What a cutie!

Alex O’Loughlin was on Ellen today, and he was very generous to share lots of pictures of his home and his cute little boy with us. I think it shows how comfortable and happy he is in life.

Now if they just would get that guy on more talk shows. He is so good at it.

Thanks to http://www.alexoloughlinsplace.com for the video.





8 thoughts on “What a cutie!

  1. Who is the cutie? Lion or Daddy? Finally got to see the clip tonight and it was wonderful… Except it was way too short.


  2. Like father like son….for sure. A future hotie in the making!! Good genes!! Loved this interview although I agree with cokie….too short!


  3. I totally agree it was way too short. They didn’t even really talk. But I guess we can be happy that he was on the show at all. I have really no idea why CBS doesn’t ‘book’ him on every show there is. He is the best representative for Hawaii Five-0 and for Hawaii and CBS actually. His interviews are always great. He’s a real pro about it.

    I understand it’s difficult with them in Hawaii during filming. But this week he was on the mainland. They should have used that. But CBS, what do you expect? I truly hope they will at least promote this great show come fall. It would be a real shame if they didn’t.


  4. They didn’t? Well, I thought it was rather stupid to show scenes from 3.23, guess I was concentrating on something else to realize they weren’t promoting the finale. 🙂


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