Fourth season blessing thanks to HNN


Hawaiian News Now was live streaming the blessing ceremony for the start of the new season. A big MAHALO to them for this.

And a special thanks to Tannya Boyd-Joaquin who came out of ‘hiding’ of her evening program to cover this ceremony. Since she is a big fan of Alex we can expect her to be ‘there’ for us in the future as much as she can. 😉


Mahalo to Peter Lenkov for giving such an interesting interview.


And of course a huge Mahalo to Alex O’Loughlin for giving interviews even though he just got in and saw the studio for the first time. Even though the microphone was showed into his face as he had barely stepped into the studio he again was very humble, fun, entertaining  and interesting. Telling us that he still felt more like a fan than being on the ‘inside’. He looked like a fan taking it all in, and seemed pretty impressed with everything. How down to earth is that guy? Very refreshing, and I guess one of the reasons why we love him.


Also Mahalo Daniel Dae Kim for stepping in and entertaining us with your interview and inside info about the former use of the studio.

Of course also Mahalo to all the other cast and crew. I’m sure the one or other interview with Michelle Borth or other members of the team will surface in the next days.

Please head over to H50BAMF, ESS again did a GREAT job with covering this event for us. She has tons of pictures AND the video of the blessing. Thank you, ESS for a great job!

Just click on the link and click your way through her site. 🙂

Credit for the pics CBS and FB Tannya Boyd-Joaquin.

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