Checks Five-0h – Release 4.01


Welcome back to season four and a new review for Hawaii Five-0. I hope you all had a great summer.

You might have noticed the new kinda strange title for this? Well, let me explain it. ‘Random thoughts’ just didn’t cut it anymore. It might have started with simple rambling about the episodes, but I feel it developed into more than that. And therefore I thought we needed a new title.

Checks Five-Oh actually is a Navy-term that I think is very fitting. Hopefully for most or all of the episodes.

Here is the explanation for Checks Five-Oh: Excellent, in proper working order. Things can also be repaired and gotten into proper working order and then referred to as “checks five-oh.” Derives from the 5-point evaluation system used in the Navy, in which a score of five is given to individuals who perform exceptionally well.

And fitting to that we will also have a new rating system. One to five points. In the hope never to actually have to give just one point. But we’ll see.

Before we get into the review, let’s hear your opinion in the vote. Tell us what you thought about this one. If you like you can leave comments. Would love to hear from all of you.

All screenshots were done by me. And thank you Global for airing the show without your logo or CBS’ on it.

And now, let’s begin.

First of all let me say that I think Friday will be an excellent night for Five-0. It’s a lot better fit than Monday. Less pressure, a better lead in than the comedies, and the appropriate age group with Blue Blood following Five-0. A win-win situation in my eyes. Besides, now I can watch in the middle of the night (it’s 3 a.m. at my place when Five-0 airs) without falling asleep at work the next day.

And it seems that the ratings agree with this new night. H50 easily won their time slot. I’m sure the ratings will even improve over time when they have settled in.

The tables will change after the 3-day and 7-day ratings are in.


Do I really want to start my review with a complaint? Yeah, I do since it is not really a complaint. But did we really need that long for the ‘previously on Five-0’? Did we really need that much of a reminder what happened in the season finale? I seriously doubt that. The finale aired just last week as a repeat. Everyone who was interested had the chance to catch up then. And anyone new who had never seen Five-0 before, well, they wouldn’t be any wiser after this intro. I think that was wasted time. Twice actually. Because we had Chin with even more back flash stuff. Sigh. But, hey, that is just my opinion. Maybe others really enjoyed it. I didn’t need it and thought it were two wasted minutes. Two minutes are an incredible amount of time for an episode that only runs 43 minutes in total.


But after we were finally through the stuff from last season we dove right into the scenes where we left off. I wonder if they filmed this at the end of last season since they were already there? Some of the scenes in this episode were from before the hiatus, but I have no information about the scenes between Steve and Wo Fat, so everything would just be speculation.

The baddies must have had some pretty heavy equipment to cut through that door like that. It was of course no secret that Steve would get out of this mess, but it was pretty cool how he did it. But on the other hand it were only four guys. Which totally surprised me.

One thing is for sure, SEAL-Steve really is cool as a cucumber. Patiently waiting for his time to come. I think those were great scenes.

I have a tiny question though. Weren’t they worried about all those ricochet shots fired at the bulletproof glass? I would have been.


Seemingly with ease Steve took on those four ninja guys.



BOOM! Sorry, Steve, but your rescue mission took 16 seconds of screen time. Six too long. 😉


Okay, fine, wouldn’t be much fun if Steve would bite the dust right at the beginning.


So, he and Wo Fat live on and we roll the credits.









I must admit the next half minute or so gave me a good laugh. Not because Steve dragged that poor baddie along. Which Alex told us on Twitter night is not as easy as it looks. Yes, Alex, I believe you. If you ever tried to move an unresponsive body you know what he’s talking about. Not easy at all. Anyway, I had to laugh at the damage they did to the hallway. I think they overdid it a tiny little bit. That looks like after a three day siege by a whole platoon. Not like four guys with automatic weapons went through it. And remember all those guards from the end of season 3?


Well, quite a lot of people they had to kill.

And what happened to the ‘Unknown Location’ anyway? Seemed to me everyone knew where to find this unknown location. From Doris McGarrett, to the terrorist group. And they obviously even managed to get all the info they needed to get forcefully in there. Not a very secure location if you ask me. Everyone can come and go as he pleases, it’s almost like Halawa.


