Teases from Alex


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we get these little spoilers. Nothing really new, but a nice read.


Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season premiere is packed! With Kono and Adam on the run, some gunmen, who are very interested in finding out where Kono and Adam are, storm the Five-0 at what unravels is something I think H5-0 fans are going to really enjoy. But for some deeper scoop on what to expect in the premiere and beyond, read below!

+ As reported (and seen in the promo), Chi McBride makes his debut as SWAT captain Lou Grover and in one of his first scenes, he strip down to his skivvies! But it’s for a good reason and will show just how crafty this new captain is! But he and McGarrett are going to butt heads in a big way, paving the way for more tension. “I know I just read episode 8 and I’m up to page 50 and we’ve argued for 47 of the pages” he joked. “They’re really getting into it with those two characters.”

+ In the episode, Catherine finds herself in major dangers thanks to the aforementioned gunmen. “In the first episode she becomes an incredibly liability,” he says. “We really see the extent of his emotional connection to this woman….she’s getting really close to the team and we start to wonder how dangerous that is for her and the team.”

+ McGarrett pulls off one of his most impressive stunts yet. It involves a helicopter.

+ The upcoming Pearl Harbor episode is “one of the most beautiful 5-0 scripts I’ve read,” according to O’Loughlin. It’s told through the eyes of an elderly Japanese character who is arrested at the beginning of the episode, and it will feature flashbacks that show what happened to him as a child. “It’s a very important episode for a lot of reasons,” he says.

+ Catherine’s ex figures heavily in an early episode and while McGarrett tries to play off her former boyfriend’s reappearance as no big deal, he’s “simmering on the inside.” “He thinks he’s keeping it under wraps [but] he’s not cool at all,” says O’Loughlin. “[McGarrett] is tested in the first few episodes.”

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