A look back at 2.11

Here is the next part in my series of unpublished old reviews.

Let me start again with a strong reminder that this was written right after the episode aired. So, a long time ago. Forget all what we know now. LOL

Thanks to CBS and http://www.mycoven.com for some of the pictures.

2.11 PaheleDec. 5, 2011

A team of drug dealers kidnaps a busload of school children in order to get Five-0 to return the drugs they confiscated, while Joe White goes on a personal mission to uncover the identity of “Shelbourne” before Wo Fat does.

It certainly wasn’t as epic as 2×10, but hey I guess that one put the bar really high. I mean it took 33 episodes for me to get an episode that is right up there with the pilot. Just love the pilot to pieces, don’t even know anymore how often I have watched that part. But back to 2×11, which I think it was a very solid episode.

I truly enjoyed the ride. It has great team work in it, some good Steve and Danny time, some action and drama and some more mystery stuff about Shelburne (or however that is spelled).


Where to start? Of course at the beginning, well looks like the Governor, who I really like, is really pleased with Five-0 at the moment. And I’m very happy to notice that there was no fall-out for them from that angle. One word about Lori right away, who, except for Steve, said that Lori was there to spy or babysit Five-0? No one ever said anything about that, the Governor put her to Five-0 because she would be a great asset to the team. 😉 It was never said that she has to report to him about anything, WE only assume that. I think the Governor thought that she might be totally by the book with her background and would report to him if McG would cross a line. But I don’t think that she was put on the task force for that purpose. Well just my opinion, I mean wouldn’t they have shown us at least a little report or anything about that by now?


The whole kidnapping stuff of the bus was really something, poor kids, and this time it really were just kids, not like the young adults from last season. I found this really hard, but I also knew right away that this was not about the parents. Even though I had no idea that it was about the coke.


Joe White – oh dear another guilt trip for our McG, his face when it was clear that Joe was just kicked out of the Navy showed more than just guilt and sorrow. But I actually loved it that someone had to pay for their actions and I think Joe is the most obvious choice. The Five-0 where there as civilians and Steve, well he was the victim and also just a civilian. He actually had to fear the least of all of them. He just took some personal days and went on a trip, the Five-0 went against orders or at least without sanction and Joe went against everything. He’s actually lucky that he wasn’t court martial-ed. I would have liked to hear McGarrett’s testimony though.


Joe what the heck are you doing? I truly believe that he is not one of the bad guys. But by keeping information from Steve and going behind his back, he is betraying him in a way. Not good for their relationship, and certainly not good for Steve. I mean how in the world can he ever trust anyone ever again?

I know there are a lot of theories floating around and I’m not even sure I want to go into that. Maybe a little bit. I don’t think that McG senior is still alive, simple because that would be stupid. I mean okay we never saw his body, but there are more than enough ways to identify a dead body without a doubt even if the face would have been blown off, which wouldn’t even happen with a hand gun. My guess is that Steve even made the ID, I’m fairly certain that he would have wanted to see the body.

On the other hand I was wondering why didn’t Danny recognize McG senior on the video, didn’t he see the body? I mean he was the lead detective, all lead detectives on TV see the body. Why didn’t he? Makes one wonder.


Okay next theory, Mama McGarrett is still around. Please. Anything but not that. That would be such a cruel joke. I mean what mother leaves their kids to believe she’s dead, let’s them move half across the world, destroy their childhood and scar them for life? I just don’t want to believe that someone would be so cruel and destroy the life of their own offspring like that. But on the other hand that would be right up Peter Lenkov’s alley. Darn him. Kidding. Love the guy. But I would hate for momma McG to come back.

That said I’m really curious about how this all turns out, but must say that I’m not much of a conspiracy lover. All this secrecy is really not my thing, I don’t find it very intriguing. It can get boring really fast, not happened yet, but don’t drag it out much longer or I will lose interest in it.


Steve – seems to me that he is putting up a pretty good front so far, or he has a very good therapist, or maybe Danny is still living on his couch. Whatever he does to deal with his demons, he’s doing a damn fine job. Any other would have cracked a while ago. So P. Lenkov let him have a little breakdown, preferable with Catherine there to help him out a little. Show us some weakness, no one is as strong as you want us to believe Steve is.

It’s nice to see that he at least had some scars left from two weeks ago, even though they forgot it in one scene. How great was it to see him so controlled when they interrogated that guy at HQ? With the stuff that happened to him, it must be hard not to lash out at the first opportunity.


Danny – so I guess he was hanging around Steve a little too long, liked it how he acted like Steve during the interrogation. Danny’s tie, well I actually like it that he’s normally  not wearing one. Because he’s making a real effort to fit in. In the first season he always said he doesn’t want to fit in, but since he developed a sense of belonging he wants to fit in as well. Ergo no tie. 🙂 In this scene though he wants to look official. Well, Danny, that is debatable. LOL


The cargument about the red dot was really short but nice and I think the episode was too intense for anything more than what we got. So I’m happy with that.

Lori – LOL is she going to be the beat-up-guy (sorry girl) now? It’s the second time that she was knocked on her butt. What were her martial arts skills again? Well being saved by Steve will fuel her crush on him even more, ah let her, he doesn’t seem interested in her at all. Poor girl.


Kono – oh Kono you have really grown up. Good job.

Chin – Chin’s always great, not much to say about him this time.


Guest Stars – well to tell the truth, I don’t care about guest stars. All I care about is an actor or actress who does the job well. I don’t care if they are famous or come from Hicksville and we never saw them before in anything. As long as they get the job done it’s fine either way. Actually I think a ‘famous’ guest star can be really distracting. The worst ever in my opinion was P Diddy or whatever his name is at the moment. First he was not that good to say it nicely, and second the hype about him was pretty annoying. Besides I think Five-0 is such a strong show they don’t even have to rely on guest stars to boost the show.

If they do it in such a great way as with Greg Grunberg, Jimmy Buffett or Patty Duke, well then I’m all for it. But if it is like with Peter Fonda or that couple in the ep with the highjacked college kids, please save the money.


Crime – I think that was really thought through with a nice solution and I liked the twist and the acting of that crime lord. Brilliant. Loved the last scenes with the kids, Five-0 should have more of such great moments, where they can see the fruits of their hard labor.



All in all a great and very enjoyable episode.


Some Behind The Scenes fun.


One thought on “A look back at 2.11

  1. I was wandering the halls and came upon this review. Seems I have a lot of catching up to do. I liked a lot of what you had to say here. Too bad Lenkov went with the idea of bringing Mama McG back from the dead. And when the Governor finally got rid of Lori he did say that she failed to tell him what 5-0 was up too. So it seems she was supposed to spy on the gang. I always have thought that the show dropped the ball with her. She could have been so much more interesting if she had been shown reporting in. They could have shown how she changed to seeing things from Steve’s perspective and decided to take the team’s side in things. They missed some excellent opportunities to write scenes with her clashing with Steve a bit. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20. Hope I don’t lose points for being really late in my comments.


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