The next scenes cleared something up. Steve did not go to see Wo Fat right after they left the harbor. This is the next morning. So, I guess he did get some quality time that night with Catherine after all. Good for them.

Chin and Danny arrive on the scene after everything was done. Well, boys, more luck next time. At least they can get Wo Fat to another secure location. I wonder why they even bother. Not long and he will be out and creating havoc anyway. It would be best if they just shoot him. As Alex suggested in some of the interviews from SOTB and on The Talk. (If you haven’t seen that interview yet, you really should. Here’s the link to it again. The Talk)


We take a short look at Kono and Adam on their way to another secret location. Yeah, I guess you see a pattern here. All those secret locations on Hawaii Five-0 are neither secret nor secure. I’m not getting into this part of the story, it doesn’t give me anything. And thankfully it’s really just a tiny little part of the episode, not really worth mentioning in my eyes. I know a lot of people really like this story of Adam and Kono, and I’m happy for them. Glad they like it and can enjoy it. You should really do that, and not listen to anyone who says otherwise. It’s your right to like about this show whatever you want. It’s neither right nor wrong to like this part or any other part of it. To everyone what they love and enjoy.


But I have to say I really didn’t need to see another flashback to her departure at the harbor. I think that was really too much. We know that Chin is missing her and thinking about her.


Ah, Steve, did you really think he would tell you anything? Not in this life.


Danny’s not only bringing a fresh shirt, which gives us the first shirtless Steve of the season. Wow, they are really not wasting any time this season. LOL No, Danny also tells him that he just handed off Wo Fat to the Feds, and would be on his way to a Supermax facility in Colorado. Uh, maybe they will use a stun belt on him there, they do such things. He wouldn’t like that.

(I used that device in one of my stories after I heavily researched it. Here is the information on it.

A stun belt is a belt that is fastened around the subject’s waist. It carries a battery and control pack, and contains features to stop the subject from unfastening or removing it. A remote-control signal is sent to tell the control pack to give the subject an electric shock. Some models are activated by the subject’s movement.

Most stun belts restrain the subject’s hands and have a strap going under the subject’s groin to stop him from rotating the belt around the subject’s waist and trying to deactivate it. Stun belts are not generally available to the public.

The electric shock is sent into the area of the kidneys for maximum effect. After more than two shocks the subjects lose the ability to control their bladder. Muscle and nerve damage is a regular occurrence. Internal injuries to the kidney are not unheard of.

Egypt, China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey (the list is not complete) have said to use these devices officially in police interrogations.

The United States uses these devices to control prisoners.

Modified stun belts were found in many prison camps in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This information came from a report on CNN from two years ago and from the manufacturer’s site. Also from a documentary about the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX), the Supermax in Florence, Colorado.)

So, Wo Fat get ready for an unpleasant stay, if you ever reach that Supermax, that is.

DANNY! What are you looking at? You are totally checking out your partner! Like what you see?


Soon we learn, after Chin’s research, that this is all related to the terrorist group from the season’s finale. They are obviously here for revenge. Or so it seems.


After this deadly and dangerous beginning it’s time to show us a bit of Hawaii. An episode of Five-0 is always also a postcard from paradise. At times they fill a bit too much time with those shots, but it’s always nice to look at and an integral part of an episode.


We have seen the lobby and entrance area of the Palace a few times in the last years, but they never had any kind of security there. And for sure no metal detectors. So either they realized that it had always been a bit too relaxed, or this is just for more drama in this episode. Whatever the case, I think it makes it more real.


Oh boy, now we have Five-0 under siege.


Which gave us Chin McClane. Very cool. You go, Chin. Loved this action version of Chin Ho. Hope we will see a lot more of him this season. As I said a few times now, I which they would let him work with Steve more often. Maybe we will get that this season.


Why does Steve’s caller ID for Chin says Lt. Kelly? I found that a bit strange. I would have thought he would have Chin, or Chin Ho Kelly on his phone. Not his official title. Any thoughts?


