Checks Five-0h – Release 4.05


Here you go, let’s start with the voting.

Now let’s start with the episode review for 4.05 – Kupu’eu  – Fallen Hero

I think the expectations for this episode were almost as high as for 3.20, the episode that brought us the events that lead to the pilot and explained a lot about our SEAL. I also made the mistake to expect an equally epic episode, and was fairly disappointed. But let’s not jump the gun and try to forget what I expected and take a look at what the show actually gave us.

Maybe my verdict will be different at the end of this review than it was right after I watched the show for the first time. 😉


Again we start the show in Hong Kong with a glimpse into the Kono and Adam storyline. Nice for everyone who is interested in that part, which I am not. But I must say that they are using the material they shot before the hiatus to the best of their ability. Peter Lenkov tweeted the car chase was actually filmed in Hong Kong. Well, to be honest why that was necessary completely eludes me, because quite frankly those short scenes could have been filmed anywhere and none would have been the wiser. But fine.

I totally had to laugh when Kono wanted Adam to run and get out of there. Excuse me, Kono, but how did you expect him to run with guns on him? I thought that was just too stupid.

And one more thing if there was a hit on both Kono and Adam, (a) why didn’t they execute him right away, and (b) why didn’t they even look for Kono? Every idiot must have known she was still close by. Jeez, why do I even bother with this storyline? LOL


Okay, back to Hawaii and right into one of those exciting job details Billy promised Catherine. Yeah right, Billy-boy, seems to me you’re more a little private eye, than a security consultant firm. But Catherine handled that with humor and files it under experience. I thought their scenes were very cute, and seemed very natural. Even though it seems Billy had not a lot of experience, drinking so much water on a stake out? How stupid can one be? But of course as a trained SEAL he can hold it. LOL

And Cath I’m sure you’re right, the evidence was more than enough, but seemed that Billy-boy enjoyed the show too much. They could have been gone hours ago.

Just when they are ready to wrap up another car pulls up and a guy with a gun steps out. It is clear that Cath and Billy have to do something. Why on earth they didn’t call 911 right away is completely beyond me. That was extremely unprofessional, and that behavior will continue throughout the episode. But I will point that out every time. Not to worry. 😉


Before they even know it they are involved in a great firefight that ends with Cath taking a bullet to the arm and Billy fatally wounded. It was clear the second we saw the wound that he wouldn’t make it. That was without a doubt a fatal wound. No matter what Catherine did from that moment on, he didn’t have a chance to survive that.

But that brings me to the second very unprofessional behavior. They should have called for help before they even left the car, but after Billy got shot, she really should have called for help, call 911 or Steve. The ambulance could have met them halfway. She took the time to check on the victim as we learn later; she for sure had time to call an ambulance. Sure she was probably in shock, but that was gross negligent on her part. And she is a damn trained professional. But that is actually the difference between someone like Steve, trained for combat and staying calm in any situation, and someone like Catherine, highly trained, but NOT for combat. There is a huge difference. As we will see again later. BUT to make one thing clear, I do not blame Billy’s death on Cath, no matter if the ambulance had been called or not, Billy would have died anyway. But I think she is not ready to be out in the field like this, she is lacking training. Even the three tours in Kabul she did (she told us in 3.20) didn’t mean she ever saw combat or saw one of her friends getting killed. Like soldiers in combat did.

We see her racing to the hospital and Billy taking into the trauma room, and only then does she pass out.


I think it was really clear from the moment Billy was introduced to us that he wouldn’t be there for that long. I feared they would kill him off rather quickly. And I must say I’m a bit disappointed that they really went through with this easy way out. This is where I think the show missed its potential completely. Personally I think Billy never ever was a threat to Cath and Steve’s relationship, but he brought an interesting nuance to it, and I would have like to see more of that. I had hoped Billy would have realized that he had no chance with Cath and with his business in Hawaii and had moved on. Or he might have found a better position on the mainland and offered Cath a position there. The possibilities would have been endless. My question is what his purpose on the show really was? It couldn’t be because of Cath and Steve. His being on the show didn’t change anything between the two. They didn’t suddenly realize what they mean to each other, they knew all along and were in a really good place. Something both of them had said repeatedly in various episodes. They were obviously living together for a while now, so that also didn’t change.

