Pet Peeve


A few months back, Sam asked if I wanted to post anything to the Mostly Five-0 blog and I said, “Sure.” But then I didn’t have a clue what to post.

After thinking about it over the summer, I came up with nothing. But then I watched Episodes 4.01 and 4.02 and I remembered my biggest PET PEEVE from Hawaii Five-0.

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the show and these episodes (especially 4.01) were great… but there are always little things that bug us.   Right?  Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets bent out of shape.

No, Cokie, I assure you, you are not alone. 😉

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to have people list their “pet peeves” for the show. Big, little, it doesn’t matter.  The only “rule” is that they aren’t nasty or vindictive against one of the characters or the actors who portray them.

So, I will start.  If anyone else can think of something, please chime in. Let us all know in the comments.

My pet peeve is the fact that Steve cannot keep his eyes on the road while driving. Danny is talking, and Steve just stares (or glares, as the case may be) at him.


OK, we all do it, I know.  But I “glance”, I don’t “glare” for several seconds at a time.

Here is more proof.


Does a horse count too? 🙂


Okay, fine, they were standing at a red light, but the picture is nice.

1-03 red light


Still not convinced?


Even while having passengers in the car.


I was screaming about this last Friday night and my daughter calmly said, “You do know that they are inside a car on a sound stage with scenery flying past them… right???”

