Weekly post – most clicked picture

So, after this post started out as a daily post which didn’t really work out, we try this again as a weekly post.

First of all let me show you the picture that was clicked 119 times in ONE day. Obviously someone in France had too much time on her/his hands. But I can tell you trying to manipulate the statistics is not going to work. 🙂

So, what do you think of this wonderful picture? LOL


Now we come to the real three most clicked pictures from last week. Well, from Thursday to Saturday.

On place three is this one, opened 28 times:


And this one comes in as number two (opened 37 times):


And the award for most opened picture (41 times) goes to this:


So, there you have it. See you next Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Weekly post – most clicked picture

  1. Maybe someone couldn’t decide why he/she is staring on that photo and had to open it so many times to decide, that it’s nothing interested on it xD
    But the last photo deserves a win 😉


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