The only thing I can come up with is that they needed him for Catherine to have a reason to leave the Navy and to have a job. But if that was the case, what is she going to do now? With Billy gone? She still needs a job. What I think would be a good thing, take her in to Five-0. But not out in the field, no, I was thinking along the lines of at what she’s best at. Intel and computer stuff. With her being behind the scenes, doing all the Intel gathering, and support the team in that way, it would give Kono (when she is back) more time with the boys out in the field. I think that would be a perfect solution. Cath could do something she’s really good at, and the four had great support from her. Of course she could go out on occasion, but I don’t want them to break up the teams as they are right now. Not on a permanent basis. But I also want Cath there.

I’m really looking forward to what they are going to do with her in the future.


“Before it was a classic, it was just old.” LOL, Joe, you are so right. Love it that Steve is still working on his dad’s old car. It seems to relax him, and a relaxed Steve is always a good thing.

I wonder what Joe is really up to. I do believe that he does care for Steve in his own twisted way, and wants to protect him. But he’s still doing it the wrong way. At least Steve by now knows that he can’t really trust him, or what he’s telling him. So, that is progress.

Steve at the Hospital waiting for Cath to wake up and then having to inform her that Billy didn’t make it are some of the best scenes with these two so far. Great emotional scenes.

I am a bit sad that Billy is gone, but I’m very glad that he was a good guy after all. He might have had ulterior motives for hiring Catherine, but at least he wasn’t a SEAL gone bad. I truly liked that Joe went and made sure the ME knew who that person on the table was that the ME was about to cut open. I think that was a very nice touch.



Okay, show, I understand that you can’t really stick a needle into your actors. And I don’t want you to, but please then don’t show us in such an obvious way that you really didn’t. This was really not necessary. That IV was clearly not inserted in Catherine. Please, next time, don’t show the ‘ripping’ out in such a non-effective way. Her skin was really flawless. Just saying.


I loved Cath and Steve cuddling on the bed. That was really sweet, but it was clear that it wouldn’t last long. Steve, Cath is right, you of all people had to understand that she couldn’t stay there. I wonder though why he hadn’t ask her sooner what had happened and had alerted HPD. What’s up with this not getting the police involved? Guys what took you all so long to get this investigation going? Why didn’t Steve at least call Chin, let him check out the crime scene? Why didn’t he send out HPD to take a look? That was a bit strange. UNLESS, not much time had passed since he told her about Billy’s death and he was just getting to finding out from her what had happened. The only explanation I have for the lack of action on Steve’s part.

Ah darn, the blue shirt is back. Was so nice to see that gray sweater. Sigh. Nice to see Duke. And of course there is no crime scene; at least it looks that way.

Of course CSU didn’t find any evidence except for some tire tracks at the cabin. Makes me wonder how many hours was Catherine unconscious? From a scratch to the arm no less. I mean as we see later that injury was really not serious. I thought none of that really fit together and was thought out by the writers. Quite a few plot holes in the first ten minutes alone. Normally I don’t watch Five-0 for the plot, but if it is too obviously that something simply doesn’t fit, well it’s a bit hard for me to look the other way. And this whole thing just didn’t really fit.

Interviewing the widow was not really helpful except for getting Cutler’s laptop.

Okay, guys, seriously, was I the only one who knew this was the guy? Could he have been any more obvious? Jeez. I guess it’s a good thing Chin didn’t see the looks he gave when Chin was interviewing the ‘companion’. If he had, I’m sure he would have arrested him right away.


Oh, there you are, Danny. It was a bit strange that Danny hadn’t been there so far, but I think they explained his absence pretty well with him being with Grace.

During the filming of this episode Scott Caan had been in LA to produce his new play. I think it is absolutely great that the show gives all of them the time off when they need it. If it is for an illness, for personal reasons or to produce a play, I think it’s great the show is able to accommodate their actors like that. In the long run it plays in all their favor. Happy actors are good actors. They can recharge or simply do something else for a short time.

And to be honest, Danny wasn’t really needed for this episode, so the timing was perfect. And to all the Danny fans, not to worry, I’m sure their screen time does balance itself out over the course of the season. Well, for sure not with Kono this season, but you know my opinion about her. But the same goes for her, she needs the time off, I think it’s great that she gets the opportunity.

