I want some shootings and foot chases. Not so much car chases, those are not really interesting. I love all the stuff where people are directly involved. Fistfights, shoot-outs and foot chases (they are best if done in the rain).

Anyway, other than that I really liked this one. Since 4.01 set the bar really high, this one does not reach 5 badges and therefore the awesome verdict. But it’s pretty close.

So, I give it 4 out of 5. Really good one.


Let’s get the legal stuff out of the way. All screenshots were done by me. Credit to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

Oh, and please do us all a favor, if you vote for just one or two badges tell us why. Voice your opinion. I for one would really like to know.

14 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.06

  1. Loved your review and agree with most all your points! Yeah, for once I was completely stupefied with the whole claustrophobia thing and my mind immediately went to the bunker in North Korea. I saw no point in this , agree it wasn’t funny and totally agree Danny would never have let Steve go into the tunnel alone. Weird writing, and the whole scene from the walkument to Danny tripping the guy up on the outside was a really uncomfortable scene. Oh, well…that was the only part I didn’t like.

    My one point of deviance is that I loved the way they played Catherine this week. So glad to see them give her guilt problems and unsettled questions about what to do next with her life! I’m really happy Steve didn’t automatically sign her up with H5-0. I thought she was great undercover with the Yakuza dude in the elevator, and thought Steve’s honesty and supportiveness was definitely the way to help Catherine through her issues. Kono’s story really doesn’t do much for me, either, but I like that Catherine is the one with the time and capabilities to move this story along!

    I gave this episode a 5. Of course, I liked having Danny visibly present – let’s just get him over his claustrophobia quickly! I loved Max and Sabrina – zombie babies! Oh my! I enjoyed the Halloween theme without it being “spooky”. This season is going very well for me!


    1. Oh, I absolutely love that Cath is not simply over Billy’s death, but has to work hard to get over it. What I’m not sure is if I like her working on that boring Adam/Kono case. 😉
      But who knows, her moving it forward might bring that one closer to me again.


  2. I also gave it a good rating. Lots of great scenes in it. Loved max and Sabrina. Loved the Halloween scenes and danny’s toilet paper tragedy. Steve and Cath’s talks were wonderful. I didn’t mind her looking for Adam. I’m glad she found something that she feels is beneficial to work on. I’m also glad she didn’t get caught by the guys on the elevator.

    I thought the Case was good… Interesting… And I didn’t figure it out. I like that. Loved the final scenes of Danny and grace and then Steve and cath. And you’re right… No longboards. Maybe they are getting more sponsors. 🙂


    1. Agree, it’s always great when I haven’t figured out the COTW after a few minutes. This one was not easy to figure out. Loved that.
      Max and Sabrina FTW, so cute.
      I really truly loved Danny and Grace, that was great.
      Maybe I didn’t like the Cath part because she was working alone? Could be. I like to see her working with Steve or the team in general. Maybe that will change in the future. We’ll see. I hope she will be in the next one, that would be so cool Steve and Cath on diaper duty. LOL


  3. Excellent review! I didn’t appreciate the Steve and Cath scene as much at the beginning, because I didn’t think about it in the terms you described. I was glad to read your analysis, and now I appreciate it more. Their reactions are true to character and fit their relationship, just as the ending does.

    The claustrophobia thing bothered me, too. That does not fit Danny’s character at all. He wouldn’t leave Steve without back-up, not knowing what was in those tunnels.

    Thanks so much for this recap!


    1. I’m glad I made you look at those scenes from a different direction, and that it helped to enjoy it a little better. 🙂

      I think the claustrophobia thing was the most stupid thing they ever done on the show. That was so useless and dumb. And completely unrealistic that Danny would leave his partner without back-up in a potential dangerous situation. They had no idea what was in the tunnel. Could have been a real bad guy, and not such a poor victim.


  4. It’s funny, as I commented the episode in our community I said nearly exactly the same about the whole claustrophobia thing. So stupid. What about Danny’s so important back up? I vote again for more Steve/Chin. Just because of safety reasons of course. 😉
    But there were so many scenes to love. I loved Max and Sabrina. Love that Billys death is not forgotten and has an impact on Cath. Love that Steve understands and of course, as a sailor and a SEAL he knows a lot about survivor’s guilt and the feeling of guilt in general. Love that Gracie was the evil mastermind behind the horrible crime against Dannys property. 😆
    And I love love the party bus scene. Real Buster Keaton slapstick. Including the appearance of: THE BOTTLE! *clack clack clack bang!* It would have been even better without the panties scene imho. No words needed. Look at Steve feeling really awkward. That face, hunched shoulders, cramped legs, even his heels aren’t on the ground. Hilarious!


