Checks Five-0h – release 4.02

FI 4-02

Okay, before we start here again the explanation what Checks Five-0h means. For everyone who didn’t read it last week.

Checks Five-Oh is a Navy-term and basically means: Excellent, in proper working order. Things can also be repaired and gotten into proper working order and then referred to as “checks five-oh.” Derives from the 5-point evaluation system used in the Navy, in which a score of five is given to individuals who perform exceptionally well.

So, now with that out of the way, let’s start as usual with the poll. Let us know what you thought of Friday’s episode.

I was groaning when I heard ‘previously on Hawaii Five-0’ and thought ‘Oh please, not again’. But at least this time it was ‘only’ forty five seconds. But still, I could do without it. I truly hope they will stop with that now. Enough is enough.


Okay, it is no secret that I thought the Kono/Adam storyline was already boring last season. And I must say it is not getting any better this season. And that doesn’t have anything to do with the actors’ performances. No, I just think this whole storyline is illogical. They are obviously in grave danger while on the run. Well, they could be just as much in danger on Oahu without being on the run. What the heck did they think to accomplish by hiding in the middle of nowhere? Sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense. And even less sense makes that the bad guys found out where they are through the satellite telephone logs. Please. How stupid do they make Five-0?

I understand that this storyline was obviously written because Grace Park needed time off for whatever reasons. And I don’t really care what those reasons are; I respect her privacy and think if she wants to keep it to herself, that is her right and fine with me.

But what they came up with so far to explain her absence? Well, it doesn’t cut it for me. Sorry. And what, now we’re going to see glimpses of them on the run? Or plotting their comeback? I don’t really care, but don’t like this part of Five-0 one bit.

Just as I’m writing this, the information (how reliable that is though remains to be seen) got out that Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim were in Vancouver to film for a day or two. We’ll see in a few weeks if that is true or not.

Okay, we see a bit of fighting, and in the end the two are on the run. Whatever. Oh, one more thing. When we saw them on the ship it was the day of the hostage situation. And a few hours later they have already settled into their little hut in the Zhejang Province? Timeline, anyone?


Welcome to Hawaii. The title of the episode was translated to ‘Fish out of [the] water’ by CBS. Very fitting if you think about the guy from Texas. He sure didn’t fit in. And it was surely an interesting beginning, thinking what he was up to. I mean we already knew that he was a good guy. Of sorts. 😉


I liked it that they didn’t show much of him and his plans, but instead changed the scenery to the Pee Wee Baseball league. With Danny and Steve as coaches for the ‘Honolulu Shrimps’. 🙂 And Catherine for the ‘Navy Brats’. Very cute, all of them.

Not sure what to think of Kame as referee though. He seems to need some glasses. No way was that a strike. LOL


Now we got some really cute scenes with Grace, Cath, Coach Danno, and Ass Coach, sorry I mean Assistant Coach Uncle Steve, who we love very much. Awww, Danno.

Uh oh, Kame, don’t mess with the SEAL, even in Pee Wee Baseball he needs to win. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to see injustice done to little Gracie. Or he is just passionate about everything he does. Not good sportsmanship, Stevie, but I think it was rather adorable. Would be interesting to see who would win though, the Sumo ringer, or the SEAL. Nah, you’re right, that wouldn’t be a fair fight. 😉

Now, of course the guys can’t have a fun day without getting interrupted. But hey, that’s okay, this is a crime show after all. So, I guess there should be some crime in it.


Let’s go to the crime scene, and take a look at the victim of the week. Huh, who would have thought it would be our chauffeur from the beginning. I must confess that was a surprise for me. I mean it was clear that the Texas guy didn’t kill him. From the promos we already knew that he was a Texas Ranger, there to look for his daughter.

I think they shouldn’t give out so much information before the show airs. It would have been much more interesting if we hadn’t known all that stuff. Then we could still wonder what the Texas guy did to the victim and why he had killed him, if he even did.


