Daily picture post

I just came up with a new daily post that I hope you will like. I love statistics and everything that has to do with mathematics. Yes, I’m a geek like that. 🙂 So I’m checking the statistics every day and was often amused about what people clicked on the blog. And I thought I will share the most clicked picture from the day before with you. So, here is the first one from May 7th.

This one was opened 67 times yesterday, which I found really strange since it is an older one. Nice, but from an old post.


5 thoughts on “Daily picture post

  1. It may be older but it’s still as lovely to see today as it was way back then!!! Thanks for re-posting hon. This new idea is a great one. Looking forward to seeing what people are looking at and enjoying seeing the pretty pics!!!


    • I just wondered why this picture was clicked so often. I think it was in the post for the season one poll. That was a long time ago. Rather strange. But I really like this picture.


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