Weekly post – most clicked first week of July

Can you believe it, first week of July is already over?! In just a few days we will get the first pictures of filming season 4. If we’re in luck there will be another blessing ceremony. If so, I’m sure HNN will cover it for us.

So, the past week was rather interesting. Guess the voting animated a lot of people to take a look at some of the older posts. Very nice. 🙂

Let’s get right to number three from a great episode of season 2. 16 people found it interesting enough to click on it.


Number two managed to get 19 clicks.


And number one is a real surprise. No wallpaper ever managed to get this many clicks. And it’s not even a new one. But 21 people obviously needed a Steve-fix.

H50 - 61


3 thoughts on “Weekly post – most clicked first week of July

    • Okay, here in easy steps what the clicks are all about.
      If you read a post there are mostly pictures in that post. Most pictures are not in full size. Like in this post: https://mostlyfive0.wordpress.com/wallpapers/hawaii-five-0/

      If you click on one of the small pictures the full size picture pops up. That is what ‘clicked on’ means.

      You can go through all posts and take a look at the pictures. 99 percent of all pictures are not in full size in the posts, you have to click on them to see the full size one.

      Any more questions, don’t hesitate to comment, or send me an email. Have fun roaming the site.


      • Ah, I thought you had the episodes screen capped. So it mean I have to tour the site. Whoohoo, something to do before Season 4 starts 😉
        Thanks 🙂


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