Enough said about that, welcome Danny. Even though it was really just for a very short time. Next episode Steve and Danny will be back together. 😉


I really liked the Cath and Danny scene, even though I disagree and don’t want to see them working closely together. I think that would be very strange and awkward. Anyway, liked how sincere he was about her loss. And of course I liked that he also asked Steve how he was. He might have teased him mercilessly about Billy, but he also knows that they were buddies who had seen combat together. So, of course he asked how his friend was dealing with it. Nice move to show us how well they ALL work together.



Yeah, Danny, you wanna go for a ride? I guess Joe lost him on the back roads of Hawaii somewhere because Danny never came back. And what kind of DOD contact was Joe talking about anyway? One who lives on some kind of farm instead of having a nice office somewhere in Honolulu? Huh. Loved Danny’s “story of my life” about not driving.



So, Chin did find something out and they were able to trace the burner phone. Which was on the move; obviously in a car. So, we got a little car chase that ended with the arrest of a rather dumb car thief and with finding the dead Cutler.

I by the way loved it that they used Steve’s truck instead of the Camaro. The Camaro is reserved for Steve and Danny, so that was kind of great. Besides, I really like Steve’s blue truck.

Why is that blood still wet and red? It should be dry and rusty in color by now. He is in there for hours; no way that would still look like that. Okay, realist speaking here. 😉

Uh oh, Joe, don’t try to pull Danny into your scheme of betraying Steve. You better listen to Danny and come clean with Steve. I’m afraid this will backfire in a pretty big way along the road.


I confess I had already forgotten about Kono and Adam. Again. 🙂 But we got another glimpse of them, and Kono telling Chin that she won’t leave without Adam. Oh well.


You know, I really liked seeing Steve and Catherine working together like this. But when all the others are back, Danny and Kono, I want her to stay behind. Going through evidence, finding leads and stuff. Basically what she did in this episode, just without the being in the field part. I’m really warming up to that idea. Of course I bet I’m totally off with what Cath will be doing in future episodes.


So, Joe actually came through with his contact and found a great new lead. Maybe for that we can forgive him that he lost Danny somewhere in the woods. 😉

And we got our real first suspect. He was pretty slick and actually got a deal out of Five-0 for all his information and for giving back the evidence.

Can someone please tell where I know this actor from? I know I have seen him before, but I can’t figure out where.


Hopefully they will be able to get something from the rediscovered evidence.


Seriously? Steve still doesn’t have any kind of security for his house? It seems that everyone can just come and go as they please. Now Joe is breaking into his friend’s house? Not good.

I actually groaned out loud when he took the champ box out. Please don’t go back to that thing. Two years you forgot all about that, and now that you need some new ‘mystery’ you pull that out of the head again? That is lame. And you really wanna tell me that Steve did not take a real close look at all that stuff in there and didn’t find those numbers? Sure. Steve had probably listened to his father’s voice hundreds of times, changing the batteries at least once. And didn’t find the piece of paper? Oh, and one more thing. How the heck did Joe know where to look? This is really stupid.

I enjoyed the next scenes with Cath and Steve. Their scenes are always very natural, and there is an easy flow to them that I really like. They portray Catherine and Steve’s intimateness very well. They are completely at ease with each other, and I think that is one of their relationship’s greatest qualities.

Now we’re getting somewhere. They have a lead on the killer. They even have an address, so they are going to pay him a visit.

And here comes the next clue why I think Cath is not ready to work in the field. Her not reacting immediately to what Steve told her was again led by emotion. That is something that cannot happen out in the field. It almost felt like she didn’t want to get that man help. Yes, he killed her friend, but they needed him alive so they could get to the people behind the killing. Her freezing like that could get people killed. Was is understandable? Yes, of course. But it’s still not acceptable.

But of course I really like that the show portrays her in this very human way. And I really liked the whole take down with Chin, Cath and Steve. Even though it seems that Danny is still lost in the woods. 😉

It is Catherine who gives them their next lead thanks to her computer knowledge and Intel work she did for the Navy. I’m telling you she would be a great asset for that kind of work for Five-0. 😉

LOL – really, Andrew the assistant was it? That had been my first thought back when I saw him, but I never thought I would be right about that. It was so easy and obvious. But okay.

