Checks Five-Oh – Release 4.04

FI 4-04

As always let’s start with the vote

4.04 – A ia la aku – From this Day Forward

or ‘Good Bye Wimp – Hello, Adam‘!

I don’t know who that wimp was, who was running around pretending to be Adam the last couple of episodes, but am I glad ‘my’ Adam of the old days is back. I just hope they will not again break character and forget that he grew up to be the boss of the Yakuza. He doesn’t need little Kono to protect him. Adam had always been a man knowing what to do, knowing how to lead a bunch of Yakuza, and suddenly he was this wimp who hid behind Kono’s skirt? I’m sorry, but that was SO out of character that it was ridiculous. I’m very happy they remembered who Adam is. Thank you, show, for remembering that and giving us Adam back.


I had no doubt he would get all the information they needed.

This was the first time that I liked the Kono/Adam scenes and didn’t find them boring. Keep that up show and I will even be interested in how this storyline resolves.

We leave Adam and Kono behind for a while to do their thing, and focus on the crime of the week. Even though it was not clear what that even was at this point in the episode. Why was the bride killed? (I know she wasn’t, but we didn’t know that back then) And why was she in the car alone? We’ll come to that soon.

Again a nice action scene with crashing yet another car. All those action scenes on Five-0 are looking really good. I think one of the reasons is not only to have great stunt coordinators and a great stunt crew, but mostly they are filming on ‘real’ streets. That is what I really love about Hawaii Five-0, besides another bunch of stuff of course. I’m so tired of shows filming purely on sets. The worst is NCIS. Their ‘outside’ scenes are almost unbearable to watch. But that is another show and not what we’re talking about today. So, back to the scene. Thank you, show, for not letting this car go up in flames. Another little pet peeve of mine, exploding cars, just because they are in an accident of some kind. Cars do not explode that easily.


So, next we see what happened earlier that day. Preparations for a big wedding are on the way. Personally I thought that was all a bit long and we could have easily cut out a minute or so. But okay. Of course the wedding doesn’t even happen, the bride runs away and ends up dead. At least that is what we should think at this point.

Double date for our boys. Romantic comedy? Really, ladies, you made your boyfriends sit through that at the movies? No wonder they were chatting away. I can totally relate to them. Very few of those movies I could ever enjoy. Steve’s words are a little harsh, but he’s not that far off.

One thing though, these two guys are the worst movie goers you can have while trying to watch a movie. Eating popcorn through the whole film, or worse constantly unwrapping candy bars or other snacks, chatting away about the movie or whatever comes into their heads, and then to top it all off getting a phone call. Such people should be banned from the movies. J

Loved Catherine’s reaction of embarrassment that her moron was one of those annoying people. Very cute. And Gabby, keep the running commentary for the DVD release. Nice one.

But I’m pretty sure they all had fun, in their own twisted way. Steve, why don’t you listen to me when I tell you to turn off your phone when with Catherine? It will ring, darn it.

Now the case is getting interesting with a totally different victim. A guy from the wedding; shot in his hotel room.


Welcome Chin. Our three guys start their investigation, first with Max giving the usual information, and with Chin telling what they already knew about their victim.


And Danny is still giving us the speech why any wedding is a bad idea; to the other’s amusement.

Now the case got even more interesting. The victim had nothing to do with the wedding. At least not at first glance. I think they were building a rather nice COTW, one that was not really clear after five minutes. I liked it.

Getting closer to the reason why Dalia fled the wedding. Good work, boys.


And we again could enjoy a few postcards from Hawaii.



Okay, here comes my first complaint, but it’s not about the episode. No, it’s about Global. Really guys, you were so great airing the show without any logo or any ads. And now what are you doing? Was that really necessary? Seriously though, I’m happy to get H50 from Global, or CBS for that matter, but find these ads more than annoying.


