Checks Five-0h – Release 4.03

FI 4-03

Two weeks into season four and we’re already done with three episodes. Before we even know it we’ll be watching the last episode before the Christmas break. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s again start with the vote for 4.03 Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko  (The Truth Within)


We start the show, like most episodes, with the crime of the week. Did the show ever start any different? Do any of you remember an episode that didn’t start with the COTW? No, previously on doesn’t count. 😉

So, our two future victims had obviously planned a fun night. That of course didn’t last long and they were murdered in a very cold hearted way. Which is kind of out of the norm for ‘art thieves’. But as we learn later they have no qualms about shooting up a museum full of people to get to their goal.

This was an interesting beginning and thankfully not too long. I never like long intros. I like it better when we simply start with the murder, and then learn about the people involved during the episode as they investigate. Showing almost five minutes of pre-show like in 3.04 is a waste of time in my eyes. That time could be used to show us the people we are really interested in. This time though it was shorter, so I’m not really complaining about it.

Just one tiny complaint, did we really need that baby again? I think they are overusing the parenting thing. Really guys, do you think this brutal murder would have been any less harrowing without the baby there? And of course they have to tell us that she will now grow up without her parents. Groaning here again. Really, writers, we get your addiction to any father- and mother issue. For real.

And credits roll. 🙂

Next we’re at McGarrett’s house, and what a nice sight that is.


I think that really were wonderful scenes. Everyone would be a bit scared and nervous if their life were about to change in such a big way. I think the show did a really great job with this aspect. And I loved it that Steve admitted he was not okay with the whole Billy thing at all. That was cute.

Steve should seriously consider putting that damn phone on silent alarm when he’s with Cath.

I really liked it how they showed how many people are really involved at a crime scene. Takes a lot of people to process such a scene. It’s not only our three heroes, but a lot of helping hands in the background. I think it’s nice how H50 shows that most of the times.



Okay, let me get my next complaint out of the way. Really? They let that baby cry for hours on end because there was no one there, no female or gentle male officer who could have picked her up? No, of course not, because Danny Superdad had to save the the day. Urgh. And right there that second I knew we would see Danny in the end visiting that baby again. Can we get any more predictable? Double urgh.

And here is another little pet peeve of mine. I think it’s stupid that people are gushing about actors doing a good job and then reflecting that to real life. Like so many saying ‘Oh SC is going to be a great dad someday’. I’m sorry, but that is just like saying Michael C. Hall will be a great serial killer one day, or Alex would be a great SEAL. That is simply ridiculous, and really getting on my nerves. Just because a person knows how to ‘act’ with children doesn’t make him a good future dad. And acting like a SEAL doesn’t make him a tough guy. I just wish people wouldn’t mix the fantasy of a TV show with real life. Sorry, but I just had to say it.


As I said many times I really like H50 giving us a postcard image every week.


OH, Max, congrats, you did a really good job with your German. How long did you practice? Seriously, that was pretty good. And here we go; another pet peeve of mine. LOL I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of foreign language speaking actors in Hollywood. Why is it that if they have to have someone speak something else than English they mostly can’t pull it off? What some shows or films for that matter deliver as German or Italian or any other language really, is just horrible. But as I said, Masi did a really good job. His German was actually better to understand than some of his English. 😉


I truly enjoy the lighthearted version of Steve. We get to see it seldom enough. Loved Danny’s jealous reaction. BFF Max and Steve. Cute. And loved Steve’s advice regarding Danny that he had used a few times by now, ‘ignore him’. LOL

It’s never easy to watch a relative mourn the loss of a loved one, and I must say H50 always does a very good job with these emotional parts of the show.





Somehow it felt like we were already ten minutes into the show and we were just starting with the investigation. Now they have to figure out what the killers were looking for, and most importantly, did they find it?


Okay, did any of you really think he was part of the actual break-in and killing? Nah, didn’t think so.


But it gave us a nice entry for our two boys. And poor little brother landed on his butt. And say hello to the tattoo.


Of course they very quickly realized the brother might be one of the stupidest people on the planet, but a murderer he was not.


Okay, I warned you last week that my love for Danny won’t last long. And not even one episode later he did it again. Ah, Danny, our relationship of season four started out so well. Did you really have to be so offensive? What am I talking about you’re asking? I’ll gladly tell you.

Mr. Williams, just because you slept with a married woman while that woman was still together with her husband, and just because your wife cheated on her husband and maybe also on you, doesn’t make all of us primitive stupid animals.

I’m sorry, but I find his stupid view of the world offensive to everyone who is working with the opposite sex and whose mind never went to cheating on the boyfriend or husband.

