Steve McGarrett – Season 3

I must confess this one was the toughest to make. So many great pictures from so many great episodes. That was a hard choice. Unfortunately there was no promo-shooting for season 3, so I had to improvise a little bit. Let’s hope CBS will do a photo shoot for season 4. But that might not be happening with Grace Park out of the picture for now. If the rumors and pictures are true and she really is pregnant. No official word as far as I know. So, we will see.

H50 - Steve Season 3

5 thoughts on “Steve McGarrett – Season 3

  1. The pilot, the SEAL, in the water, the expressions, the gun….just the perfect mix to give me sweet dreams!! Thanks hon and good night from Paris


  2. Great job!! Thumbs up!

    Okay, got a question about Season 3..
    Was watching the second episode “Kanalua” and noticed during the ending..
    When Komokona comes walking up wearing the leather jacket, and Steve says “Okay, big guy what with the leather jacket, it’s like 162 degrees out here” but when the camera turns back to Komokona, you can see Steve’s hand picking up a beer!!
    So how is Alex to deliver the line when he is drinking out of the bottle? Just wondering?


    • I guess I have to watch that episode again, but I think he picked up the bottle, but waiting to drink until he had delivered his line? Will take a look at it and get back to you about it.


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