Random thoughts on 3.23

Let’s start with the poll for He Welo ‘Oihana.

Well, Steve for sure has his hands full with his ‘retired’ mother and her little club of spies. I’m sure he wished that bunch of retirees had another hobby than breaking into buildings with high security systems.

But let’s rewind for a minute and start at the beginning.

I love it when the show doesn’t spend a huge amount of time on the teaser before the credits (unless it involves one or all of the Five-0 gang). Because four minutes spent with the introduction of the crime of the week is a huge amount of screen time for a show that only runs 42 to 44 minutes. I for one rather like to see that time used for Steve and company.

Anyway, this time it wasn’t very long until the credit rolled.


No, Danny, you’re not overdoing it one bit. LOL I actually liked these scenes, and I hoped all season that Gabby would come back. Maybe then Danny wouldn’t be that nasty all the time. I think he should have some happy time. Give him a girlfriend. πŸ˜‰ I have one question about this scene. He gets a text as soon as she lands? What, and he is now waiting there all day because she might come that day? I mean they must have talked before he went to the airport, right? Wouldn’t you ask your girlfriend what flight she’s on? This felt kind of odd to me.



What I really like about Five-0 is that they have found a perfect balance between the amount of time they spend on the forensic stuff, the procedural and the character stuff. At least it is just the right balance for me. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love more technical gimmicks or others who want none at all. But I think H50 does a good job with giving every fan a little bit of everything, and focusing on the human aspect of the crime or characters. That is what I like most about Five-0. But that only as a side note.

So, we see Max digging in the hole and discovering that there had been another body in there.

The shooting of the guard was not the crime of the week after all, but only a byproduct of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.




If you like to know more about the work JPAC does and about the documentary “Until they are home” you can follow this link, and can watch the trailer for the movie.


Soon they found out that it was really a grave site with dozens of bodies there. Now missing of course. At least they could ID some of the victims, and found out that the site was obviously a body dump for the Yakuza.


And now we got another little information about Cath and Steve. It seems that they went to the academy together. At least that is what I take from her words: “Do you remember Kevin Hobbs from the Naval Academy?”

Which means that they really know each other for a very long time. Very cool information.



And I really liked how concerned Danny was as soon as Cath showed up with Information for Steve. He simply knew that nothing good was going to happen. Loved that.


So, with the information from the FBI Steve is on his way to confront his mother. Oh, Doris, you are so busted. I loved it how she tried to get ‘Honey’ out of the house. And Steve discovering her senior center in the back of the house. πŸ™‚




I really like Steve’s little outburst and his question where the woman he knew as his mom disappeared to. I think it’s understandable that he is still a bit confused about who his mom really is. I mean seriously who wouldn’t be? Your mom ‘dies’ when you’re fifteen and you have only known her as your mom who loved you. Took you to the football games, told you stories and took care of you when you were sick. And then you find out 20 years later that was all nothing but a lie. I can understand that Steve has trouble adjusting to that new person.



While Steve and Doris ‘fight’ it out, back at the ranch the rest of the team works on the case.

And can I just say that finally something went right when someone was too personally involved in a case? Kono was dispelled from it. That was a great and the right move.



Now our two remaining Five-0, with Kono off the case and Steve playing babysitter for the ‘elderly’, pay a visit to Michael, Adams’ crooked brother. I must admit that I think he is way more interesting than Adam. Adam was an interesting and cool character when he was the alleged head of the Yakuza following in his dad’s footsteps. Now he is simply boring in my eyes. Sorry, but neither he nor Kono can hold my interest for even a minute. And since that is the case, I will not say much about that part of this episode. Let’s just say I’m happy for the Kono lovers to get some stuff to look at. But I’m not going to tell what I think about that. (Guess that actually says it all.)

So, Chin and Danny are interviewing Michael. Daniel Henney is doing a great job with this character. Does anyone know if any or all of the tattoos are real?





