4×10 spoilers

Peter Lenkov and Larry Teng shared a lot of pictures from filming episode 4.10 on twitter with us.

It looks really great, I just hope that there will still be plenty of Five-0 in it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this will be another spectacular episode, I’m just not too keen on watching a flashback episode with none of the main actors in it. So, I hope they will balance it out well. Knowing them though, they probably will.

They are almost done filming 4.10 as Larry Teng told today.

410 teng1

4-10 001

And here are the pics Peter Lenkov shared on twitter. Thanks to the boss for always being so kind and to post little teasers from editing and filming.

3 thoughts on “4×10 spoilers

  1. No need for 5-0 as long as there’s a lot Steve in it! 😉
    I’m curious how they combine past and present, though I’m a little bit disappointed that Alex does not play Steve’s grandfather too. I tought they would do that. I remembered the Moonlight Episode OOTP, maybe that was it…
    But I’m really looking forward to this special episode.


    • I didn’t like the flashbacks on Moonlight. Not the ones with Caroline nor the ones back in WWII.
      Not sure if I wanted AOL to play Steve’s grandfather, that would have been a bit strange.
      But as I said, I’m sure this will be a great episode.


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