    1. Of course, JUST for safety reasons. LOL – I would love to see mor Chin and Steve, they are great together.
      ROTFL – horrible crime against Danny. 🙂 That was so cute, him ranting about those soon to be hardened criminals, only to find out it was his own daughter. And her explanation was so cute.
      Steve in the party bus was the best scene. Really, how absolutely uncomfortable was he in that scene? LOVED it.
      I would love to see the filming of that scene. 😉


  5. Honestly, I pretty much loved the episode – especially after the expectations last week were so high and then….
    Yes, a couple of bumps in the road, but I don’t want to dwell on Danny’s “sudden” phobia or the lack of action. I enjoyed a lot of scenes soo much: Steve and Catherine, the party bus, Max and Sabrina, an outstanding Chin, cute Grace and Danno, guest stars DJ Qualls and Corbin Bernsen… I would even go as far as to give it a 4-5 rating overall, given the fun I (actually we!) had and the few writing glitches I have to complain about this week. I will definitely watch this one again (and again…) 🙂
    Oh and the beer… I shouted out an excited “That’s the beer I bought in Osaka” to hubby. I still have the two bottles and they made it home safe and sound – and now I will happily devour them soon 🙂


    1. Yes, absolutely. That is why it came close to a 5-rating. But just close. 😉
      Enjoy your two bottles. LOL
      Well, the claustrophobia thing really bugs me. I think it is so stupid and completely out of place. I think they sat there in the writing room and thought ‘oh, hey, let’s give Danno a phobia’, without even thinking about his behavior up to this point.
      There was no indication that he had any problems with small spaces.
      I’m sorry, but you can’t just decide to change your characters. Not if there were many situations where he had no problem. And if he suddenly develops claustrophobia, which can happen, you have to have it happen after a traumatic event. Like being trapped in an elevator for a day, or buried alive in a cave, something like that. Otherwise you don’t suddenly develop a phobia that keeps you from doing your job.
      And looking at it from that perspective, Danny is not fit to do his job. He left his partner without back-up! That nothing happened was only pure luck.
      Taking this seriously would mean Danny was no longer fit to work on the police force. That is what I meant about the writers not thinking this through.
      If Danny had a phobia like that he would never have made it into the academy. At least I highly doubt it. And he should no longer be allowed to work as an officer out in the field.
      What if Steve had gotten shot or otherwise hurt because Danny left him without back-up? (That is actually an interesting story idea for a small coda to the ep.) Just think about what could have happened.
      That is why I can’t overlook such writing, and that’s the reason this ep doesn’t get its five out of five.


  6. I forgot to comment on danny’s claustrophobia. How stupid was that? I’ll just shut up because I can’t even think of anything to say. I can only hope that this was a seed that they will refer to later.


  7. Oh, I absolutely hear you! Definitely bugged the hell out of me, but was willing to overlook this -for now- as I enjoyed the rest of the episode a lot. But you are right, this was handled poorly and leaves Danny in the position of not being a reliable partner for Steve if worse comes to worse. So I am curious if they will ever address this again, otherwise it would have been even more annoying an unbelievable if the writers just threw that into this episode as a little side story for Danny.
    We’ll see.

    Anyways, thanks again for the work you always put into your reviews, I enjoy them so much 🙂


  8. I finally had time to watch that episode and in my opinion it’s very good. I had a lot of fun watching it, I must admit my first thought after I saw Danny’s tree was Cokie’s story and even if Steve didn’t do that, I still had a goofy smile on my face lol.
    I also don’t buy that Danny is claustrophobic, that’s just not making any sense to me but I’m sure he is not going to be claustrophobic in next episodes, so I’ll just leave that topic.
    I don’t get why zombies are so popular in tv, that’s not even scary but I liked the idea of scopolamine making that doctor to behave like this( I’m pretty sure I had watched something similar in Blue Bloods), at least it was a logical explanation for his non-human behaviour.
    Small neck? For me it was weird that there was a fresh blood on that sheet, since she died two days before but that small neck was clearly visible for me too(it looked weird).
    Also liked the idea of Steve talking to Cath to find something to occupied her mind, that was sweet.
    I also waiting for more action, I like humour but I like action more ;- )


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