This episode was directed by Joe Dante. He for example did ‘Gremlins’, ‘Inner Space’, I think one of his latest films was ‘The Hole’. But he always also did TV shows, CSI New York only one of them. AND he also directed Five-0’s Halloween-episode from season 2 (2.07 Ka Iwi Kapu).


Anyway, the team’s doing their thing at the crime scene, and are on their way. But not before Max gives Steve an envelope. And we all know what’s in it. Well, except Danny.

So nice to see that car again. Even though I wonder if Steve managed to repair it enough that it is reliable enough to be used for actual police work. I would have thought they would use the Silverado until Steve gets a new Camaro. COME ON, we all know Danny is not going to drive the new car. That is the fun in it, he never drives. Not even back in New Jersey. I think this aspect of the show is hilarious.


Our two heroes together are just the best. Even without words they can have a great cargument. How great was their silent communication? Loved it.

Okay, this time I need to do it. I TOLD YOU SO! Steve and Wo Fat brothers. Laughable. Told you that would never happen. Gloating much? Yeah, a little bit. Really, I never even thought for a minute they would go that way. That would have simply been stupid. Now of course I hope this test was not wrong. LOL you never know with Peter Lenkov.

Well, I can understand that Steve wants to know what his mother is up to. And I can understand that this will be his new obsession. But quite frankly, I’m not interested in it. I will just lean back and wait for her to come back and tell more lies. Oh and by the way, what happened to the promise that we will learn their connection in the first episode of the season? I remember Peter Lenkov promising that. But he also promised to give us a lot of answers during season 3. And as far as I know we didn’t get any. So, I wouldn’t take anything Mr. Lenkov says too seriously. For sure not his promises. But that’s okay, he’s the show runner and has to keep the info close to his vest. But please don’t promise something, and then give us nothing. For me personally this Wo Fat / Doris thing is a dead horse, they ran way too long with it, it’s simply not interesting anymore.


Okay, let me rant a little, but it has nothing to do with the actual scene. Don’t you also hate it when the station puts their ads on the screen during an episode? I find that annoying.

Nobody ever said it better than this guy. Watch, listen and laugh along.

Okay, back to the show. Back to Kono and Adam. No comment on that, this whole part is simply ridiculous in my eyes. BUT as I said, if you like it, enjoy it to the fullest.


NOW, we’re talking. New computer. And what a nice thing it is. Chin seems to be in heaven. And can I just say I LOVE his new haircut. Wow. Okay, fan girl talking over. 🙂 But the hair! CHIN! Sigh.

Loved Danny’s suggestion of giving them a room. LOL

They get their new smart table right to work and we learn all about the victim and how he met, what they assume was his killer.


Oh, no. Billy, the rat comes for a visit. Can you detect my slight distain for Billy-boy? 😉


And he started right with a cheap shot. In my eyes that was intentional. He knew what had happened back then. You bastard.

And he kept them coming. Look at the glee in his eyes; he knew that Cath hadn’t talked to Steve yet. And he was very happy to use that to his advantage. But I predict he won’t be around for that long. Mark my words.


Poor Steve. Had no idea that his girl was thinking about leaving the Navy. Why the hell didn’t she tell him? We’ll come to that later.


Oh, right, you wouldn’t do anything to get between Cath and Steve? You bastard are already working hard at that. And Stevie is so naïve to think other people are as honest and noble as he is. STEVIE, that is not the case! Thankfully he has a best buddy who is looking out for him. 🙂


Now back to the case, they figure out what has happened and meet Ray Harper, Texas Ranger. Nice.


Our boys learn everything there is to learn about Harper. And Steve is right, he for sure isn’t finished.



At least now we learn that he is looking for a boy and a girl. Huh.