Is anyone really interested in who that guy was Joe visited or what he learned from him? Well, to tell the truth, I’m not. I’m not thinking about Doris or Wo Fat anymore. When they come back, fine, if not, also okay. So, that part of the show is really of no interest to me.


Okay, do we really care if a funeral like this wouldn’t really happen in this way? Do we care that Billy wouldn’t get this kind of funeral, on a ship no less, since he wasn’t even in the Navy any longer? No, we don’t. Because this was a great send off for Billy. I truly enjoyed it and I’m very happy that the Navy is helping out the show in such a big way. And I think it’s great that the show shows their respect to the Navy and all armed forces. So, let’s just ‘enjoy’ it.

Just as a bit of information, everyone in uniform, except for the cast members, which I think in those scenes, was only Alex, were actual Navy.

People wondered why Cath and Joe weren’t in uniform while Steve was. That is easy; Joe and Cath are no longer in the Navy. Steve is. He is still in the reserves, and could be activated at any time. Actually, in RL Steve had to go active for one year after five years in the reserves. So, unless Steve had made a different deal with the Navy he spends one weekend a month with the Navy, also a couple of weeks a year on reserve drills, and after next season he should be gone for a year. Just kidding here, but that is pretty much what would happen with a guy who switched to the reserves. But of course in RL you couldn’t just decide to go from active duty to the reserves like Steve did in the pilot. But hey, this is TV not RL.



If you liked the funeral, you probably loved the wake. At least I did. That was wonderful. But please, Steve, let it rest. Don’t go after your mother. She will come back when she’s ready. And if she does come back, cuff her to the chair in the blue room and don’t let her go until we have all the answers so we can get this over and done with once and for all.



So, what is my verdict after my initial disappointment?

I think this is the weakest episode yet, but with some of the best scenes of the season in it. So, the verdict is a really tough one.

I was disappointed that Billy is gone in such an easy way. That was a too short and easy way out for my taste.

I was also disappointed about the Kono and Adam storyline. I thought it was picking up last week and might hold my attention, but that didn’t happen.

And I was hugely disappointed about the case of Billy’s murder. That was really weak and lame.

I was even more disappointed that they took out the darn champ box again. Really groaning here.

On the other hand, I really liked the beginning and the actual shooting of Billy. I loved every scene with Cath and Steve, and with Cath, Chin and Steve. This really worked for me.

I thought the funeral and the wake was done with great respect to the Navy and everyone who serves or did so in the past. That were scenes I truly enjoyed.

So, after long and hard thinking about this episode it made its way from just two out of five to actually 4 out of 5. That is maybe a little bit too much, but since I don’t have 3 and a half I settle on 4 rather than on 3.

So, there you have it, even a show with disappointing elements in it can make it in the end.


All screenshots were done by me. Credit to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

Oh, and please do us all a favor, if you vote for just one or two badges tell us why. Voice your opinion. I for one would really like to know.

15 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.05

  1. I read your review every week but here’s my first comment.
    I loved it! Even though I’m not okay with everything, the way you’re writing is actually making me laugh. I really loved the part about Joe losing Danny, I was wondering the same thing 🙂

    Steve, Cath, Chin and Danny are making a good team. It would have been even better with Kono, I really want her to come back because I’m tired of her storyline. I know Grace can’t be here and I’m happy they found a way to keep her on the show, but there’s absolutly nothing new happening from an episode to another so I’m losing interest.

    I loved that episode, yeah the writers did some mistakes, not calling 911, Cath being unconscious for hours, Steve who never saw the paper… but I choosed to forget everything and so I really enjoyed watching the episode.


  2. Hello, to answer your question, the guy they question, Larry Poindexter, he played the bad guy, flirting with Sarah MacKenzie and then stalking her later, and was killed off! He’s a weasel in that J.A.G. Not very good here either 😉

    Like your review. Question why is Steve trying to stop Catherine from leaving the hospital, Catherine couldn’t stop Steve from going into North Vientnam to get Freddie. They are good for each other!

    I loved the wardrobe in this episode. Love it, love it. I agree storyline was a bit off, but I think most were watching for the eyecandy and romance 🙂

    But I agree, I miss the whole team together! but we can’t have it all, all the time!


