For the heroes

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me the devastating news that her family lost a young father to be. He was killed in the line of duty while in Afghanistan.

To remember him and everyone else who lost his life while doing his job and duty in a foreign country she sent along a link to a video. To honor the fallen heroes and the brave men and women who make sure that they get back home to their families.

From the moment I saw it I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It is a beautiful song and a wonderful way to remember all those who have left us way too soon.

The second version is downloadable, the first one isn’t, but that is the video she had sent me.

If you can’t watch one of the videos I suggest to install ProxMate for Firefox and Chrome to watch videos from any country.

4 thoughts on “For the heroes

  1. A wonderful tribute to those in all countries who have lost their lives in the name of freedom… ours. It is also fitting since yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. So many fathers, sons, brothers and friends are away from their families, fighting in foreign lands. And so many others will never come home to see their families again.

    And a special thank you to the pilots and crew of the Angel Flights. You are very special people.


  2. To remember these fallen heros is to thank them for their ultimate sacrifice… up their lives to protect us, our way of life, our freedom and our families. We forget these young fighting forces too easily as we get caught up in our daily routine, our daily complaints and our comforts. These soldiers that are far from their families and comforts, who risk their lives every day for us, should be remembered and prayed for.
    What a shame that the war in Afghanistan is not reported on the news daily like the Vietnamese war was…..the people at home were not able to forget. Unfortunately, this war is forgotten every day by most of us.
    Thanks for posting this hon, for remembering, for caring.


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