Seems that Steve is looking for his own kind of answers right away. Calling Cath to come see him. Very nice conversation. But I must say, I didn’t quite understand why Cath didn’t talk to Steve about thinking of leaving the Navy. I would have talked about such a big decision to my friend. That is not a decision you don’t try to get input from other people. I thought that was a bit strange. Of course every person is different and they for sure needed this as a plot device.

Oh, and one other thing,Catherine, how did you know that Billy stopped by? How did she learn about that?

Yeah, Steve, I wouldn’t quite believe it either.

I thought it was really cute that she told him how happy she was right now, and didn’t want to jeopardize that. I believed her. And it seemed that Steve was very pleased that she was happy.

Not NOW, Chin. Sigh.


Danny, a little advise here, if you want to drive that car, you need to sit in it. Not stand in front and admire it. What did you think would happen?

I loved his resignation to never driving this car. So cute.





And we got a great cargument about the finer points of maintaining a relationship with your girl. Not that Danny is very successful with that, but is advice was very good. Steve, you should listen to him.

One question though. How did Danny know who Billy Harrington was? How did he know he was Catherine’s ex-boyfriend?

I love Danny, the McRoller. Love you, Danny. Watch out for your friend. He has no clue, and is blind to people’s selfish agendas. He’s way too good for this world. LOL (And no, don’t get used to me loving Danny. That will change, trust me. Not this episode though.)

First of all, cool Chin.  But second, when did the boys change into their gear? They were driving to the scene with no vests or holster in sight. And now they step out of the car fully geared up? I would really like to see them doing that kind of acrobatics in the car.


And look at these two guys, what the heck are they having pinned to their vests? Now they even have stuff on their backs. Danny on the other hand doesn’t even carry an extra magazine. Guess he is still stubbornly refusing. LOL


And now we learn more about what the Ranger is after. I must say, I didn’t find this part of the show very interesting. I know people really enjoyed the Texas Ranger, but he didn’t give me much. I thought this was not one of the better Five-0 cases.

These scenes were pretty long and kind of boring for me. Others obviously loved it. Oh, well.


Thankfully after almost five minutes Five-0 is back in business and arrests Harper. Nice short standoff, but other than that not very spectacular.


Ah, the pleasures of the blue-room. It’s not really understandable why Harper didn’t come clean right away. What did he hope to accomplish with his tactic? Not very clever if you ask me. And the reason he didn’t trust them was pretty lame. He was busted and had no choice. Not talking was not helping his daughter in the least. Pretty dumb behavior actually. A really ‘good’ Texas Ranger would have known what kind of police force he would encounter. He would have known about Five-0 and who they are. But seems to me Harper was not a very good investigator.


Divide and conquer was the motto, and they did it really well.

Oh, please, can we encounter just one father whose daughter is not his whole ‘life’? Honestly, getting a little sick and tired of these father issues in this show. It is getting a bit much. Of course he also was a single father and raised her all alone. What, they want us to applaud him?

After this interrogation they find the ‘peanutbutter-guy’ and find out what is really going on. Using Amanda’s friend as bait.

Why no vest this time? Did they know he was not armed under the shower?

Of course, nothing goes according to plan. And our heroes need to ‘ride’ in to save the day, or in this case Amanda’s boyfriend. I’m sorry, but I thought Harper’s behavior was neither cool nor very clever. Walking along like an idiot? What if he was hit? How would he have saved his daughter then? Idiotic prick. You can guess that I’m not a friend of this character. 😉 I guess they wanted him to be a mix of McGarrett and Danny, but he was nothing like that. He was just a careless, reckless idiot in my eyes. Neither of our boys is careless about their own safety, nor reckless about the safety of others. And they for sure are no idiots. Okay, rant over.


And finally we see some action between the containers. Nice job, Boys.

And after the girl is saved and the cowboy rode back into the sunset, we can resume the Pee Wee league.


The team is back at the Championship Game 7. To support Gracie and of course the two coaches of those kids.

