A look back at 3.01

It was again time to sort through my hard drive. Before I had this blog I shared my reviews via email with a few people. And today I thought why not put them up on the blog. So, I will do that. I’m starting with 3.01 and 3.02 today. Later there will also be a few for season 2. It was actually fun to read them again with today’s knowledge.

Credit for the pictures as always as indicated on the picture, otherwise it’s my own screen shot.

I hope you will enjoy them, so, here we go.

3.01 La O Na Makuhine

Okay, four months of waiting are over. Was it worth it, the wait I mean?

Heck, yeah!

Was the episode like I expected it to be?

YES, even a little better.

Do I have anything to complain about?

Hell, YES. Loudly so. But we’ll come to that later.

First things first. Steve and mom.


Wow, very powerful scenes. Alex was brilliant in all of them. I think he portrayed the lost son in such a great way. And lost son is the perfect word for Steve for most of the episode. I loved it how he stubbornly refused to call Doris mom, even though it was so tempting to do so. I think it freed him when he finally did.


I absolutely loved every single moment with Steve and his mom. And I loved Catherine. Her and Steve together is just too great. Loved her little slip about ‘as if it was her own mother’. Steve’s look was just so great. And full of happiness and love. Steve telling her that he didn’t think it came out wrong was so sweet and I think the first declaration of love she ever got from him. I loved that moment. That was so cute and sweet. And it is probably my favorite scene.


I don’t trust Doris one bit. What the heck is she pulling? I’m sure Steve doesn’t trust her either. What is her connection to Wo Fat? Why did she let him get away? That was very strange. And please don’t let Steve and Wo Fat or Doris and Wo Fat be related in any way. Don’t you dare do that Mr. Lenkov.

About the part at the end, why the heck didn’t Danny call Steve with that information? Yeah, sure for the purpose of the show it was important that she was already gone, so they couldn’t question her. BUT that is just not logical that Danny would not have called Steve right away. I think that was a bit stupid and simply too easy.


Kono. Well, what can I say? This played out exactly like we all thought it would. Which is a bit disappointing. I can live with Adam saving her, that’s okay and the logical choice. What I find ridiculous about this scenario is that they push a former professional surfer into the drink and she is not able to stay afloat? Pleeeeaaaase. That was just stupid with a capital S.


Chin. Brilliant. I must admit I was a bit shocked that Malia really died in the first three minutes. Wow. I didn’t expect that. I thought they drag it out and Chin makes the sacrifice of shutting the machines off or something like that. To declare her dead on the scene without even shocking her once was a bit of a rushed job. I think they should have taken her to the hospital. This is just not a likely scenario, since she was still alive when EMS came to the scene. But it was rather dramatic, I give you that.


I’m not quite sure what I think about Chin’s behavior at the end of the episode. Delano made him a dirty cop. He killed an unarmed man. Out of revenge. But I must admit those scenes, him following Delano and the shootout between the two were awesome. I think he didn’t even care if he would get hit. He was willing to die. But still I’m not sure if I can accept that he killed Delano in cold blood.


I think this will be very interesting to see how this will develop. Chin and Danny are very much alike in my eyes; they both would switch to the dark side to revenge their family. This again lets me smile about all the people writing about Steve being the one out of control. He had every right to lose control twice. First with Hesse and then with Wo Fat. But he never did. Danny and Chin in his place would have both lost it and killed the men.

I loved it how Chin was kind of Zen about it, but totally out of control regarding his moral beliefs. He did his revenge in a very controlled and Zen manner. So cool.


Danny. Well. There really isn’t much to say about Danny. Simply because his ‘cliffhanger’ is totally boring, at least in my eyes. I don’t care either way, I mean we all know that he’s not going anywhere. No matter if he wins the battle or Grace moves to Las Vegas. I liked the scenes with Doris and Danny, nice of her to call him on his shit. Smart ass is my new favorite name for him. Loved the scenes with Steve and Danny, but what else is new? But frankly, if he was in the episode or not? I don’t think it would have been a big difference.

Maybe I need to watch it again to have another opinion about his role in this one.


Catherine. I’m sure she will be a great addition to the show. She is a kick-ass woman, who can play with the big boys. I love that. She is an equal to McGarrett, and that’s why they work so great together. She is not some stupid woman just hanging on his arm. She is a person in her own right, and doesn’t need Steve to validate her existence. You know what I mean? I love her. And I truly hope that the viewers will like her too. She will not take time away from the others, but I feel like she is adding immensely to the show.


Okay, so far everything is just peachy and I loved it.

Now, what do I have to complain about? I was laughing out loud over the stupid escape of Wo Fat. Please tell me I dreamed that stupid thing with that stupid ‘claw’ and the helicopter. What the hell was that? Mission Impossible gone wrong? That was so ridiculous and such bad computer graphic. God, that was embarrassing. I’m sorry, but I think that was THE most stupid thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Okay, to clarify that, the most stupid action sequence I’ve seen in a long time.


And it was totally illogical too. Delano told Wo Fat he didn’t have the resources anymore after his stint in the joint. Excuse me? But he has the resources to pull something like this? That is just dumb.

Okay, and one more thing. Steve and his dad were trying to figure out who and where Shelburne was for twenty years, and Delano sits in prison for a bit and figures it all out? Who Shelburne is, what Shelburne did and most of all where she is right now? AND he even has some crooked cops on her security detail? Please, how stupid is that?

But thankfully this whole sequence is rather short and there is such a great invention like the fast forward button, so I will forgive them for this ridiculous minute.

All in all this was a great start into the new season. It gets a solid A from me. And I’m really looking forward to see what comes next.

3 thoughts on “A look back at 3.01

  1. Nice! Are you going to review the new episodes in S4? This was a great insight: He did his revenge in a very controlled and Zen manner. So cool.” I, too, was surprised that he really did that!

    Cath started out the season as such a great character, and I’m interested to see what happens with her in S4.


    • Oh yes, absolutely. I will review season 4. Already waiting for it to start. 🙂

      It was a surprise that Chin really shot Delano in cold blood. That was pretty extreme. I hope we won’t see any girlfriend/boyfriend drama with Cath and Steve. I think they should be above such stuff. I really don’t want such soap opera stuff. Besides I think they have a great relationship after all they went through. But I’m really looking forward to what they have in store for us. I’m sure season 4 will be just great.


  2. “This again lets me smile about all the people writing about Steve being the one out of control. He had every right to lose control twice. First with Hesse and then with Wo Fat. But he never did. Danny and Chin in his place would have both lost it and killed the men.”<—– Absolutely right!!!
    As always I couldn't agree more about your characterization of Danny. He has such an one-dimensional view on the world.
    And I too hope this Billy guy will not interfer with Cath/Steve. (Seriously? This guy vs. Steve??? 😉 ) He never said what his "new" assignment will be, so maybe he is someone who puts obstacles in H50's way? Or the new "Big Evil"?


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