Weekly post – most clicked picture last week of July

To say that this week’s most clicked pictures are interesting would be an understatement.

And today you will get 4 pictures. Why you ask? Well, simply because I hightly doubt that the first place is the real winner. Someone had again a lot of fun clicking on one picture. But hey, it gives us four pics of the week, so I’m not complaining much. 🙂

And here is number 4, well, if you will it’s probably really number 3. 😉

A lot of people went and read “What did it for me?” If you want you can click on the picture and read that post.

What did it for me

13 of those readers opened this picture:

BUP 014

Let’s get straight to number three. A picture that can’t be opened often enough. I think it’s a great shot. 17 people also thought so.


I’m very happy with number two, 22 people downloaded the wallpaper without the calendar text on it.

H50 - August 6

Now it’s time for this weeks winner with 81 clicks, yeah right. Not suspicious at all. 😉



One thought on “Weekly post – most clicked picture last week of July

  1. Interesting about the first picture.. I think most of us want to take over JaLo (however you spell it) spot! 🙂 I know for one thing, I wouldn’t fall asleep on that man!!


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