I’m doing us all a favor and simply skip through the whole Adam and Kono stuff and her break-in into the warehouse. It would be a waste of my breath and you probably don’t want to hear my rant anyway.Β  So, I will skip forward to the scenes with the team, which were rather cute, and I liked the worried Steve. But I truly hope he will kick her ass right after Chin does the same.


Now they at least have the missing bodies back and Max can go to work.

I really liked it how Danny asked Steve about Doris. And I truly loved his advice, because face it he is right. No matter what happened in the past or what she did, she IS his mother. And he got to help her. No question about it.




Okay, one might think about Doris what one want. But I believed her when she didn’t want to involve Steve because he had too much to lose. I think this might actually be the first time that she really was worried about him. At least I want to believe that.



Okay, and now Mission Impossible started. What can I say; I simply loved every darn second of it. Can we please have more of the same? Mother and son were simply glorious to watch. And my compliments again to Christine Lathi. She is doing a great job portraying Doris. No matter if you hate Doris, love her or are pretty neutral about her, the character is portrayed brilliantly by Lathi. And can I just say that I loved to see some stunt work done by Alex? Loved that little fight scene.

On the one hand I’m very happy that they don’t let him do too dangerous stuff anymore. And thankfully he doesn’t have the desire to do it all himself anymore. I would hate to see him getting hurt again. But I also must admit it does make a difference if you can see that it is the actor who is running, jumping, fighting or whatever. I think Five-0 has found a really good balance to give us a little something that is reasonable save for Alex to do (Freak accidents can always happen, heck you can break your leg getting out of bed.) but keeping him away from the really dangerous stuff. Kudos to the great stunt team of Five-0. They are doing a hell of a job.

Now just enjoy the pic spam of mom and son. πŸ™‚

Stop, just one thing before we start. How did Mick get into the highly secured building? To roam around freely and doing his thing? And if he got in and out this easily why didn’t Steve and Doris went the same way? Yeah, yeah, I know, we wouldn’t have those great scenes then. I get it. πŸ˜‰

Okay, no on with the magic show. πŸ™‚

After all this excitement we skip to the next morning to Danny and Steve. And what can I say that were also great scenes. “Makes me wonder what else I don’t know about you.” LOL, Danny, that was really good.

And finally the negligence of letting her gun lying around will come back to haunt Kono.

I think it was pretty much the first time that the crime of the week was not solved?

How to grade an episode with parts in it that I found not even worthy a C? Well, I decided that I will simply ignore it. I’m sure many people found that part really great and were happy to see Kono and Adam and their storyline. For me, that was pure torture.

BUT that didn’t keep me from enjoying the episode. I came to the conclusion to simply ignore the parts I don’t like. For that there is a great invention. It’s called the fastforward button. πŸ˜‰

This ep gets an A despite the five or so minutes I will always skip through during future viewings.

10 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.23

  1. I do find one thing rather disturbing about this review. You sure ragged on the “seniors” in this episode. I think I am as old or older than those “seniors”. But since I loved their scenes, I will forgive you. πŸ™‚

    Loved many scenes. Will probably fast forward through others the next time. but I gave the show a “great” rating. It was fun.

    One thing I didn’t take the same as you. The person who contacted Catherine to pass along the information about mom… I think he knew Catherine was close to Steve and since she was military, it was easier to get in touch with her. I don’t think she was at the academy at the same time. That’s just my personal thoughts.

    And while I want to see what happens Monday, I’m not ready for the season to be over.


    • Nah, I have to disagree with you. Imagine that!

      Why would Catherine say “remember Kevin form the Academy” if Steve and Kevin weren’t at the Naval Academy together? And I think she also knows him from there. Maybe they didn’t spend all four years together, very possible, but I’m sure at some point they all were there together.

      Seniors? I think seniors are very cool, at least the ones on this show. And hey, I’m almost a senior myself. LOL – okay another decate before I come close, but who’s counting?


      • no, I think Steve and Kevin were there together. I just am not sure Catherine was there at the same time. I guess it is because i had hoped they would have had a better “meeting” than as students.