  3. I was also wondering why the shooter had the same stomach wound as Billy, but lasted a whole lot longer. Weird. And I agree about Cath doing the computer work and intel stuff so Chin and Kono can be in the field more. That would totally work for me.

    Great recap! Thanks!


    • Yeah, I wondered how that guy lasted so long. Guess on TV a lot is possible. 🙂
      Cath being on the team but mostly behind the scenes would work for me just perfectly. I hope something like that will happen.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. Good episode in my opinion, I was little disappointed but generally it wasn’t so bad lol. I wanted Billy off the show but that wasn’t the good way for him to go, so rather than happy I was actually sad and Cath was not in the game obviously( I was very surprised when she was driving with wounded Billy in the passenger seat whole way to the hospital) she was little off with her behaviour( that wound didn’t look so serious to cause lost of counciousness). I must say I like the scene in the hospital, Steve should wear more “normal” clothes also that IV was bordering me, I always wonder why they using that kind of sticking plaster, I always had the white whith little holes so it’s easier to reap it off when need it. The one they using in tv look like a lot of pain to me( I know what I’m saying, my arms doesn’t tolerate IV’ for more than 3 days) at least Cath didn’t need it for longer that couple of hours but still that didn’t look painless.
    Joe didn’t disarmed the alarm in Steve’s house(don’t remember him doing that), for me it was strange that he didn’t took that paper earlier, obviously he knew where to look and yep, he definitely should say the truth to Steve because he is not going to stop looking for answers.
    Also Joe and Danny in one car was funny thing to watch 😉
    I just wonder why Kono always talking with Chin through the satellite phone, I think every time she is in the episode she is talking with him. Only Chin knows their number or what, those scenes for me are boring lately.

    Sorry for lot of negative comments in this post, I do enjoyed this episode 😉

    Voted “good”


  5. As always, love your perspective on the episode. Yeah, I was a little disappointed, mostly because of what I had envisioned in my head (which I try very very hard not to do – it never ends well). I don’t know what happened with the whole Billy storyline – but it seemed to:
    1) end way too soon: – To me its a wasted opportunity. I know that not everyone wants to see this storyline, but it never really developed. It did give is some terrific scenes between Alex and MB, so I do appreciate it, but it seemed undeveloped to me.
    2) The whole COTW was just weak. I agree with Cath – Billy died for THIS? Unrequited love (OK, yeah – I get the little parallel there, but its weak) It would have been a much better story if the red herring was the mistress/assistant and the actual crime was the industrial espionage story.
    3)The minor actors – Oh lordy, they were bad. The mistress and her assistant were so distractingly bad that it took me right out of the story!

    Anyway – back to what I loved – Catherine barely keeping it together throughout the episode – MB really REALLY impressed me with her acting there. And comcerned Steve at the hospital – you can see that, if the roles were reversed, the conversation would have gone the same exact way – these two “get” each other so well.

    So, like you, I give it a “good” – mostly for the character interactions and not for the COTW.

    Good job Sam!


  6. ok, I will try this again… I gave this an OK vote, which is middle of the road. There were so many GOOD scenes in it, but then I waffled back to MISSING ITS POTENTIAL, which I feel happened; therefore an OK vote. Scenes of Steve waiting for Catherine to wake up in the hospital were wonderful. Some of the best I’ve seen and when he told her that Billy was gone, that was just perfect.

    And here is my problem… I didn’t like Billy. I thought he was trouble from the minute I laid eyes on him. But, it seemed he was there to cause some friction between Cath and Steve. And that would have been good to make them realize what they had with each other. I was expecting some confrontation and some angst. But before Billy’s character is used at all (other than a few side glances from Steve), Billy is dead. Kaput. Over.

    There was a great opportunity for character growth by utilizing Billy. Didn’t happen and I really think it just fell flat.

    Now… my other problem. All that stake out, killings, run around… and Billy was killed because of unrequited love??? Really? That is so lame. I sat there with my mouth open when I realized where they were going with that. And yes, the assistant was squirrelly acting from the beginning, so I knew he had something to do with it. Just didn’t realize why.

    Now… Cath driving Billy to the hospital just made NO sense at all. Cath passed out and then woke up and Steve didn’t bother even asking what was going on? Made no sense.

