And the winner is…

Wallpaper H50

I guess it doesn’t really come as a surprise after all the other predicted winners took place 2 to 5.

35 people / 15 % of all voters thought this episode was really awesome.

1×01 The Pilot


Since I can’t decide if my favorite episode is 1.01 or 3.20 I’m really happy with this ranking.

Watch the CBS preview from 2010 🙂

See how the iconic theme song came back to life.

And now how you can have fun with the theme song. 🙂

One more really great one.

Here is a great interview before the premiere in 2010

And now just enjoy the picture spam. 🙂

Credits for the pictures to CBS, AOLRocks, and as credited on the pictures.

4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. oh, man… so many wonderful pictures. I can’t wait to look at ALL of them. 🙂 Closely! How can anyone really contest this episode. Let’s face it, it is #1 in more ways than being the first! We are introduced to everyone, see how they interact, see how the team is formed, watch Steve get shot… really? Is there a down side??? 🙂 I love it. Yes, a couple of others rank right up there as “the best” but I still love this episode… and was reminded of that fact when I saw it on TNT a couple weeks ago.

    Sam, thanks for this intense study over the past few months. It is wonderful. I just hope it wasn’t too boring for you to sort through all the data, photos, videos, etc. to bring this to us.


  2. Sam, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with your blog, especially with this ranking. I LOVED the pics you put together. Keep up the great work.
    Danke, Thanks, Mahalo!!!


  3. And what an excellent episode this was!!! H50 exploded onto our screens and Alex O’Loughlin with it. It was the beginning of another love affair for me and, even more importantly in real life, the beginning of a special friendship with two very special ladies here in the fandom!!! So glad this episode was the kick off of all of this!!!


  4. This was a perfect Pilot! No question. But another reason why I like 3.20 more, is that Alex developed his character. That was brilliant and still is, as I have never seen it done by another actor in a TV Show in such a impressive (and logical) way. And I love what he “has done” to Steve!


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