Weekly post – most clicked June 2 – June 8

So, someone obviously gets a kick out of trying to manipulate the statistics again. I don’t know what little life that person must have to go to a website and click on a picture again and again? Really, I don’t get it. You want the attention? Fine, here you have it. But be aware that after this you will be ignored and all your clicks will simply be for nothing (yes, I do know what picture YOU click on). It is simply not worth my time or that of my readers to give you even one more minute of our lives. Much more fun things to do. Like actually living our lives. Hope you get that and move on.

Now, thanks to that one person this picture takes the grand prize of being the winner. Not that anything is wrong with Dennis Chung, love that guy, but it is a strange picture to win. 🙂

Our clicker was busy this week, so we got 89 clicks for it. (What, you couldn’t do better than 89? LOL)


And number two is this one. Well, I actually kind of like this one, but 67 clicks are a few too many, don’t you think?


And what I think is the REAL winner with 21 clicks is this one.


There you have it. Now let’s see what we will have next week. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekly post – most clicked June 2 – June 8

  1. Apart from the REAL winner, it looks like a ‘Steve’s back’ week!! Now the REAL winner is pretty….very pretty!!!


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