Your favorite episode – rank 2

This episode came in with 32 votes / 14% of all voters.

I think it absolutely deserves the second place.

3.20 Olelo Pa’a (Promise)

McGarrett and Catherine go on a secret mission to North Korea to find the body of one of McGarrett’s fallen SEAL buddies.

Here you can read the review again, and further down you can watch some videos.



5 thoughts on “Your favorite episode – rank 2

  1. Oh yes, yes and a very big yes!!! Excellent episode and of course a source of some wonderful vids….the following by Moonlightaddicted being my all time fav……it just goes so well with such a wonderful, excellent, powerful, emotional episode. Alex O’Loughlin played his heart out in this episode!!! He made me feel like he really had lost a very close friend. Steve and Cath together….what a team!

    Ok, what on earth could better this episode? I seem to say that every time you post a result….lol lol


  2. Oh, this is NO surprise at all. So, I’m pretty sure I know what tomorrow will bring for #1 and I have to say, that along with this one and 2.10 are a toss up in my book. Such tough decisions! This poll was wonderful, although when I was going through my eight favorites of each season, I was screaming at you. 🙂


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