We have a situation. Yeah, you could say that. From here on we have some great entertaining minutes, and the introduction of a new character. One, I think will bring us endless entertainment when he butt heads with McGarrett. But more about that later.


They obviously got what they wanted. And I’m always amazed how fast a download happens on TV. Wouldn’t it be great if copying files from one drive to another would be equally fast in real life?

Okay, here I laughed out loud. Do they really want to tell us that shooting the smart table destroyed any kind of data? That they don’t have their data on a server that is in a secure location? LOL – get it, secure location means jack sh/t in Hawaii. So, the data goes puff. Don’t be sad, Chin, I’m sure the Governor will spring for a shiny new one.


The question of course is what kind of data were they after?

And welcome Captain Grover, the new SWAT leader. Chi McBride will be a real win for Five-0. Can’t wait to see him go head to head with McGarrett.

I’m so happy to see Duke on a regular basis. He is such a great guy. I hope we will see a lot more of him. And hello to Max.



Yes, Captain, they came to play. But do you know what the game is? Even though he was pretty clueless he played it really cool.


Let’s see what we have at the moment.

Danny and Steve with their own prisoner on their way to find a way out. Or at least to keep their guy alive long enough to maybe exchange him, or something.


Then we have the hostage takers, obviously with a plan and knowing what they are doing.


Of course, there is Chin, hiding somewhere in the building. Waiting for the right moment.


And of course we have the SWAT team there, eager to get their job done.


Now it’s time to change location again. Let’s go to the beach, pay Catherine a visit. Unfortunately the news is not that good. Question is was that guy already part of the operation? Why would someone, who she called Sir, come and inform her of a hostage situation at the palace? Who would have tried to call her? Duke, Max, someone else? And why didn’t they reach her? Didn’t she have her phone with her on her run? Why call a superior of her? Was that her superior who understood and allowed her giving a ‘helping hand’ to McGarrett, as she said in 3.21? That guy was a Captain, not really low on the food chain. So, that didn’t make much sense to me. Unless, he, Steve and Cath have a relationship resembling friends and he wanted to inform her that Steve was in danger. Oh well, I guess I’m thinking too much about it.


And now it IS the right time for Chin to start his McClane act.



By the way, this might take your illusion away a little, but a choke-out, that’s what Chin is doing here, only lasts a few seconds. Even an air-choke-out doesn’t last long, and takes a lot longer to archive. But it’s always fun to see how the heroes manage to knock someone out so easily.



You know, I really like Kamekona, even though I think that they overuse him at times, but he’s a fun addition to the show. And here he was really great. I loved how everyone was coming to the palace, full of worry for their friends. And I LOVED it that the show brought that young cadet back. Remember him from the football episode? He told Kono he was getting into the academy. I think it’s really sweet that he made it and is on his way to become a cop. And the scenes between him and Kame were really great.

Meanwhile inside, Steve administers his first aid knowledge to our arrested baddie. And Danny picks that time to tell him about his Gabby-trouble. For me, one of the best Steve/Danny scenes of the episode. First it was hilarious to come clean in such a manner and moment, and I really had to laugh at what Danny had to say. What I really love is that Steve has always such good advice for his friend. It’s not the first time that he had something to say to his friend’s relationship problems, and so far he was always right. How well that advice works, well, that is a different matter. I loved it how they talked about such import stuff in such a casual way. Great scenes.

Okay, raise your hand if you didn’t know this would end with Catherine getting kidnapped.


I guess that is one way to get information from the bad guys. It was original, and it seems that Captain Grover is a guy who doesn’t shy away from the unusual to reach his goal. I think he’s a lot like Steve. And that’s why they will learn to respect each other and will be a great team.


Seriously, how cool was that? Shooting the bad guy through the other bad guy? Loved it, and took me by surprise. Way to go, Steve.


Of course after killing off yet another bad guy they had to give themselves up in order to save the other hostages.



Of course now it got really interesting, and I wondered for a minute what that was all about. But I think everyone knew that this was just the beginning. We hadn’t seen the main bad guy yet, so something spectacular had to happen. And this was a pretty good start for what was still to come. ‘You are free to arrest us now.’ I guess that really was a new one.