We all have our secrets, and of course Dalia is not the exception. Assuming that the fiancé knew everything about his fiancé was a bit naïve, but I actually liked it that he thought she must have a reason to run. And that she didn’t run from him. I saw a happy ending coming, even though I wondered if she was still alive, after that crash and then being pushed down the embankment. The odds were surely against her.


I might complain about Danny quite often, sometimes loudly, sometimes just a little, but believe me I always enjoy the two boys together in the car. Lock them in there and you will be entertained for hours on end. And this episode wasn’t any different. The first cargument was not really between Steve and Danny, but rather between Danny and Gabby. And can I just say that I loved Gracie on the phone? Teilor Grubbs has come a long way. I’m still remembering her very wooden scenes in the first and partly second season. But she got better over time, and now it’s a joy to watch her. She is still not a master at her craft, but on a very good way and doing a good job. And thankfully she has better scenes now. It’s always great to see her.

Danny, pulled up to a crime scene? LOL But he’s right, Steve, keep driving and you will probably find one. 🙂

Now Five-0 is doing their usual thing and bringing in their first suspect. I do have a question at this point. Don’t you also think it is kind of ridiculous how many people, not just on this crime show, but in general, fly using a fake ID? I mean, come on, can you buy them at Wal*Mart? My question is how realistic is that? How many people DO use a fake ID for all kinds of things, not just flying around the country?

Oh jeez, forget about this question. You need a new ID? Well, go here 

It’s not Wal*Mart but just as easy. Unbelievable. Oh, and I had a good laugh at the small print. We are not an issuing authority of any governmental entity or agency that is authorized to issue official identification documents, means of official identification, or authentication features. Any original designs are sold for novelty, commemorative, celebratory, commemoratory, dedicatory, in memory, in remembrance, memorial, observing as a memento, or for a collection or exhibit, for decorative purposes, for a dramatic presentation, such as a theater, film, or television production or for any other recreational, souvenir or amusement purpose, and is not an authentication feature issued by or under the authority of any government, and not for any legal or official purpose.

Really, not official? Who would have thought.




At least their suspect brings them a little closer to solving the murder of the mystery guy.

Interesting, second time in a row that Germany was involved in some way. Is that supposed to mean anything? Pretty stupid fake badge they created for the German police. LOL They could have done better than that. 😉 And I would have loved to see one of those German files. But they were great in using the metric system while showing the people’s height. Nice touch to detail, even though the scale was totally off. According to their scale Dixon’s head goes from 100 to 180, which are 80 cm, and that are 2ft 7 ½ in. Since he’s only 6ft in total, he would be quite a sight. 😉

The 100 should be around his hip somewhere, not at his neck. Actually a pretty stupid mistake.


Anyway, now we learn who the bride really is. But is she really just after the money? The romantic in me hoped this would work all out in the end. But I was still weary if she was even alive.


And on their way to the poor groom, Danny is at it again. And I loved this cargument, because it showed perfectly how very different Steve and Danny are. Danny doesn’t want to tell Gabby not to take the job because he fears she would resent him in the end. And he doesn’t want to tell her to take the job, because he would be miserable without her. Steve on the other hand told Cath to take the job because he didn’t want her to miss out on a great opportunity. One selfish idiot and one noble idiot. These two are perfect for each other. Even though I would clearly pick the noble idiot. At least he had my interests in mind and not his own. Noble Steve.

Now we get another little peek into the Adam/Kono storyline. (These scenes were all filmed before the hiatus. They are doing a pretty good job stretching out the use of their material) I hope Adam will step up his game and show them what he is made of. I really like this side of Adam. Love the bad boy in him. Hope we will keep him.


That was probably not an easy visit to tell them about Dalia’s real ID. I loved it that the mother in law was very atypical and on the side of her future daughter in law. That was very nice and refreshing. I really liked the mother. And I think it was pretty clear that the lawyer had something to do with all that. Full background check on Dalia, and not discovering this? That would never happen.



And I loved it that Steve went to talk to Nathan. He seemed to have a connection or at least an understanding with him.



