A look back at 2.04

Mea Makamae

The team discovers that a dead salvage diver was looking for more than sunken treasures, Chin Ho discovers that Kono accessed his police account, and McGarrett becomes curious about what’s delaying the DOD findings about his father.


Please keep in mind that this review was written right after the episode aired. And it’s not really a review, more like some random thoughts sent out by email. So, all knowledge from now… well, you get the picture. 😉

Pictures are from CBS, AOLRocks, MyCoven, and my own screenshots.


I have to say that I really like the season so far and this episode was excellent. Really liked it.

Most important thing first, I think Cath and Steve are not over at all! On the contrary, they were both pretty devastated that she had to leave. And Steve is willing to fly half around the world to meet her on her leave, he is willing to wait for that for however it may take. You don’t do that if you see your friend just as someone you can ask a favor and to jump in bed on occasion. And Steve is not someone to just say something like that if he doesn’t really mean it.

Yes okay their first meeting was a little awkward, but I felt like Steve is very aware that he is asking a lot of favors and that she could get the wrong impression. I think he was a little embarrassed to ask her again. They both did a great job with their scenes especially in the office. That was very touching. I’m convinced that we didn’t see the last of Catherine.

That brings me right to the next point – Lori. I like her! She fits in very well, she is good with Danny and Steve. I like it that they mix it up a little. Besides we have Steve and Danno back in the car, that was great. I don’t see her as a love interest for anybody. No way, there is NO sexual tension whatsoever and I don’t think they ever intended that. She is a coworker but that’s it. Nothing else going on and I don’t think there ever will be. Steve and Lori are way too professional for that.

About Danny, well he is just Danny. Nothing out of character about his reaction to the doctor from the museum. All season one he was like that, the episode with the comic convention or the one with the models come to mind right away. He needed to be reminded to focus a few times. Even Kono said in one ep ‘he is so busted’ when it comes to women. So nothing new there, besides I think it’s great for him to get back in the saddle as Steve put it. Good for him to listen to his friend and ask her out for a coffee.

About Peter Fonda, well blink and you’ll miss him. But hey I can live with that, his role was really not important. I would have thought that they would give him something more to do.


Well, well, Joe what are you up to? I’m not sure what to make of him. I’m certain that he will not betray Steve, they wouldn’t do that, would they? I mean wasn’t he betrayed enough in the past, how can he ever trust anyone ever again? Not Joe too. Come on Mister Lenkov you don’t really want us to believe that he is hiding something? I think his motives are good, I think he wants to protect Steve and the name of his friend. Of course I could be totally off.

I wished there was some more diving, I mean jump in dive down, that’s it? We saw the whole diving stuff in the sneak peek, that was pretty lame, sorry to say so.

Now with that all said that leaves Kono. I really don’t know what’s going on with her. I’m pretty sure that she’s working undercover, guess we really have to wait and see. The promo for next week, well it doesn’t look good for her.

At least we see Chin is worried about her. Even though I’m sure the others also tried to reach out to her, but she’s not allowing that.

I’m really curious how they will solve this matter with her and I’m even more curious how she will fit into Five-0 again. Because quite frankly I’m still not missing her. I think the show is doing a great job to take her out of it and letting us guess what’s up with her.

Well that probably wraps it up, this episode was another example why I love this show so much. It is great entertainment with not just the solving of the crime of the week, but the serial character of it is what I really like. All the little stories involving all the characters, were really well done. Another A minus for me.

One thought on “A look back at 2.04

  1. Now I’ve gone through what was posted for season 2 I feel that I need to go back and have a marathon viewing. With winter coming that shouldn’t be a hardship for me. I will catch up with the others on other days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is so nice to see the episode through someone else’s eyes.


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