Most clicked on May 14

Well, what can I say, I’m very happy with yesterday’s most clicked picture. 🙂
It was opened 23 times.


But I’m worried about today’s picture. That one has already way, way more clicks than yesterday’s. And that is really suspicious. You would understand my concern if you would know what picture I’m talking about. And that someone from France is messing with the statistics. 119 clicks from the same source. NOT cool.

And because of that the daily post will be changed into a weekly post with the three most clicked pictures.

6 thoughts on “Most clicked on May 14

  1. Well I better jump in very quickly here and say it wasn’t my computer from France that clicked 119 times!!! I wish I had that amount of time free to both look at this photo adn click!


  2. Dumb question time.. Where are people clicking?? I would like to put my vote in too!! But I like the choices people are choosing!


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