We all knew that Steve’s right, this was not over. Far from it. And all the speculation Five-0 was doing was really not what this was about. I really enjoyed this twist in the story; it’s great that the writing team can still come up with something that is fresh and new.

Chin now finds the time to inform them of the data the baddies took off their drives. Now he only needs to figure out what the data was about.

Now the bad guys made a really bad move, one that was not gonna end well. They took his girl. Steve is fiercely protective of his friends, and even more so of the woman he loves. They had just signed their death sentence.

Now we get a nice car chase and a great cargument. Even though, Danny, I doubt you want Catherine back as much as Steve does, but I hear ya.


I think these are the best Catherine/Steve scenes we had so far. This is just great. And if there is still anyone out there who doubts their deep feelings for each other or needs to put a label on their relationship? Well, I don’t know, but that person must be blind not to know that these two belong to each other and have already made a commitment.

I have no idea what giant something Danny saw, but I think he was really cute in those scenes.

Are the bad guys really getting away? Is Steve’s plan working? Why didn’t Chin call for back-up? Why didn’t he explain the situation? Poor Camaro. Thankfully Chin didn’t get shot; that were a lot of bullets flying his way. Even more than Steve had to dodge at the beginning.

Aw, poor Danny. Well, you weren’t driving your car very often anyway. And you will get a really cool new one. 😉


Ehm, yeah, Captain, Steve had a plan. Didn’t work quite as he hoped it would though. Don’t be mad at him. J Loved their power play. But what I loved most was how Steve stayed focused on the problem. That the terrorists were still at large. Time for their p/ssing contest would be later. And hey, as Grover said, it’s a date. I’d love to see that.




Oh, and Captain, you should listen to Danny, don’t invade Steve’s personal space, that could end badly. Trust Danny, he knows.


Thank you, Duke, for thinking about the stolen helicopter. Now we’ll get another chase, and one of the most spectacular car crashes on TV. Peter Lenkov said it was real and not CGI. Impressive.




So, was that it? Are all the bad guys dead? And what about the waiting helicopter? Shouldn’t they check that? Well, at least Steve thinks like I do. LOL

And it doesn’t take them long to figure out that Steve is not really on the scene anymore, but in hot pursuit.

After Steve catches up with the bad guy we get yet another great stunt. And part of it Alex did himself. I think it’s a good thing that they let him do some of the stuff as long as they keep him reasonably safe. I mean McGarrett is big on action, so they have to let Alex do some of the stuff. Hopefully not the really dangerous things, but the guy jumping the helicopter is clearly Alex. But as he said, he has no desire to do everything himself anymore. Good for him, good for us, and good for the show. No one wants a repeat from 2012.

With climbing into the helicopter the real trouble begun. Now Steve had to fight with the main bad guy. And of course the pilot got shot. Why do they always shoot the pilot? Oh, right, so Steve can crash land a plane or as in this case a helicopter. Well, the outcome this time was a lot better. I think that thing will surely fly again.

Not fly again will the main bad guy. He really had a bad day. First a near fatal car crash, then he gets shot, then shot again, and for good measure free falls onto a nice car. He’s dead for sure.


So after getting rid of all the bad guys, all that was left was landing the helicopter.



Back on the ground Steve has to endure some ribbing from Danny, but I guess he’s used to that. Besides this time Danny’s worry was loud and clear. The scenes after the landing were some of the best of the episode, at least for me.

Fear of fun? Well, Steve, I’m sure Danny strongly disagrees with you there.

I thought this was a great ending for the episode. The heroes leaving in search of that promised free beer.


Well, a glance at the timestamp showed that we were only at 38:55, almost five more minutes to go. Huh. What else could happen? Almost forgot about him. Wo Fat. Sure, Steve had to have a little talk with Wo Fat. Who was ready for transport at Hickam.

Alex said in an interview that the plane was normally used to transport cattle, and the smell of urine in it was overwhelming.

Loved Steve’s quick move to get the DNA. I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect Wo Fat to talk anyway. But seriously, they want us to believe they are brothers? I never did, not even for a second. That is simply ridiculous, and I would be really disappointed if that were the case.