Okay, I don’t know how many of you had been on a motorbike, but riding like this is just ridiculous. And this time I’m not even talking about the stupidity of riding a bike without a helmet. No, now he’s not even wearing glasses? Come on, who is coming up with this crap? His eyes would be watering and burning in no time. No one rides a bike without proper eyewear. This is getting more stupid by the minute. AND when the hell will he be pulled over for not wearing a helmet? Lukela do you job!


And now here are my favorite scenes. Danny is enjoying himself way too much. But this time I’m with you, Danny. I’m enjoying Steve’s contained jealousy also very much. Even though he has nothing to worry about. Catherine will not fall for this idiot. I’m sorry, but that scene with him keeping the car warm, and calling himself ‘Big Kahuna’ and Cath ‘Little Wing’? That boy is simply stupid with a capital S. Seems to me he desperately tries to play in the big boy’s sand box. Sorry, Billy-boy, but you are light years from their level. And no chance in hell any woman with half a brain wouldn’t see right through you. And I think even dense Steve realized that his former buddy isn’t so honorable after all.

And the following flirting and teasing in the office was even better. Come on, nobody thought that he was serious of not helping out? Of course he would jump through every hoop Cath asked him to hop through. I loved this part of the show. And please tell me is that a Klingon sword on Steve’s desk? 😉

Now came a scene I found rather amusing. Chin found the car accident victim. I found it amusing that he passed the skid marks on the road and the broken rail, not to mention the disturbed shoulder before, but stopped at the skid marks behind the curve. Weren’t the other hints not obvious enough, Chin? 😉

I was very happy that the bride was still alive. The happy end was possible again.




The groom was understandably upset, the mother in law very understanding, and Five-0 after some information.

I always find it a waste of time to show us scenes twice, but on the other hand, Five-0 does need to get the information in some way. So I guess it’s okay to show a bit of the accident again.




What I find really refreshing about all the CSI mambo jambo on Five-0 is that it is all so simple. Not the high tech stuff like on other shows. Just the simple information, maybe a little animated, and that’s it.


So, now we know the brother tried to kill the sister. But who killed him then?

But our clever boys figured that out rather quickly. Good job, boys.


I knew right away that Five-0 was using her to get a confession out of that slimy lawyer. Loved it that she worked with them, and he got caught. And can you believe it, all this just for some small change. Not even for the big money. For that he didn’t have the balls. What a pathetic loser.

Aww, I loved Steve the romantic; trying to get the two back together. That was pretty sweet, and I was very happy with this happy end for the two of them. Everyone deserves a second chance. Come on, Danny, be happy for them.

Okay, now I really need help with the next scenes. Is Gabby now out of the picture? She’s going to take the job, right? Did they just split up? But why did she say Hawaii might be her home as well soon? Maybe I’m dense, but couldn’t they found clear words, like, this is it? LOL Sorry, but I really don’t know if they are still together or not. If I had to I’d go with… not?

What I really found very sad was Danny saying that back in the beginning of season 2 he still had no reason to like his stay in Hawaii; that he really, really hated being there. I think that’s very sad for his friends who let him into their life, shared their life and even home with him. But Danny hated all of it. Very sad indeed.



I really enjoyed all the endings. Yeah, I do believe this episode had more than one. I really liked that they brought every storyline to a conclusion.

And I loved the ending with Cath and Steve. That was very sweet. And don’t tell me Billy-boy is not after Steve’s girl. That little rat. But I predict that Billy-boy will be out of the picture soon. Mark my words.

And can I take it that Catherine really does live with Steve now? She clearly has a key to his house.

Absolut great music during the whole episode. Kudos to whoever was responsible to pick those songs.


I truly enjoyed this episode. It had a solid case, great scenes with Danny and Steve, great team scenes, even good Adam and Kono stuff. Also again wonderful scenes with Cath and Steve. And I liked Danny in this one.

For me this was a really good episode, but the awesome is reserved for something a little bit ‘more’. So, this one gets four out of five.


