Weekly post – most clicked pic July 7 – 13

I bet we were all very busy this week browsing the net for new pictures from the start of filming. What can I say, that was a lot of fun.

This week’s most clicked pictures are really nice. 🙂

On third place with 13 clicks is this great one. Sweet dreams.


Second season was very popular this week, here is number two with 17 clicks.210Image75

And number one is really not surprising. Thankfully he is BACK!

In just three days this one made it to the top with 22 clicks. 🙂

It is OFF

4 thoughts on “Weekly post – most clicked pic July 7 – 13

  1. He looks way to comfortable in the that first picture! 🙂 But I can understand why the last picture got the most clicks.
    Countdown to Sept 26 has started! 🙂 It is 74 days, 6 hours, 28 minutes, 20 seconds


  2. Thank you Ontils for the countdown. Season 4 is coming and I can hardly wait!!!
    And in that first picture, I think he looks like he’s trying his best not to smile. I’m guessing there is a LOT of goofing off on that set.


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