We are not primitive rabbits who are driven by our primitive urges. We have a mind to think about the consequences, we have a shred of decency and maybe even a code of honor. Or we might simply love our partner, and would not look at any other person as a love interest, or simple sex object to have a moment with.

Mr. Williams, if you can’t keep your **** in your pants and your hands off a married woman, that is your problem, but not the general way of the world, or a fact of life.

Oh, Mr. Williams, one more thing. Steve didn’t LET her take the job. She didn’t need his permission to do so. But as a loving, trusting partner, you do encourage your partner to follow her or his dreams. But that is obviously a strange concept to you.

Rant over. Hate me now if you like, but now I feel better.



But he did make me smile with his ‘not gonna say more about it… for now… today.

Obviously Steve also found it amusing.


Now the case is getting interesting. Why did the thieves take the least valuable item?

And I had to laugh at Chin’s reluctance to introduce Steve and Danny to his source that might be able to help them.


I admit I was never a Lost fan, found it rather boring after a few episodes, so I don’t really care about all the people from Lost showing up. But to be fair I in general don’t care much about who the guest star is. So, I was not thrilled or excited about Jorge Garcia showing up. Especially since the disappointment that Alcatraz was. Anyway, now we met the conspiracy specialist.

First some ground rules, of course. ‘Can we feed him after midnight?’ LOL


Yeah, Danny, Steve, I couldn’t believe it either that you needed Jerry’s help. 🙂


Meet Jerry.


And yes, Danny, I would have loved those pictures too. And now we had a lot of blabla about the rings. Not really interesting if you ask me. But it had some nice funny moments, so I’m not complaining.



So, after that we’re on the way to arrest a guy who had been ID-ed by the little brother. Of course every criminal has his hideout down at the docks or other shady grounds. But I must admit I do that too. 😉


Of course that was a pretty easy arrest with the guy shot and nicely toasted in the oven, or was it a giant microwave?


I was hoping that we would see a bit more of Catherine. And the show beautifully delivered on that. I thought her scenes in the locker room were beautifully done. No words were needed. Everyone could feel how hard it was for her to leave this life behind. And I think it was perfectly understandable to have doubts about it. And that she was already missing that part of her life. Wonderful scenes. Greatly done, no matter if you like Catherine or not, if you can’t understand the turmoil she’s going through, and why these scenes were important? Then I really don’t know what to tell you, except I feel sorry for you.


Then of course stupid Billy had to ruin it all. 😉


I’m sure no one would notice this guy. Perfect disguise, Jerry. And more blabla goes on. (I don’t mean that in a negative way) We’re getting closer to solving the case. And I loved the subtle X-Files music in the background.



I’m sorry, but I believe this would never happen. I’m not even going into the stupidity that Kamekona even has a license, but Steve sitting in the back seat? That I will not believe in a million years. If you need to get Kamekona into an episode, then let him contribute something useful, and cut this crap with him flying a helicopter. Besides why would they even use his chopper? The police do have their own helicopters.

Great shots of the island though.



Ah, come on, Catherine, one last favor. LOL


Did Steve knock off the hand for practice? Of course the statue had already been switched. Just one question what if it hadn’t been switched? Then they would have destroyed a national treasure. Just saying.



Uh, Jerry, first you’re not going out much at all, and now you’re sightseeing, island hopping and visiting HQ? Well, you get around.


Someone is obviously very happy to get his gift for Catherine. Well, at least until he hears the price for it. Of course it is a lot of money for that object, but really, Steve. A lot of money for you? I highly doubt that. He had years of income, with hazardous pay, and not a lot of opportunities to spend it. No family to support, no mortgage, really nothing that would cost him a lot of money. So he must have a pretty good bank account. But I guess he was just a bit shocked at how much money he was about to spend on his girlfriend.



“You’re aware I carry a gun, right, Max?” ROTFL. Come on, Steve, cough up the money.


And now we learn why the brutal murders of the couple in the beginning does add up with the art thieves. They are hired professionals and have a reputation for their ruthless style getting the job done.


Stevie Wonder and our two boys go visit Catherine to learn the last of the mystery about the rings. Very nice visit indeed. And yes, Jerry, don’t even try to get a shot at Catherine. Her animal already has to deal with one rival, he doesn’t need another one.

Okay, can someone please tell me why Steve changes clothes every time they go into action in this episode? It’s the second time in the tee shirt. He doesn’t have one under his shirt, so he must take the shirt off and put the tee on. Strange, if you ask me.

And a little advise for the future bad guys; don’t go for your gun. If you’re lucky you will only get a bullet in the leg, but most likely you’re dead after such a move.

