A look back at 2.10

Ki’ilua (Nov. 21, 2011)

While Five-0 investigates the death of a reporter, Jenna returns to ask McGarrett for help finding her fiancé in North-Korea – which is actually part of Wo Fat’s revenge plot to get McGarrett.

Please keep in mind that this review was written right after the episode aired. And it’s not really a review, more like some random thoughts sent out by email. So, all knowledge from now… well, you get the picture.

Thanks toCBS, www.pizquita.com and www.mycoven.com for the screenshots and pictures.


I have to say until this episode aired I never thought that anything would top the Pilot, but now I might have to rethink that. This was epic.

I debated if this might have been better as a two-hour show but I came to the conclusion, no it wouldn’t. This was a fast paced perfect episode. What would you expect from the second hour? More torture, more traipsing through the jungle? A tearful good bye to Grace is not what I need to see, I know how hard it was for Danny to go on a mission with the high possibility of not coming back. I don’t need to see that. No I think the way they did it was just perfect, of course I’d love to see those cut out minutes on the DVD.

I think I have a new favorite scene, when they flew into the sunset that was perfection.


Kudos to all the actors, but especially to Alex O’Loughlin and Mark Dacascos. I have seen thousands of movies and TV-episodes and so many torture scenes I really lost track of how many. But I have to tell you I flinched at every hit Wo Fat inflicted on McGarrett, those scenes where more than intense. And I loved it that Wo Fat lost his cool a bit, and McG figured out that Wo Fat has no idea what Shelburne means. Doesn’t even matter that Steve doesn’t either.

Giving you kind of a spoiler here, but a friend of mine pointed out that Wo Fat has NO blood on his hands in those scenes. To be honest, I never noticed it. I was concentrating too much on Steve I guess to pay close attention to Wo Fat’s hands. But she is right, it is kind of ridiculous that he has perfectly manicured hands after those scenes. No points for make-up for this one.

Loved it how Jenna died, she at least had the chance to redeem herself a little. Frankly, I can’t really blame her for trying to save her fiancé, even though it was pretty stupid not to go to McG with the truth, he would have helped her.

I was rooting for McG to escape from the bunkers but was glad his freedom didn’t last long. I think it would have been unrealistic if he would have been able to save himself. So, thank you for giving his team the chance to be the heroes for once.

Totally loved how Joe kept his hand on Steve’s shoulder in the helicopter, how he almost held him in his arms for protection I think it showed wonderfully how much Steve means to him. And Steve was quite comfortable being touched and held. Maybe not so much by Lori, but I think her hugging was very understandable, Kono would have done the same. They are just women after all, so it means nothing more than that they were really happy to see him alive again.


Speaking of Kono, I think it was perfect that she was not in the helicopter, because it was her job to do all the computer stuff. This was a very dangerous rescue mission and everyone was needed on the job they were most qualified for. That is why Kono did what she did. She stayed back for the team, I think it kind of broke her heart not to be among her friends, but she knew that she had to do it.

What I truly hope is that not everything is back to normal in the next episode. You don’t walk away from something like that and be your old self again. None of them would. So I hope we will get a little mention of that here and there.

Anything I didn’t like? Nope. Nada. This was perfect entertainment.


8 thoughts on “A look back at 2.10

  1. This was indeed perfection!! And this is a video that I think is just so good made up from scenes from this episode and accompanied by wonderful music…….. Save our Steve by H50GermanFanForum


    • Thanks for the video link. The music is from Avatar if I’m not mistaken. It is great music, but I don’t think it fits the video very well. It’s great for scenes like when they are flying into the sunset or when Jenna was killed, but not so good for the action scenes. But that is of course just my personal preference. LOL

      But it was great to watch all those scenes again. Very good work on the video editing. I have no patience and probably no talent for that, so I admire people who can do such great videos.


  2. Alex O’L-a-ughlin? Tsk tsk tsk! Sam Sam Sam… 😉
    But I agree, this epi was epic (close behind 3.20 in my world). There where two scenes I loved the most. The scene you mentioned, when tortured Steve laughs WF right in the face, because he realizes WF has no clue about Shelburne. But what really impressed me was this little scene in the jungle. Steve got up from the ground looking at Jenna and realizing she betrayed him. This look on his face, blank but on the other hand full of emotion… perfection!
    Thanks for your not-reviews! I love them!


    • LOL – see, you can read it dozens of times and still there is a typo in it. Thanks for pointing that one out. How embarrassing. 🙂

      Glad you like my non-reviews. Good name for them. 😉


    • ACA leiCA on the scene where Steve realizes that Jenna betrayed him. His face as he comes to the realization of what is happening is….well, it’s just one more example of what Alex does so brilliantly and that’s having an entire dialogue with his face. I remember at the time, on another recap i stated, what has Alex been through in his life that he can just pull “that look” out so raw and convincing…. It’s chilling.


  3. This episode is a 9 out of 10 for me. It still should have been Kono in the chopper not Lori. No way would Kono not be there physically for Steve and the hug by Lori was painfully odd even if I can understand why she did it. It keeps the episode from being perfect otherwise.


    • Yes, I surely would have preferred Kono in the chopper, but I also think it’s logical that she stayed back for the computer stuff. That is her job on Five-0, and as I said they needed her back there. Not sure Lori could have done that. And it might have endangered the whole rescue.
      Her hug was kind of odd, but I can live with it in that situation. But otherwise ‘Take your hands off that boy’!


  4. Still exploring and I am glad I read this non-review. I loved this episode and you hit all the marks. I too would have preferred that Kono be in the chopper but it wasn’t enough to make me dislike the episode. I honestly felt sorry for Jenna when she died even though she betrayed Steve. I keep waiting for a follow up as to what Steve did with her necklace. Since she had said she got the money from selling her folks house I assume that she didn’t have family to send it back to. So is it in a drawer in Steve’s house somewhere. I was glad that they had her wearing it in the 100th episode but it is still a question that sits in the back of my mind.


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