Seems that they all learned something. Danny now only wants Grace to have fun and do what she feels is right, and Steve learned to listen to Danny and encourages Gracie to do too. Of course he’s not really doing what his buddy told him to. 😉

By the way, if you look real hard you can still see the rain coming down. This was filmed on one of the rainiest and windiest days. A tropical storm was over the islands while they filmed this.

But of course the most important part about this was the conversation between Steve and Catherine. With him telling her to take the job. Stevie, that is not what Danny told you to do. But it’s so sweet of him to do so. And his ‘We’re good, nothing’s gonna change that’ is a sentiment of how involved they are. Even though I’m not quite sure this won’t bite him in his six later on. But I’m absolutely sure that sentiment is true, and no Billy or anyone else will come between these two for long. A little drama though might be nice to watch.

What a great and wonderful way to end this episode. Loved little Gracie in these scenes.


Now what’s left is my verdict. Did I enjoy this episode? Yes, absolutely. It had wonderful, great scenes in it. Steve and Billy, everything Steve and Danny, Steve and Catherine, and Chin’s new haircut. 😉

Those are scenes I will watch a lot more times, and from that angle this episode was a total win. But I’m rating the episode as a whole, and as that it wasn’t so great. The crime of the week was really weak. The cowboy from Texas didn’t give me anything. And Kono and Adam. Let’s not go there. So all in all I only give this one 3 out of 5. But hey, on the positive side, you’ll get another rating picture. 😉

This was, for me, an okay episode. Enjoyable, but not one of their best.


All screenshots were done by me. Unfortunately this time with the CBS logo on most of them.

12 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – release 4.02

  1. It’s funny how we all see episodes in a different light, isn’t it? I liked this one a lot. Loved Ray Harper, and the peanut butter scene. It reminded me of McG and the shark cage…you know he’s not going to let anything happen, but the bad guy doesn’t know that. (New McG, I’m not so sure about.)

    The crime of the week wasn’t really a strong one, and yes, ANOTHER kidnapped girl. But I think you’re being a little hard on Ray…I guess his comment that his daughter was his ‘life’ meant that he had no other family, so if anything happened to her, he had nothing left.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap, I enjoyed reading it and seeing someone else’s view of the episode!


    • I love all the different perspectives. Everyone sees an episode differently, and that is a really good thing. This way there is something to like in it for everyone.
      I think the scene in the sugarcane field was simply too long, and the peanut butter was not really funny. The shark tank was. Maybe because the bad guy was more fun.
      Thank you for reading. Glad you could enjoy it even if we don’t agree on the rating for it. 🙂


  2. I liked your “checks” a lot, especially this short stand-up, you pointed out every “issue” I talked about with some people. I think that Kono’s storyline is more for the 4 core fans than for the show( the ones that doesn’t like Cath), they just need to give them something to watch and something to rant about lol(I hope you’re gonna understand what I wrote).
    I think the destroyed computer table looked better than this one, I’m talking only about the look and Danny’s new car, well I’m talking back what I sad about that car, it’s not the same but, it looks even better than the silver one.
    I really like the end of that episode, that was so cute, I just wanted to scream for more but, I have to wait another week blah.


    • I guess they had to come up with something for Kono that would explain her absence for half of the season. I just think they did a pretty poor job with it. But that is probably because I think Adam got boring when he stopped being the bad guy. Or pretends to be a good guy.
      He was a great character before he got together with Kono. Loved him. Now he’s only a lovestruck whimp. LOL
      I love the new car. Loved the silver one too, but this one is just a little bit more. 🙂
      Oh, yes, I could have watched a little bit more of Cath and Steve, or the baseball in general. But to be fair, we got a LOT of Steve and Cath in this one. And we got them kissing twice already this season. That is probably more than the whole of season 3. At this rate we might actually get them in bed together. Gasp. Could that be? 😉


  3. I rated this great because it had some great scenes in it… But I waffled on the rating. Parts of it were only ok. I do NOT like or trust Billy. Of course he knew exactly what he was saying and it was a dig at Steve from the get-go. Personally, I hope Billy does something illegal and gets put away. I wonder if he really resigned or had problems in the navy?