So, after finding out where the key is we’re having the showdown at the museum. And again I have a little thing to complain about. How in the world would Danny have been able to be on the lawn out front when he just knocked out his own bad guy UPstairs while Steve was chasing the other one outside? He outran the baddie, on a motorbike none the less, and his partner, who was hot on pursuit? Yeah, sure. Doesn’t anyone on the production team watch for such things? But other than that it was a nice take down, even though I wished Chin had been there. I don’t know why they suddenly try to make Danny a BAMF, because to me that is not really believable. I know, the Danny lovers will disagree, do that. But I think it’s a character break, just as much as making Adam a total whimp all of a sudden. That was also way out of character.

All I’m saying is that I wish for more Chin action, not Danny action.

Yeah, Danny, ten million people are watching. I thought that was a fun joke about the ratings. So, we still have the opening of the statue by Jerry of course, and, no, Jerry, we don’t need to do this again.

Sorry, but this number is done. What do you want him to do again? More conspiracy theories? No, this character was too specialized to be used again in my eyes. Over and done with. Please don’t invite him again, that would only be repetitive, and therefore boring.


And then we have Danny, as predicted in the beginning, visiting the little kid.


And we go to the end of the episode which is also the end of Catherine’s career. I really liked all those scenes. Steve telling her that she won’t be alone in this and giving her that sweet present. I loved the story behind it. He really thought about his present for her, loved it.

Also loved the ceremony with the team there. They of course stood out, all in dark against the white and light gray of the others. But, Danny, couldn’t you come there well dressed? What the heck is wardrobe doing with him? Crooked tie, crooked suite? Come on, wardrobe, you can do better than that.

Yes, Steve, Billy-boy is also there. I think there will be some drama ahead. But I also predict that Billy won’t be there for much longer.

So, now… what’s my verdict?

I actually liked this one better than last week’s episode. And therefore this one gets four solid points.

See, you get another rating picture. Let’s just hope you won’t get yet another one next week; that would mean just one or two points. 😉

004 Four Stars

All screenshots were done by me. Credit to CBS and Global. No copyright infringement intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

9 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.03

  1. Yes, Steve won’t let Danny drive his own car, but he will let Kamekona fly the helicopter? I’ve wondered about that before. The guy has minimal experience, and Steve has control issues. This would not happen.

    Can’t believe I didn’t catch the view of Alex’s tat!

    I’ve heard other people say they think Billy won’t be around for long. I have a feeling he will be, but I haven’t heard anything either way.

    Thanks for the recap!


  2. I think Steve was shocked not because it was too much for him to pay but because he probably never had more than 100$ in his wallet lol.
    I saw only 3 seasons of Lost and I liked Jorge’s character in there, in 5-0 he was good but little weird and I can agree with you that his job it’s done here. Simply because I don’t see any treasure hunts in near future( that part about statue of king Kamehameha was real, I mean there are two of them, I’m not sure about the treasure inside)
    I don’t like Billy, Cath was keep on looking at him at the ceremony and the face Steve had when he discovered that she is not smiling to him but to Billy, I think he finally understand the speech from Danno.


  3. Well quite honestly I don’t understand Danny’s speech, in fact it left me speechless. After screaming and yelling at the screen of course so I had to rewind because I missed all of Steve’s awesomeness! 😉
    Even for Danny’s standards he hits rock bottom. I was so angry and still am! Your words are dead-on Sam and I’m really happy that I’m not the only one who is mad. And sad that he gets away with that. Me? Being Steve? I would have stopped the car and punched him in the face. Hard. For insulting my girlfriend. And for being a sexist and chauvinist neanderthal.
    I really love this episode for Steve being an amazing and caring boyfriend (and I’m not McRoll I’m all McKono – no pity needed, lol), show handled Caths emotions beautifully, I love Steve being goofy and funny on the one hand and than full of understanding what’s Cath going through. And Max speaking German was great. I always have a hard time to understand his English, but his German was really good! And I totally loved Jorge, I hope he will come back again 😉 , he is my favorite gueststar by now (of course besides Lucy). I would like to vote for ‘awesome’ but I chose ‘good’. It’s all Danny’s fault, blame it to him!
    I have no problem with Kamekona flying the heli, it’s ridiculous yes, but it’s fun. And Steve riding the back seat? Think about it… They are really small 😆

    Thank you for your recap! It’s always a pleasure to read!


    • I couldn’t find anything funny about what Danny said to Steve in the car. I think he is nothing but a stupid prick in those scenes. And you are right, I don’t understand why Steve is letting him get away with it. But he obviously follows his own advice ‘ignore him’. But I honestly think this speech was too much.
      I thought his disrespect and behavior back in season 2 during the Halloween episode had been his low point, but this really takes the cake.


