Do we need to police other people’s postings?

Yesterday some absolutely great BTS pictures surfaced, and they were barely online the twitter/internet-police came out and pointed their fingers at the people posting without giving proper credit. Do we really need that?

Not an easy answer for that. YES, if the source is known and it is willingly kept out of the posting. Then, yes, we should speak up.

But, absolutely not, if the source is not known, and it is clearly indicated that the proper source will be given as soon as it comes available. And it is made clear that the pictures were not taken by the people posting it.

I think it would be a shame to not share them with others. And obviously the original poster, whoever took those pictures, did not care enough to tag or watermark their photos. He or she obviously doesn’t mind sharing. So, why should someone come along and tell other people what to do with those pictures? And have you ever thought about that the photographer WANTS to stay anonymous?

BUT to make one thing clear, it is NOT okay to tag and watermark those pictures with your own logo. That is wrong. No matter how small that logo is.

We should all think carefully about what we post and how we give credit. But we don’t need anyone coming along and police what we’re doing.

Here are the great pictures we’re all talking about. I would gladly credit the real source, and if anyone knows for sure (and the guy wants to be credited), please let me know. But until we do, just enjoy them with the knowledge someone did take them and obviously shared them on the internet for us to enjoy.

I first saw them here:

And later on H50BAMF! Thanks ESS for sharing them with all of us and making them widespread known!

 BTS 004

BTS 003

BTS 001

BTS 002

4 thoughts on “Do we need to police other people’s postings?

  1. Great photos aren’t they? And I totally agree about policing of internet by internauts. I also presume that if the person posted in the first place without a big song and dance about identifying themselves, they are happy for the photos to circulate; I thank them, whoever they are.


  2. Sam, i ALL CAPS AGREE about not needing the pic police to worry about crediting the proper sources. #1, there is a ‘need to know’ list with everything and sometimes their name just isn’t on it as much as they want it to be. They ASSUME things and you know what they say about assuming things… 😉 Also they think we have a short memory apparently because anyone who says they NEVER post a pic without credit is a LLWL’s. It’s galling to think they believe we are so stupid. It really pisses me off. They’re too busy pointing the finger at other to see the 3 pointing back at them.

    Who used to ask AOLRocks where she got her stuff? just because pics are posted by a smaller website or blog or facebook page, it doesn’t mean that their postings are any different or through less scrupulous channels. Again, people are ASSUMING things.

    Now i do disagree about the tagging. Did anyone have a problem when AOLRocks used to splash their huge red tag across everything? I’m not judging her, my point isn’t really about her. I can only answer for me. I don’t tag other people’s photos unless I edit them and use them in some way. Often, it is with their permission but that’s not always possible. However, several times now I’ve had exclusive pics shared with me. I don’t have to tell anyone how, or who or why. But usually it is with the requirement that I tag the photo. Yesterday I was sent several more from that bts set and it was a requirement that I tag them. I’m sorry if you disagree that I tagged those last few photos but it was a call I made based on the requirement given to me. it’s not different than the larger, more ‘official’ looking sites who get BTS pics and tag them or download videos from CBS and add their little tags to them and say “CREDIT ME IF USING”. <<–I'm not necessarily agreeing with that, just giving an example.

    The two major big AOL sites have closed down. However, sources and contacts and friends are still out there and they still want to share with AOL fans. No one should be judging anyone on what they get and how they post it any more then they did to the big sites. I suggest to just consider the source (the post, blog, FB page, etc) and if you follow them and read them, you will consider them trustworthy or not. No fan should have to explain anything to another fan and no one fan is any more important than another. It's too bad that a lot of bloggers/website owners/tweeters, feel its more important to be in competition and to be "first" than it is to work together for the good of the actor/show we're supporting. 😦

    My "opinion": Don't assume. Don't police. Just enjoy it or not. Your choice.


    • ESS, you don’t have to explain your politics to anyone. I was not even talking about your tag. You didn’t do it with the first batch of them, so I think you have a good reason to do so with the later ones.

      Maybe I was not clear in my sentence. I was not talking about these pictures in particular, but about pictures in general. Guess I didn’t make that really clear, reading the sentence again now one could think that I was only talking about these. That was not my intention. BTW, if I had a problem with your practice, trust me, you would have gotten an email. 😉

      I am talking about the so called fans who think they own Five-0 and have to place huge logos on official promo shots and BTS shots and videos. And yes, I did have a problem with AOLRocks putting her logo on anything that was not her own. On official pictures downloaded from CBS and other sources without the exclusive rights to them. But that is actually a mood point. There are still sites out there that are doing just that. Tagging and watermarking everything that is not their own.

      …It’s too bad that a lot of bloggers/website owners/tweeters, feel it’s more important to be in competition and to be “first” than it is to work together for the good of the actor/show we’re supporting…

      This is actually something that a lot of the so called fans still don’t get. They don’t do anyone any favors, least of all the show we all love, if they fight with each other about who has the better pictures. Or who posted them first. This is NOT a competition.

      And you are totally right, no one should be asked to reveal all their sources.

      I truly hope that someday the fans will learn to just enjoy what is given to us by the people who are lucky enough to watch the filming. Who are generous enough to share with us. And a lot of them don’t even want any credit for it.


      • ACA Sam! We’ve always gotten along and I think there is good mutual respect between the two of us. I wasn’t sure if you meant my tag so I just addressed it anyway 😉 no worries.

        I still have nothing but ❤❤ for you and your blog. All we can do is try to be a good example and ambassadors of our guys and our blog supporters. I think you do a great job!


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