    I did like Danny talking to Steve about cath and Billy. He knows. But like you said, Steve sees the best of a person. I just hope they don’t drag out Billys storyline for very long.


    • Yes, I agree, the ep had great scenes in it. But as a whole that just wasn’t enough. But okay is still pretty good. 🙂
      I’m pretty sure Billy won’t be around for that long. I predict he will die, probably while saving Catherine or something.


  4. Excellent recap Sym! I’m pretty much nodding my head in agreement with everything , including Lewis Black!

    I’m so done with Adam, seriously. Love seeing BAMF Kono, but seriously, she left her whole life behind for this dude? He was at least a little more interesting when he was a pseudo bad guy.

    Poor sport Steve- I think he was doing what he “thought” baseball managers did. He clearly showed that he didn’t know much about baseball (and I recall him saying that he didn’t know much about it in a previous episode?) It was funny.

    I don’t trust Billy and his intentions at all. And I felt like Danny was trying to keep Steve from ignoring the signs of trouble, as if he were talking about things that he himself had done wrong in his relationship with Rachel. Danny seemed very genuine and he projected a touch of insecurity there. I thought that Steve was being a supportive boyfriend in that he wasn’t so much as giving her permission to take the job, but allaying her concerns that were holding her back from taking the job. I loved that, but I hope it doesn’t bite him in the arse!

    Chin’s haircut : major YES!

    Ray Harper: Tim Daly did a good job, but…meh. I’m with you on that!

    I thought the last picture of the episode was cute. Reminded me of Danny jumping up to touch the goal post in the Pro Bowl episode.

    Loved the recap!


    • Thank you for this elaborate comment. 🙂
      Wasn’t Lewis Black just great? Totally agree with him.
      Yes, I’m also done with Kono and Adam. Their storyline that is, not with Kono or Adam as a character, but I really hope the two will get a better story soon.
      Steve said that he never had been to a professional baseball game back in season 1. I guess being involved in football like he was there was no time for another sport. But I think he was pretty good as the assistant couch. I bet he was responsible for the fitness program for those kids. 🙂
      I think Danny will keep a close eye on this Billy guy and will watch out for his friend, who really has no clue that people are not as good as he is. He would never do such things like stealing someone else’s girl. Therefore he doesn’t think others would. Aw, Steve.
      Tim Daly for sure did a good job, but his character? Didn’t give me anything.
      Thank you so much, glad you liked it.


    • “I thought that Steve was being a supportive boyfriend in that he wasn’t so much as giving her permission to take the job, but allaying her concerns that were holding her back from taking the job.” <<—THIS

      I think he totally got it when she said why she hadn't talked to him about it, even if he was mistakenly thinking she'd approached Billy with it. (Her CO told Billy)

      I loved Danny the McRoller (hehe) having his bud's six and making sure he saw the warning signs from smarmy Billy. Yes, Steve likes to look for the good in people, at least the ones who served with him in the Navy. Poor Steve, haven't you learned yet? That boy is crooked! CROOKED, I tell ya!!

      Adam & Kono. Yawn. Two years out of the academy and she's a bigger bad ass than Danny, Chin or her BF who was raised by the head of the Yakuza? Not buying it.

      Chin's hair gets all kinds of love from me!

      Tim Daly's character was a lot like they wrote McG in early S1. very one dimensional and stoic. There wasn't a lot to love about him, but I'd welcome more opportunities to get to know him better.


  5. I don’t miss Kono’s in the episodes she’s not in, I don’t know why but I don’t feel like she’s interesting character and I don’t buy her bad-assery like Sam said.

    Billy for me it’s just going to bring the trouble but I would like to know what Steve and he did on a missions, or what’s they story because I don’t sense a conection between them.


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