    Danny showing up after being called back to work from wherever he was with Grace? Only to not work after that? Made no sense at all. I like your idea… Joe lost him somewhere in the neverlands. Although Danny may have decided to walk back instead of getting beaten up with Joe’s shocks. And another question… Joe lives in Montana on a ranch. Why is his car in Hawaii???

    Didn’t pay much attention to what was happening in Hong Kong, or China, or Japan, or wherever Kono is now. Be done with it. Either come back to Hawaii or quit calling in.

    Joe… really, you’re going to continue lying to Steve? Just be done with it all. Now… WHY is that dang Champ box back in the garage with ALL of the stuff back in it? Shouldn’t it at least be evidence for something??? I would keep it in a safer place than the garage.

    And who the heck was the man Joe went to see (the one he ‘surprised’ in his living room… with the man’s family asleep in the house)??? I mean, come on, if this guy was CIA or a government agent, don’t you think he would have had better security on his house??? I don’t buy it.

    Lot of holes in this one. Lots of stuff to like though. But I have to say, for me, it was the weakest episode of the new season. I guess because I had high expectations and was let down.

    Now, my fingers are crossed that this time, this posts to the website because I don’t think I can remember it all a third time!!! 🙂


    • Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember it a third time. 😉

      I completely agree with you, there were so many holes in this story. It all felt very rushed. I have no idea why they even bothered with Danny. Why calling him in and not using him. Would have been better if they simply explained he had been with Grace on the mainland. Period.

      And the time spend on Kono and Adam is wasted screen time in my eyes. That story is going nowhere at the moment.

      And don’t even start with that stupid champ box.

      And I agree overall it was the weakest episode, but I still gave it a good rating because of the many great scenes in it. But still an episode where the fastforward button comes in handy.


  7. I know I’m late, but wanted to poke my head in, too.
    After watching the episode again it’s still a big “uhmmmmm”….
    Oh well…
    I was so thrilled after watching the preview over and over again and unfortunately I also have to say my anticipations were quite high. I can’t say that I was totally disappointed but it definitely didn’t live up to my hopes, well actually my expectations.
    I can only agree with pretty much you and Cokie, who sat down and listed basically all the potholes. I think I came across even some more, but let’s not go there. The writing simply wasn’t great here – to put it mildly. This episode would have had so much potential, but there were so many things that just did not make sense that it ruined the flow and awesomeness for me.
    I LOVED the Cath and Steve scenes, these two actors are wonderfully around each other and so believable. I used to love Kono but her storyline makes no sense to me anymore and I also find myself wishing that Cath will take over Kono’s job at
    5-0. Since Billy is gone (now why was he there in the first place?) and Cath is unemployed this sounds like a good idea. I don’t know what Peter and team have planned for Grace Park but they better work something out soon. Otherwise our formerly beloved Kono is all but forgotten because she simply doesn’t fit into the team anymore.
    I still enjoyed the episode, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped. However I agree with your overall ranking. The Steve and Cath scenes topped everything and so did the wake – fantastic farewell to a also highly decorated former SEAL and a wonderful tribute to the men and women who serve. I am thrilled that the Navy (or armed forces on Hawaii in general) always support our show to the fullest.

    I am looking forward to next week. But I am still waiting for an outstanding episode and hope that the wait won’t be too long.


    • Always happy to read your input. 🙂 And I couldn’t agree more. Perfectly said.

      I thought 4.01 was outstanding, but none of the others of season 4 have been so far. So, guess we just wait and hope. I’m sure there will be a lot of other episodes that will be really great.


  8. Huh? I never commented? I thought I did. Weird.
    I’ll make it short, though, this episode is history by now, lol…
    I love that Billy is gone. I didn’t want another problem for Steve. There are enough and he needs some stability in his life. And that is Cath. Alex and Michelle rocked their scenes. I know there are people having problems with MB. I don’t care, she’s an actress and she did a damn fine job here.
    And now:
    I love that the champ box is back! REALLY! I was squealing with glee, I swear. I missed it. The secrets, the mystery is back. *sigh* MY champ box is back. *happy dance*
    If I remember right I voted GOOD. The Steve/Cath scenes did it for me. And don’t forget: I’m a McKono fan. Hard times, I know! 😆


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