Season 3 poll – 3.16 to 3.20

Just one more week and season 3 of Hawaii Five-0 will already be over. Time for us to take a look at the last few episodes of season 3.

Credits for the pictures to CBS and as credited on the pictures. Thanks again to for some of the screen shots. If there is no credit on the pic, it’s my own screen shot.

Episode 3.16 – Feb. 11, 2013

Kekoa (Warrior)

Five-0 connects the murder of a local businessman to a fight club, and McGarrett asks an old friend to do surveillance work on his mother.

Read the review here




Episode 3.17 – Feb. 18, 2013

Pa’ani (The Game)

McGarrett and Danny’s plans to go to the NFL Pro Bowl are interrupted when a computer executive is murdered during a team-building exercise at a corporate retreat.

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And if you like read this tie-in to the episode.

Kinipopo peku



Episode 3.18 – March 18, 2013

Na Ki’i (Dolls)

Five-0 discovers that a murdered kindergarten teacher had a secret life as a roller derby star, and sends in Catherine undercover at the local roller derby. And some very important information is stolen from Doris McGarrett’s safe and could put her in danger.

You can read the review here




Episode 3.19 – March 25, 2013

Hoa Pili (Close Friend)

After an explosion on a shark tour boat, one of the boat’s owners is found dead in a submerged shark cage. Meanwhile, McGarrett helps Kamekona get his helicopter pilot license.


Episode 3.20 – April 15, 2013

Olelo Pa’a (Promis)

McGarrett and Catherine go on a secret mission to North Korea to find the body of one of McGarrett’s fallen SEAL buddies.

The Episode Serves as a Prequel to the Series’ Pilot

H50 - 3x20-2


H50 - 320


H50 - 3x20


You can read the review here.



And there are two stories for this episodes:

Along day Apopo




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