Weekly post – most clicked July 21 – 27

I must say I’m always amazed about how widespread the clicks on the blog really are.

As number three comes this one in. I for sure can easily live with the three boys.


‘Stop playing with your gun’ makes number two this week.

H50 - 58

And number one makes me really happy, because Mick is the one who brought me to Alex O’loughlin. So, he will always have a special place.

ML 010

2 thoughts on “Weekly post – most clicked July 21 – 27

  1. Three great photos this week again. And yes, like you hon, Mick was also the first role I saw Alex in and became a firm fan if his through it. I will always be really sorry that Moonlight didn’ t get renewed but then if it had, maybe we wouldn’t have got Alex as Steve!!!!


  2. I wonder why. I was touring around you site, checking out your front page, I have never seen the Moonlight DVD cover!!
    I was kidding!! Mick was the best AlexO character for me! 😉


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