That’s not the point.   Steve should be a responsible driver.  😉

OK, now it is your turn…

~~~ Cokie

All screenshots were done by me. Thanks to CBS and Global. Sam.

23 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. You know what mine will be!!! The constant parade of McG’s blue, blue and more blue shirts which equals the lack of imagination in H50 wardrobe.

    The man is a greek god. FFS use it to show’s advantage!.


    1. LOL – well, I love the blue, it is my favorite color. BUT he could wear something different once in a while. 😉
      Love him in gray, or that blue-greenish thing from season 2. Heck, I love most of his clothes. 🙂

      Even though I have my suspicions that it might even be Alex who loves the blue so much.


  2. Okay, I agree about the not looking at the road while driving, but I agree with ESS about the blue.
    But Alex can’t wear all his color shirts cuz they have lettering or prints on them, and might not be politically correct – TV Shows 🙄
    But I agree I want different color shirts, I want him in a White T-Shirt.. just plain White, no cover shirt. The specials in Season 1 are my favourite! 🙂


    1. Uh, yes, white shirt. Just plain tee shirt. But actually, no, I love the over shirt. Darn. So many choices, no wonder they always put him in a blue one. 😉 Guess they can’t decide on anything else.


  3. I hate that Steve’s not in every scene.
    J/K. Not really.
    I hate it when one of the characters states the obvious. Otherwise known as clarica. For example…”He’s covered in blood”…Really? I thought the deceased dropped dead and spilled tomato juice all over his shirt.
    Please Show..we are not stupid.


  4. why do shows do that? I mean, they could spend the time with some meaningful dialogue rather than rehashing what everyone can see!

    Oh, and Sam, I forgot to mention that I LOVE the fact that you found Steve on a horse, clearly not watching where he was going. Classic. 🙂


  5. ACA on the driving! I understand how you feel Cokie, cause that is the same issue I have. You should keep your eyes on the road, Steve!
    This is a matter I would take up with Alex actually (hahaa, right 😉 ), since he is such an great actor and believable in everything else he does, so why not while driving)? Or is it the director that keeps telling the guys to have eye contact while talking. But thankfully, I am not haunted by this tiny annoyance, I keep forgiving him over and over again 😀


  6. You guys crack me up 🙂
    I am soo with you regarding the driving and “not looking”. But oh boy, from now on I will have the “but it’s only a soundstage with scenery flying past them” comment stuck in my head whenever I see McG and Danno ride in the car together – ARGH! LOL!
    Thanks Sam, as always – you (and of course Cokie!) rock 🙂


  7. I also have a pet peeve, and I even wrote about it in the review for 3.18 (Roller Derby).

    I just can’t stand the disregard of safety issues. I think every TV also has kind of a role model function. At least about the important stuff. Like wearing a helmet while riding a bike, or putting your darn seat belt on.

    In season 1 our two boys never used the seat belt. That thankfully changed over time. But Chin still rides his bike without a helmet. Sure it looks cool, but have you ever thought about how he would look after he slid over the pavement, even at a low speed? Trust me, you don’t want to see such an injury.

    Or if they do wear a helmet, it is not secured. Well, that is like not wearing it at all. For example, Cath was rolling around with her helmet loosely sitting on her head. That is not how you do it. Oh, yeah, sure kids think it’s cool to have the straps hanging loose. But seriously, a head injury is no joke. That is something you don’t walk away from without any repercussions. No matter how often TV shows like to show us that people get knocked on the head, and a day later they are just fine. That is not how real life works.

    Even a mild concussion, easily archived from a roller blade or skateboard fall, does have consequences. Maybe not ones that are obvious right away, but your brain remembers every hit, and the dire consequences can come years, sometimes even decades later.

    I simply don’t understand how people can be so careless about their own life and not wear a helmet, or wear it wrong. It is simply stupid not to take any reasonable measure to ensure ones safety. Of course people die even while wearing a helmet, but your chance is way better to survive an accident with your head protected. And it can reduce the level of injury dramatically.

    But back to my pet peeve; I think a TV show has the obligation to show how it is done right, or at least make it very clear how stupid such behavior is.


  8. LOVED your dedication on the helmets – can only second that!
    Seems the pet peeve discussion has died down some, so I have another one:
    4.01: Steve performing CPR on the villain. Hm….. Most of us know the rhythm is 30/2. But Steve is pumping seemingly forever without administering a the 2 breaths (which is understandable -lol). Actually, he is close to 40 pumps during his talks with Danno when the guy miraculously comes around. Oh well. Just a minor bump in the road of story telling 🙂
    The worst however is still in the pilot I think. I have rewatched this epi several times as I love how the team comes together here.
    But why the hell is Steve shot in his left bicep/shoulder and has a blog stain there, only to be shown with a bleeding right arm in the next scene and then back to the left again? I know, the way he needed to stand in that shot and look down to Danny, but still – that bugs the hell out of me when showmakers think we won’t notice something so stupid. Enough complained? 🙂
    With that said, I enjoy season 4 very much (with 4.02 being “just” an average epi and always look forward to more H50!


    1. Well, the newest recommendation for CPR is actually to forego the breathing completely and try to archive 100 bpm. There is normally enough ‘air’ still in the circulation to get by until the professionals arrive. Of course if it takes too long you should breathe two times in between. But the 30/2 rule is old; just as much as the 5/1 rule. But asked again in a year or so and I’m sure they come up with a new one. The most important part is to do the chest compressions. If someone is doing that, it will give the victim at least a fighting chance until EMS arrives. But very often not even that happens and people die even thought it would have been easy to save them.
      But to be totally fair to Five-0 or any other show, it is not easy to show a good version of CPR on a person that has a pulse. It’s dangerous. You can easily disrupt the regular heartbeat if the pressure on the chest would be too much. I think Five-0 does a pretty good job with it.

      But I’m totally with you on the thing in the pilot. They mirrored their footage. I had hoped they would correct it in the DVD version, but no, the editing mistake is still in there. It would have been an easy fix. No idea why they left it in.


  9. What? 100 pumps?! Now you have me curiously waiting for my next annual First Aid training in November. Last year they still insisted on the 30/2 and in every briefing we are reminded of that. But I am eagerly looking forward to new information. I do agree, Five-0 does a good job on the medical (mostly CPR) stuff, especially Steve. I guess he’s the one who administered it at least twice already and it must be very difficult for the actor letting it look real yet not -unintentionally- hurting the “still very alive” other actor.
    I am more and more convinced you are working in the medical field? 🙂

    Happy Sunday and thanks again for all your great work on this site!


    1. 🙂 Let us know what they tought you on your next course.

      Several changes have been implemented / recommended to the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society to promote and ensure high quality CPR. The new CPR standards include:

      Chest compressions must be at a rate of at least 100 chest compressions per minute for adults, infants and children. The previous standards were for chest compressions to be approximately 100 per minute.

      Chest compression depth must be at a depth of at least 2 inches for adults. Previously, the standard chest compression depth for an adult was 1.5 to 2 inches.

      Chest compression depth for children and infants is to be at least one third the chest (about 2 inches for child and 1.5 inches for infants), instead of previous recommendation of approximately 1/3 the chest.

      The maximum time for a rescuer to not be doing chest compressions (for ventilations after 2 minutes) is 10 seconds instead of the previous recommentation of 30/2 to minimize interruptions.

      Changes in the implementation of AED’s has also been introduced to the Lifesaving Society and Red Cross programs:

      A lone rescuer will call 911 and retrieve a AED if it is located nearby before beginning CPR on an adult.

      A lone rescuer will perform 2 minutes of CPR on a child or infant before calling 911 and retrieving an AED.

      Rescuers can ask for bystanders to retrieve an AED for an infant eventhough the likelihood of an infant pediatric pads to be found in a AED is low and the likelihood for an infant to be in cardiac arrest is also very low.


  10. This is Cokie with Pet Peeve #2. … Last night I watched the video of the H50 Double Date at the Movies with Steve and Danny scarfing down popcorn. OK, this is two pet peeves in one. First, I would have shut those two up long before everyone else did. BUT… here is my gripe. Steve, I know your mom wasn’t the conventional mother-of-the-year, but surely she taught you to not eat with your mouth open. I didn’t like it when you were having your romantic breakfast with Catherine in the truck, and I didn’t like it while eating popcorn at the movies.

    OK, I’ll shut up now… at least for a while. Today, anyway.


  11. love my pet peeve peeps! i gave up on realistic driving long ago, since most shows i watch screw it up. most of them also don’t time hanging up their phones properly either. back to the pilot, i had thought i just made up the migrating injuries or that he had multiple ones. I thought he should have been struggling more during the fight with Hess since he was injured a few times throughout the fight. By the time he told Danno to “book ‘im” i would have thought he should have been ready to drop.


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