Remember this guy?

I loved JAG and watched every single episode. The show aired from 1995 to 2005, ten great seasons.

jag3 jag4

I haven’t thought about Harmon Rabb jr. in a few years until today when thanks to @rodrigogracie we have another training photo of Alex. And guess who he was training with?`:-)

Training Day

9 thoughts on “Remember this guy?

  1. David J. Elliot, from one of my favourite tv-show . Sometimes I’m watching in polish tv, but they still airing first 6 seasons hmm. I didn’t knew that he is also training jujitsu, I knew that he was training something, but never thought about that. And he was also in CSI NY couple of times, so I was thinking about him not that long ago xD


  2. you know,… and don’t shoot me here… but that was one show I could never get into and I don’t know why. I watched on occasion, but never regularly. And it isn’t because I didn’t like the people… it must have been on opposite something else we watched. Although now that I look at the dates, I had two teens at the time and we didn’t get much TV watching done!


    • I liked JAG too, and I’m sure I’ve seen every episode at least twice (or even more) 😉 ! And I can still hear him saying: “I forgot how beautiful you are” and I thought, jeez “you’re such a jerk!” ! I loved him as a pilot, and lawyer and those uniforms, mhhh!


  3. Oh my.. HOLY HANNAH!! Harm!! Oh wow.. Loved David James Elliot, I even drove 4.5 hour one day when Kelly Live was in Canada to see DJE 🙂


  4. He’s so big, bigger than Alex, what’s he doing in Hawaii? Wasn’t he married to that Lori Singer character? Maybe he’s going to be Steve’s lawyer on H5O 😆 ! Chedwiggen came back to NCIS too ;-), so much fun! Thanks for the informations!


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