A look back at 3.02

3-02 Kanalua

Really? Two minutes? The paddle out took just two minutes!


I mean somehow it IS kind of fitting since it feels like we haven’t seen Malia for more than two minutes in the last two years. It feels like we got introduced to her in the episode with the head in a box (back in season 1), and then suddenly there was a marriage ceremony in 2-12, which also took only two minutes. And next time we saw her she got killed off. I think that also didn’t take more than two minutes. Guess all in all she might have had 10 minutes of screen time, tops.



As you can see this time I start with the complaints. Well, you should take them with a grain of salt. I’m not really serious here. 😉


What’s the matter with Steve and Cath? I mean what the heck is their deal? Last we saw them they were always at it like bunnies, and now they are not even touching. Come on! Not even a friendly hug? I could live with it last week, because Steve was too shaken from the impact of his mom being back. And Cath felt uncomfortable because his mom was watching. But this week? I mean I don’t need to see them doing it all the time, that would get boring pretty fast, but at least act a little bit on your friendship. A hug, a kiss, a phone call, a smile would go a long way. So, here is to seriously hoping that they will find their way towards each other. It seems to me that TPTB are a bit too careful about it right now.

Okay, what I love about Five-0 is the action. This car chase was pretty cool with the big bus and all. But I really mean the ‘personal’ action. Chases on foot (I confess, I love seeing Alex running), close quarter combat, fist fights. That is the action I love. We didn’t have that in season 3 yet. Okay, a shootout with more bullets than one can count, I give you that. But in this episode there was no action at all for our boys.


I think this one was pretty slow, not that it was bad, but it was lacking a bit of pace.

And what the hell is Danny’s problem? What kind of stupid crap was he spouting about Steve losing control of the situation? That whole speech was just dumb.



If someone was stupid during that plan with the hostages it was Kono. I mean, seriously? There is this half dead guy, barely able to stand and she is not kicking the gun out of his hand? Come on! I could have knocked him out. I think Steve should have a word with her. That was a poor job she did.


I think Danny was nothing but annoying in this episode. At least I’m talking about his constant nagging and ranting. That is so going on my last nerve. Mr. Negativity indeed. He’s an idiot. Sorry, but I have no idea why the writers write him like this. It was funny in season one for maybe three episodes, but now it’s just annoying.

But you know what I love? The closeness between Steve and Danny. These two are touching more than anyone else on the show. Loved it how Danny put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and was right in his personal space. And Steve looked completely comfortable with it.


I just love these two. I would even love them more if Danny would just shut up, at least let him rant something that makes sense. 😉 No, seriously, they need to let him grow up. His childish behavior is not funny anymore.

I totally loved Steve in this episode. Man, he is one cool guy. I love his patience and his knowing smile. I love it how he handles suspects and Danny. So cool.


And I loved it how long he kept hugging Chin. And his look was so full of compassion and friendship. Did I mention that I love Steve? Yes? Well, it can’t hurt to say it again. I love that guy.

Loved Cath, again. She does a great job. I really like her, and I think she is not taking any time away from the others. They are doing this really well. So, is Tony Almeda still trying to revenge his dead wife? Well, he should get together with Chin. They would be a cool team. If you didn’t watch 24 you have probably no idea what I’m talking about. 😉


The case. That was pretty neat, and I didn’t quite know how August March was involved in it. I’m still not really sure. Did he hire the baddies in the first place? Don’t think so. He did hire the guys who killed the baddies. But on the other hand, how did he get a photo of the girl in the trunk? So, maybe he did orchestrate everything after all. Anyway, I think he was brilliant.

I think he knew that he will get busted when Steve told him that they always get their guy. You know, when they were on that outlook watching the surfers. I think that were great scenes.



And they got me with his plan in the end. Killing himself? I didn’t see that one coming.

Loved the team in the end, at the Tropics Bar. But I wished for Cath to really be there. I just hope she will get back to the table with Steve.


Wonderful scenes with Chin and Danny. Loved Chin’s story how he met Malia. Very touching scene.


I think this was a good and solid episode. I’ll give it an A minus.

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