All screenshots were done by me. Credit to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

18 thoughts on “Checks Five-Oh – Release 4.04

  1. Loved your review. What can I say – spot on! This time I agree wholeheartedly 🙂
    Oh, about your feeling that Billy will be gone soon – yes, just what I think. Peter will not let this be the “Billy and Catherine show” though some are afraid of this. I am not. I trust him and his team not to put too much weight on Billy’s character. I have the feeling that they just needed him to justify Cath’s leave from the Navy and smoothly transfer over to her next job as a civilian.
    Have you seen the promo for next week? Somehow I think that this might be Billy’s last episode already…


  2. Great review, Sam! I agree with all your points! Concerning Danny (you expected this, right?) I don’t anticipate seeng Gabby again. I’m pretty sure that story arc is finished. Danny might be selfish in a lot of ways, but he still puts his daughter first. His sentiments toward Hawaii have evolved over the course of three + years and he made it clear to Gabby that Hawaii IS now his and Grace’s home and he is at a different place in his life than Gabby is. She’s an up and coming museum curator in high demand and thus needs to be free to move around a lot. Danny is ready for permanance in his relationships – at least for Grace’s sake, plus…he would miss Steve! To give Gabby credit, she realized what Danny was saying with her comment that their timing as a couple was just way off.Yes, she said maybe someday she’d be ready to call Hawaii home, but I think that was just a nice way to say good-bye, but don’t necessarily leave the lights on. The sad this for me is that in S2, Danny held back from introducing Gabby to Grace because he was afraid that this exact thing would happen! He might be silly and aggrevating most of the time, but he does have a great sense of intuition.

    I liked the COTW enough, but it didn’t quite compare with last week’s story, at least, for me.Next week is going to be a humdinger for sure! I have a feeling, though, we won’t be discussing the pros and cons of Mr. Williams much, as I believe this episode was filmed primarily while Scott was in SoCal producing his new play.

    Thoroughly enjoy your blog, Sam!


    • Absolutely, Danny evolved quite a lot over the years. And that is the reason why I mostly like him now. Well, as much as I can. LOL

      I think it’s really great that the show is flexible enough to give their actors time off when they want it, or need it. I’m sure that is not the case with every show.
      I’m curious if Danny/Scott won’t be much in this episode, and if not how they wrote him out of it.

      Well, if we’re not discussing Danny next week, I’m sure there is still enough there to talk about.

      Thank you for your comment, it’s always good to hear from you.


  3. I gave this a “good” rating as well. Lots of good parts, but just didn’t have that ZING to make it awesome. I’m quite ready for Kono and Adam to either come back or leave totally. I didn’t miss them at all last week, sad to say. As for Danny, I think he pretty much broke up with Gabby for Grace’s sake. Not that there aren’t a lot of feelings there and if she came back saying she missed him, I think he would welcome her… if she intended to stay. But it doesn’t seem that she is ready to settle down.

    As for Catherine, I do believe they are cohabiting. Actually Alex said so in one of the interviews early this year. Now, here’s a question. Why can’t she drive to work without having Bossman Billy pick her up at Steve’s house? That boy is just weird and the sooner he is gone, the better. Although I would still like Steve to send him packing, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

    The cotw was nice, some parts I didn’t predict, which I like, the scene with Cath and Steve in his office was great, the carguments were good, although Danny just can’t make up his mind about things, the surprise wedding was nice, and Steve and Cath on the end was great. And then Steve had to look up and see that Billy Boy had been there the whole time, watching them… or watching Cath. I don’t trust that scoundrel!