  4. Well, I think I should correct myself, I meant the speech from the previous episode, since I barely remember that one from 4×03( there was something about animals in it?). Max speaking German was indeed very good, as a Polish, I’m jealous that actors can’t speak like that in my language, every time when they are “trying” to talk in polish, I’m like ‘seriously?’ because I can’t understand them, not even a bit. For me Danny is annoying sometimes but it’s not a problem, I have two brothers with ADHD and they’re mostly talking like that or worse when they are having bad day, I don’t know maybe I am used to Danny’s way of being or I simply don’t take him seriously all the time.

    I’m curious why Steve was in suit on that ceremony since he is still in the Navy, or they don’t need to wear uniform on that kind of events?


  5. Hi, Good Day. This is the first time i leave a comment here (although i have been visiting this site for quite some time). I really enjoy your reviews of the show. I am from Malaysia. We do not get to watch the show live like in US, so I usually wait for DVDs/download the show from internet. So its really nice to read such details review (I don’t mind the spoiler anyway).

    I have to say I really agreed with what you said about Danny. Lately, i saw a lot of comments which they bashed Steve been a disrespectful jerk to Danny (especially after the scene where Steve snatched the key from Danny in 4.02, many fans really make a BIG deal out of this) or just been a jerk generally. For been a jerk in general, i have no comment because everyone has different opinion in this. But for been a jerk and disrespect Danny?? I don’t understand this because from what i see, Danny always disrespect Steve (eg. what Danny said when Steve invited him for Christmas dinner in Season 3, bring up the father issue everytime when Steve got attached with the case and said because he loss his father..I find it extremely cruel and rude to say things like that because no one say anything about Danny getting too close to a case when it involve a little girl. Steve even let him be, and everyone think Danny is a hero after the episode). But nobody say anything about Danny been a jerk and disrespect Steve. But when Steve snatched a key from Danny, suddenly he is a jerk and disrespect Danny. I find it difficult to comprehend their concept of disrespect because they don’t think Danny disrespect Steve in those scene, but find it disrespect when Steve snatched a key?

    Anyway, Sorry for the long comment. If I offended anyone in my comment, I apologies because its really not my intention. I love Steve and Danny. They are the reason i still spend money on DVDs/download the show. Its just getting really hard to like Danny lately after reading some hateful and double standards comments make by the fans.

    Thanks for your patience and all the enjoyment!!


    • Welcome to the blog. And you are very welcome to rant away about Danny or anything else for that matter. Every opinion is welcomed here.
      I can completely understand you and think Danny is one of the most disrespectful people around. Not just to Steve, but to people in general. But mostly to Steve.
      As far as I see it he never showed any respect for his so called best friend. And if he can’t respect him on a private level he should at least do it on a professional level. Steve is his boss after all.
      Some argue friends don’t have to ‘show’ the respect they have for each other because they ‘know’ they are respected. I’m sorry, but I disagree. It wouldn’t hurt to show you respect to your friend as a human being and his accomplishments in life.
      And about the key, of course Steve would snatch the key. If people haven’t realized it yet, that is the running gag of the show. Danny will never drive his car. And that scene has nothing to do with respect. That is just ridiculous.
      Besides, people always say it is Danny’s car. I highly doubt that. It is most likely a car issued to him, sponsored by the state.
      They are not using their private cars for police work. That is highly unlikely.
      In Danny’s defense though, he’s always talking before thinking, and I think that is his biggest flaw. I find his rants often very hurtful and downright mean, and still hope that at some point Steve just has enough and decks him. LOL Or at least call him on his sh/t.


  6. Hey, Sam, thanks for this week’s post! Not going to say I agree with all your Danny ranting this week, but you do have some valid points! I admit to being a lot more tolerant of Danny’s point of view on life in general. I have never considered him disrespectful of Steve, just, as you have said, a tad tactless in how he voices his opinions. (Neither have I ever considered Steve being over-bearing or disrespectful of Danny, i.e., the keys to his new car!) I disagree about who actually owns the Camaro. I think it is definitely Danny’s car. It is his main means of transportation and he uses it for non-work-related activities (for example, he used it to get to the Aloha Girls’ campout last season.) If it was just a work vehicle, he would not use it for personal use. Of course, I don’t know this for sure — maybe a question for PLenkov?

    I don’t find his rants hurtful. I honestly feel that Steve, being the kind of man he is, wouldn’t be so “nice” as to let Danny say what he does to him if he was hurt. Perhaps there is a lot more understanding between the same sex than there is between sexes — in other words, Steve understands where Danny is coming from with his opinions, even if they are not his own,

    Danny is out of touch with his views on women needing permission from their “significant others” to make life-altering decisions! I would love to hear Kono’s take on Danny’s views!


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