Final voting Season 1 – 3

First of all let me say thank you to everyone who participated in the preliminary voting.

We had a total of 875 votes. That is way more than I would have ever thought. Season one pulled in 318 votes, season two 246 and season three 311.

Thank you all so much.

Here are the results with the finalists.

Season 1 diagram

Season 2 diagram

Season 3 diagram

The Pilot and 3×20 are the clear winners. They won way ahead of rank two. As did the season 1 finale, that came in way ahead of rank three in the season 1 poll. The rest is pretty close together.

I think it will be very interesting to see which 5 (five) episodes will be the final winners. The poll will be open into August. The winners will be revealed August 24th.

4 thoughts on “Final voting Season 1 – 3

    • I didn’t find it so hard. Some of my favorites are not in it anymore, so…
      No, seriously, I think to name the absolute five is easier than naming eight for each season. I KNOW my absolute favorites, but I LIKE so many more. LOL


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