    • I didn’t want to mention it in the review, but I don’t miss Kono one bit. And no, that doesn’t have anything to do with me not liking Kono anyway. Only with that they really don’t need her there. What was her job again? Sorry, but Five-0 runs smoothly and perfect with just the three boys. Which I really love. For all I care the character doesn’t need to come back.
      I know she will be back, and that is fine too, but really, I don’t see any need for her at Five-0.
      Yes, Alex said in an interview at SOTB that Steve and Cath are living together. It really seems like she gave up her house.
      And I totally agree with you about her getting picked up by Billy-boy. Don’t they have an office where they can meet? And did he say, ‘pick you up tomorrow night’? Don’t they have people who work the night shift? Are they the only people in his ‘privat security firm’?
      I predict he will be gone this Friday. 😉
      I don’t trust Billy-boy one bit. That guy is creepy. And I’m sure he has something up his sleeve. Who knows what he is up to. Why did he pick Honolulu to open his firm? Something is not right with that boy.
      We’ll see next week, I’m sure.
      Nope, Danny can’t make up his mind. What is stupid when others do it, is right when he does it. Danny is the classic example for double standard. Steve using a grenade to open a door? A stupid maniac who should be institutionalized. Him putting a live grenade into another man’s hand? Ingenious. The list is endless. But I told myself I’m not going down that road this season. And so far I didn’t. …. Much. LOL


  4. Great review Sam!!! You and I share the same viewpoint on so many things. Sadly, I don’t really miss Kono either, and Adam hasn’t been interesting to me since he took that phone call from his father in season two.

    I loved your take on the carguments – and how different Danny and Steve are regarding their girlfriends. Yes, they are both idiots in some regards, but Dannys concerns center around himself and Steves concerns center around Catherine.

    Chin riding the motorcycle – his hair had to have been seriously shellac’d! It didn’t move! I checked online and as far as I can tell, Hawaii doesn’t require helmets for riders over the age of 18. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, just that I guess TPTB are taking that and using it to their advantage, making it easier to see Chin’s face…. I thought it was funny that he parked his motorcycle in the middle of the road.

    Billy, ugh. I love that he has been the impetus for giving us a glimpse into the depth of Steve’s feelings for Cath. I’ve mentioned other places that I like seeing this because – as much as I love the action and whatnot, it gets a little old seeing McG clear a room or interrogate someone over and over and over each week. Seeing happy, flirty, suspicious, wary Steve is a treat for me.

    I don’t think that Billy is pure evil, I think that we are supposed to distrust him – because we have seen the way he passive-aggressively pushes Steve’s buttons. Next week will be interesting!

    Again – loved the review! Great screencaps (even with the annoying “Bomb Girls” ad – 😉


    • Really, they don’t have to wear a helmet in Hawaii? Well, I guess their roads are softer then. 😉
      I think Chin was riding his bike in one episode with a helmet, at least I remember a scene where he pulled up at HQ or Kono’s place, not sure, and took off his helmet and placed it on the tank. Need to think about what episode that was.

      Yes, from that perspective I LOVE Billy. He brings such interesting things out in Steve. Love that. But I hope they won’t drag it out for too long. It would be unbelievable and kind of ridiculous if that boy really managed to get between these two.

      Thanks for the compliment, glad you liked my little recap of the episode.


      • I know – no helmet law, crazy right? In the late 60’s the federal government tried to make states have helmet laws or they would withhold federal highway funds. That was repealed in the late 70’s. 19 states require helmets for everyone and 3 states have no helmet laws whatsoever.

        Haha – totally unrealistic for Billy to turn Catherine’s eye! Love that.

        And, forgot to add – thanks for the pingback to the Rap Sheet! ❤


  5. Great checks but for me this episode was boring with 3-4 exceptions and happy ending, also music was very good. I just couldn’t get into that story, everything was good and etc but for me something was not right with it, or I simply have seen too many romantic movies and now it’s just another silly story for me when I watch them in tv shows or on the big screen(waiting for Thor, superheroes that’s my thing and lot of action). I must admit that Chin riding bike without a helmet or glasses it’s very stupid and reckless, do they even have one in this show…
    Another not very good aspect of this episode is Billy, I still think that he wants Cath and that’s not good, and I think Steve realised that too. Just let him go back to Greys Anatomy, he is doing a good job there LOL.
    I enjoyed a scene with Gracie and Gabby, Danny can’t do a good pancakes, good thing Gabby is close by heh, I really like her but I’m with Danny on this one, there always will be another offer and that’s not good for Grace and probably not for him too, but I would love to see that they are trying to make it work. Also I want to know what the crew is puting on Kono’s hair, they look funny to me, also I’m glad that Adam “the not wimp” is back.
    I voted for ok.