Nope, still not the end. We can top that. Let’s have a warm welcome for Toast. And with his help they finally find out what the bad guys really were after. Okay, they were looking for Adam. Actually I had forgotten about them already. But the show used this as a cliffhanger for next week.


Alright, this was essentially the first episode of season 4. Was it what I had expected? Oh yeah. And more. I think it was the best season opener so far, not counting the pilot episode.

It had lots of action, drama, humor. Everything I love about Five-0. Did I miss anything? No, not really. A word about Fong would have been nice, but then I remembered they probably don’t even know anything yet. This episode was time wise right after the season 3 ending. The same day, so Fong’s fate might still be hanging in the balance. Peter Lenkov tweeted about him though.


So, at least he’s still alive at the moment. Guess we’ll see next week.

This is one of the rare episodes where I have nothing to complaint about, not even Danny. Loved every minute with him.

So, Five-0 bring on the next show, I’m ready. This was amazing.

It gets the full points in my new rating system.


P.S. if you want to see the other four rating pictures, you have to hope for a less than stellar episode. Do you really want that?

12 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h – Release 4.01

  1. Great recap! I agree that we didn’t need that whole “here’s what happended before.” It didn’t even tell us much.

    I also agree that I hope they don’t make Steve and Wo Fat brothers. That’s just too crazy.

    Danny was so funny in this episode, and so was Grover in many ways (even though he didn’t mean to be!).


  2. I thought the same as you that they were wasting time at the beginning rehashing everything. But the episode was so strong, I easily forgot that. LOVE all the action, the drama with Steve and Cath (and Danny in the background, embarrassed at their PDA), loved Steve and Grover, Chin rocked the entire episode, and it was just an excellent episode. Add to that the fact that we had twitter with those guys just acting like nuts and it made the evening even more special.

    A definite 5 badge, friggin’ awesome! Can’t wait until this Friday.

    Sam, LOVE all the photos. 176, huh? What were you doing in your spare time??? 🙂 This blog also is a great new start to the season.


    • Yes, I really believe that was a waste of time. It was incredibly long and we didn’t learn anything from it.
      Spare time? What the heck is spare time? I think I need a translation for that. 🙂
      Thank you, very happy that you liked it. It really was a lot of work.


  3. Love this review, great job!!
    I agree one hundred percent on this line “Now the bad guys made a really bad move, one that was not gonna end well. They took his girl. Steve is fiercely protective of his friends, and even more so of the woman he loves. They had just signed their death sentence.”
    DO NOT mess with Steve’s friends or family DO NOT!! tsk, tsk.. bad guys!!

    When Steve was climbing into the helicopter to get the bad guys, the back of his shirt flew up, it wasn’t Alex, no tattoo 😯


    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂
      Yes, you are right, that was not Alex, but the guy in the beginning jumping and hanging from the helicopter, that was Alex. You can clearly see the back tattoo. Why he wasn’t climbing into the thing? No idea. And I’m sure he was not the one when the chopper was higher in the air. Too dangerous even when secured with a harness.
      But as always they did really great with the action.


  4. I didn’t liked so much the scene in Wo Fats prison, it was pretty cool, but not real in my eyes. And the flashback at the beginning that was just boring for me, everything else was awesome. At least Steve now it’s not the biggest guy, Grover it’s a bit higher than him.


    • I think most thought the flashback was too long.
      I loved the prison stuff, but I usually love the action stuff. It’s okay not to like it so much though. Glad you enjoyed the rest of it.


  5. I really liked your review. I agree with you about the ‘previously on Five-0′ was too long and unnecessary. And the scene at prison was filmed at the end of season 3. If you watched the wrap video made by the crew, it showed Alex shooting and fighting with the bad guys.
    The episode had it all that sets this series – action, drama, humor, a pinch of love and Ohana. It was a awesome start and i’m anxious for 4.02.
    Thank you.


  6. This was so concise. How did you manage to show me the episode again in words and pictures? Amazing. I loved this episode. BAMF Steve….


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