Most clicked picture – June 16 – 22

Wow, time flies. Another week gone by.

Speaking of time flying by, filming of season 4 starts on July 10th. Just a good two weeks from now. I’m sure the first pictures will surface soon, until then we just have to keep looking at the ‘old’ stuff. Nothing wrong with that, so here are the ones that were opened to full size the most in the last week.

On place three comes in an old one back from season 1. My two favorite guys of Five-0. 18 clicks for a single picture is really not bad.


On place number two is this one. It was really close to third place, 19 clicks secured the second place. Or as the SEALs say it, first loser. 😉


Speaking of SEALs. First place was opened 24 times.


Thank you all for visiting my site, and for clicking on all those pictures. I’m always amazed how many clicks are happening all over the place. Thanks for coming by, and I hope you enjoyed your stay on the site.

5 thoughts on “Most clicked picture – June 16 – 22

  1. Three good pics this week!! Only two weeks until filming starts? Wow, can’t believe it! As the school hols are July/August here in France, this always seems strange to me that these guys get their holidays so early and are back to work just as France is slowing down. However, it means we have them to enjoy as we all go back to work and school and makes going back not so bad!!!


    • Yeah, poor guys hiatus never fits their kid’s holidays either. But they have to go back to work that early, or there wouldn’t be any new episodes in September.


    • In PL summer holidays are starting this week, I think Thursday or Friday. Anyway for kids and students who are also fans of HF-0 it’s a lot easier to wait for a new season.

      Back to the subject: I’m fan of the second photo and I didn’t even clicked lol


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