        “and another decade before I come close”… yeah, yeah, rub it in, woman! Payback can come at any time. πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, us seniors are so much younger today than 20 years ago!
    Lovely pics here hon as well as great comments as ever. Is it really nearly the end of the season…..;again? These last episodes of seasons come round just too too fast!!!


  3. I can agree with you, that Kono’s part it’s not that interesting, I don’t know why but I have neutral feelings about her and Adam. They could send them to Japan for the rest of their life’s and I would be like “ok, goodbye”.
    The only think I want to know it’s, why Michael killed somebody from Kono’s gun, because this is the second time with “Kono and possibility of prison sentence”, so it’s like dΓ©jΓ  vu for me but with different story. If they want to shock me they had to try harder, because this it’s not shocking at all, it’s lame.
    And Doris story it’s more interested for me, from one simple reason she still has her secrets and her story it’s not finished. Steve still has to close the doors to the past and start living and solving his own problems.
    Wow, I thought that Danny and Gabby it’s a past, but I was wrong. When I’m going somewhere my friends and family knows practically everything detail about my trip, at least 2 weeks before, so for me it could be normal, that Danny knew when he should be on the airport. But it could be nice if she called him before she changed her mind;-) but it was cute scene.


    • I think it a shame about the Kono storyline; I just wish they wouldn’t make Kono look so naive and stupid.

      And the relationship with Adam? I’m sorry, but that is no relationship in my eyes. It is built on nothing but mistrust and suspicions. And quite frankly if my boyfriend would have duct-taped me, I would have thrown him in jail and tossed the key. Sorry, but that was an absolute no go.

      Besides, why didn’t he has to face any charges for holding her against her will, for pulling a gun on Steve, for assaulting an officer (Threatening Steve was an assault. Assault does not mean to actually hit someone, threatening to do so is enough for that charge. And how about washing all that money from his father? He is trying to turn all his businesses legit? Yeah, right. They were built with drug money, with blood money, using that money is not better than making it in the first place. Sorry, but no matter what, Adam is dirty, and he’s not getting away from that. And frankly he was way more interesting when he was not trying to get clean.

      I actually hope that Gabby comes back. I really liked her, and Danny and her together were really cute.


  4. Sometimes Im thinking that you are in my head or I am in yours lol. ( not all the time)
    You know, for me it’s weird that she even wanted to go back to Adam, yes I know that when you love somebody you forgive and blah blah blah. But there are some things you can’t possibly forgive and this is one of them, because he didn’t only hurt Kono but he wanted to the the same with Steve. Honestly for me enough it’s enough, I know what im saying might sound cruel or something but I’ve seen a lot and if somebody like Adam came close to my sister I’ll kick his ass and send him far away from her.So for me like I said it’s weird, even if he is trying to reverse his father business as legal, if he is really doing it, why he is trying to hide it from her? And I’m talking about this Sato thing, what could possibly could happend if she knew this? And that “little” problem, why he wasn’t charged it’ s also bothers me, but I’ll give it a rest.
    Honestly I thought that Danny gave up on her, because I didn’t saw her for too long, but she is really nice and they are great together. Besides she was working in museum and I love museums, so it’s good for Gracie if they are going to be couple, free history lesson lol.


    • I think portraying Kono as a woman who is involved with someone who abused her (and I consider being duct taped to a chair and having a gun waved in my face as abuse), it presents a poor role model for young women everywhere who need to get out of abusive situations. yes, Adam needs to do some atoning for things he has done. I keep wondering if there isn’t more to the storyline that we will learn, but then again, he could just be an abusive thief and murderer.


  5. Well, I don’t think that they wanted to show Kono as a victim of abuse, because if Adam really is that kind of person( it could be one time situation, but it still abuse) that they didn’t do good in showing how to get out of those situations. They just showed that he can change( if we can even call this change), but who know what they are having for us πŸ˜‰ But obviously there where many situations when he was ” shortly saying” a bad guy, but there were also situations when he was “nice?”, so it’s kind of hard to say what kind of person he is, at least for now. But again if I was Kono I would never be with him after what had happened.

    Now I sound weird :/


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