Most clicked on May 8

Well, second day and we alrady have a tie. LOL Which means you get two pictures. Guess not that bad.

Both of them were opened to full size 37 times. It was because of the guns, right? 😉 I must say, you do have taste.



4 thoughts on “Most clicked on May 8

  1. Now these are really good. The expressions are fantastic and the blue and grey look so good on him….mind you he looks good in everything doesn’t he?


  2. this is a great idea, Sam! There are days I sort of browse through the pictures, but during the times that I do NOT, the very next day I get to see what others think is ‘the best’! Although… really? Are there any BAD ones? I believe you were going to try that experiment a few months ago… looking for a BAD photo. Still looking, huh? 🙂


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