Your favorite episodes – rank 5

Many weeks went by, and you had first chosen your favorite episodes by season, and later the overall favorite episode.

• 236 votes in total

• Rank five: 22 votes / 9 % of all voters

• FYI – rank six has 11 votes

Fifth favorite episode

1.24 Oia’i’o – The season 1 finale

After one of Governor Jameson’s assistants is killed, McGarrett discovers that the Governor may have been working with Wo Fat and may have been the target of his father’s investigation.

Rank four… tomorrow


Credits for the pictures as named on the pictures.

3 thoughts on “Your favorite episodes – rank 5

  1. Drum rolls here…..this is excellent with all the stats and everything…thanks so much for all your hard work here hon!!!! hugs xxx


  2. wait! We have to wait another day for #4? And I suppose we’ll have to continue to wait a day for the next one? Cruel and inhumane punishment, I believe. 🙂
    Really, this is great! I love all the photos and stats you included with this episode.
    Great job!


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