    • Voting okay is perfectly fine.

      Why do you say this was like watching a romantic movie? Do you mean the stories about Steve/Cath and Danny/Gabby, or the mystery about the wedding? Well, if you mean our two boys, then I can’t agree, I love seeing a bit of their personal lives. And the wedding stuff was not really about the romance but about the drama of their crimes.

      BUT I totally agree with you that I LOVE the action on Five-0. That is really great and was a little missing in this one. But we had plenty of action already this season and I’m sure it will be back next episode.

      But as I said everyone sees an episode differently, and that’s okay. I think Five-0 has something for everyone, and sometimes we just have to focus on the little things to like an episode.

      Thank you for commenting. It is always interesting to learn what others think about an episode.


      • I was talking about Dalia and her fiancé but I understand the confusion lol.
        Well, I don’t mind a little romance but I didn’t like this one they showed in that episode( nope, I don’t have any logical explanation why I don’t like it), it simply didn’t clicked for me and I don’t know why…
        One more thing, Steve has a very sweet garden 😉
        Time for Frugo lol


  6. Great and very interesting recap as always! I love your description of Danny and Steve: selfish idiot and noble idiot! Exactly! I take the noble idiot all the time, because he cares about and trusts. He trusts Cath but distrusts Billy. That’s a great difference. And Danny was preaching water and drinking vine. Again.
    But I disagree that Adam was no longer a wimp. Beating and torturing a man who is tied up to a chair does not make him brave or heroic. But I don’t think he ever was. For me, he always was a wimp, no real ‘man’ ties his girlfriend up and gags her with duct tape. I really don’t like him. I think Kono made a terrible choice, especially knowing what was in front of her every day. *sigh* Stupid woman! 😆
    I’m looking forward for Kono coming back, hopefully without Adam. I love her interactions with Steve and their being badass together.
    My favorite scene in this episode was Steve’s “this is the most *munchmunch* unrealistic *munchmunchmunchgigglerasp* movie I’ve ever seen”. You could feel the fun Alex has playing the lighthearted version of Steve.
    And now I have a serious problem, lol. I want to vote Good, but I voted Good for the last episode (just because of Danny, damn him, actually the episode was pretty awesome) what was better in my eyes. And what do I do now? Do you feel my pain 😉 ?


    • I don’t see Adam as a good or heroic man. Oh my goodness, NO. Absolutely not. But they found his character again. He is not that guy who hides behind a skirt, he is a brutal and ruthless person who knows what to do in such a situation. He was brought up to be the head of the Yakuza. But he is neither good nor heroic.
      And tying up his ‘girlfriend’ Kono was an absolute no go. But I blame stupid Kono for staying with that man. Absolutely and completely unthinkable to stay with a man who treats anyone like that.
      I’m just saying that the show painted Adam for a few episodes in a totally different way, completely out of character, that’s what I was complaining about. And that I’m happy to have ‘my’ Adam back is because I really like this bad guy character. He is interesting. But I don’t like ‘like’ him. 🙂

      And yes, that is the right description for Danny ‘preaching water and drinking wine’. Perfect for Mister Double Standard.

      Oh, and yes, I feel your pain. LOL


  7. Ah! Okay, now I’m with you! 😉 But I don’t think they changed his character so much. He was a wuss in 2.23 too. I think he had his hired muscles to do the dirty work (is there such a word in English), his father seemed to have him kept out of this yacuza stuff. But I will never understand why Kono chose this guy. And I think Chin is starting to hate him. I like that!
    And now let’s get rid of Billy! But I’m optimistic! Big Kahuna and Little Wing? I nearly puked.


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