Random thoughts on 3.22

If you think this was the best episode under the sun and are not willing to read a maybe slightly different opinion, you might like to turn away now.

And as always a spoiler warning applies to this post. If you haven’t seen the episode… you know the drill.

The very few screen captures are my own, thanks to CBS and Global for airing the episode.

This review will be very different from my normal reviews, hope you will still find it interesting. And please don’t hold back with your comments. I can take it. 😉

Let’s start with the poll.



So, now she is pulling her next friend into her web of lies. I thought her request not to tell Steve was really unconscionable. I couldn’t believe my ears.

She is not only pulling her friends (Fong and now Catherine) into her questionable dealings, she is also lying to her cousin’s face.  It is one thing to keep the truth and her suspicions from Steve, but it is a very different thing to outright lie. There is simply no excuse for such behavior.

She should come clean with Chin and tell Steve. Withholding her suspicions or even knowledge of criminal activity is an offense. Yes, it is arguable that there is no proof Adam did anything illegal (even though using his father’s money can’t be legal), but keeping her information from Five-0 makes her equally guilty if Adam is involved in criminal activity.

Honestly? I really don’t care what is going to happen to her or her relationship with Adam. And I think that is a shame really. But the show never managed that I found them interesting. Adam was never really present; I never managed to get interested in his character or in the relationship with Kono.

I think her actions again show how blind and naïve Kono is.

This was surely in preparation for her story arch in the last two episodes. As I said earlier I would rather have someone else in distress and not Kono for the third time in as many years. Maybe that is also a reason why I’m not interested in it.



I really liked her involvement in the story. I think it is great that Kono and her are obviously good friends. I loved her very vehement no to lying to Steve if he’d asked. She obviously has learned her lesson. What I didn’t like was that she was again pulled into a scheme to keep something from her boyfriend. But I think I covered that in Kono’s part.



I always enjoy Chin, and this time was no difference. I truly liked the advice he gave Kono. It’s a shame that she is repaying him with lies.

Unfortunately he was not much in this episode.



Well, to be honest I get a little tired to rant about Danny almost every time I’m writing a review. But to his defense this time it was not his fault.

I’m actually sick and tired of constantly being reminded that Danny is the Dad. I’m sorry, but I’m offended by the very notion that the others might not be equally shocked and appalled by what happened to the kids, that they are not equally outraged. Which is simply not true.

Every time kids are involved in any way it gets showed in our faces that Danny is the dad and oh so empathetic with the relatives.

The only thing it shows me though is that Danny is not in control of his emotions. That he is a danger to himself, his teammates and ultimately the victims.

He lost it in the blue room without any plan. With his action he endangered the whole investigation simply because he didn’t know then if it was the right guy. I actually hope he has to face consequences for his actions. Even if only by Steve. It would have been the right thing to do to take him off the case at that point.

Later, when they did know they had the right guy, I can fully understand his reaction, not condone it, but fully understand.

Danny should rethink his career choice after everything that has happened to Grace. At the very least he should seek professional help for his issues. Because the next time he acts out of control because his judgment is clouded by his emotions he might get one of his friends killed. His partner will not always be there to protect him from himself.

Danny is not a good example for a good investigator. That is my opinion of him based on his behavior. Please don’t forget, he is a law enforcement officer in an elite task force. And no matter what, I expect something better from him. If he can’t handle such a personal case he should have been removed from it.



Yes, Steve has very often been involved in very personal cases. But other than Danny, he never lost it without a plan behind it. If it was the break-in into the Governor’s office (not talking about the outcome, but the plan and intent behind it) or the interrogation on the roof, or his hunt of Wo Fat. Or the stealing of the ten million to save Chin’s life. He had plenty of opportunity to lose it, but he never did due to his training. The closest we got to see him losing control was when he pumped Han Ji Woo full of lead.

Maybe someday he will lose it, who knows, but until this day he was always professional on a case.

And don’t anyone dare tell me he isn’t taking the kidnapping of little girls as personal as Danny. Just look at the guy and you have your answer.

Anyway, I think Steve should make sure that his partner gets help. It’s his job as head of the task force to make sure that his team handles themselves above standard.

None of them is free of guilt to have done something against the law, but I think Danny is the only one who did it because he simply lost it. And I think there lays the difference.

There surely is one scene that plays right into this; Steve taking Danny’s badge and walking away from the scene unfolding. Was that okay? No, it was not. Was it understandable? Yes. But that still doesn’t make it legally right, and you could see that Steve was bothered by ‘allowing’ Danny to go ahead. You could see that it made him sick to do it, but he also knew that it was the lesser evil. But even so, I can’t with a good conscience condone what they did. I don’t think Danny had the same scruples doing it as Steve had. Hell, he shot two unarmed men without a second thought, so why stopping at beating the crap out of an obviously guilty guy. But not everyone is guilty, as we saw in the blue room, and he had no problem beating him to a pulp.

This scene surely gives a lot to think about, I think it was wrong to show it in such a way on TV. Making is look like it was okay. It was not.

It would be interesting to see if that bad guy doesn’t walk because of this.

I absolutely loved the cargument, if you can call it that. That was brilliant work by the both of them. And I really loved the interrogation of the killer’s wife by Steve. Great work.

I do have something to complain though. Who the heck is writing those scenes? Imagine you would stand right next to your girlfriend and would be called back to work. Wouldn’t you lean over and give her a good bye kiss? Of course you would, everyone would. This is getting ridiculous, Steve just turning and walking away. Writers, wake up!



Let me say something right up front, it is always the worst kind of case when children are involved. That is a given.

I think the talk with the first parents outside the ME’s office was the most heartbreaking. Just imagine hoping for ten years that your kid might be alive and well somewhere. And then to find out she was practically in the neighborhood for those ten years and then to lose her again to a violent death. They were right; they lost her a second time that day. Really horrible.

Now let’s go right to the second set of parents. At least they could have real hope knowing that the other girl was kept alive for ten years.

I completely disagree with Danny, oh imagine that, false hope is better than none. He as a parent, as the show constantly tells us, should know that the parents would never ever lose hope. No matter what. As a parent I would question a detective who gives me a guarantee to bring my kid back. That would not make me feel better. On the contrary. How could he be so stupid and make such a promise? That was even worse than Lori in 2.02. Back then Steve wasn’t happy with her either.

Now let’s look at the holes in this whole story. The fake police woman kidnapped those kids, maybe even a lot more than those two. Did I get that right?

Who paid her all that money to do that? And why was she supposed to bring that money somewhere? Wasn’t that hers for snatching the kids? And after the kids were kidnapped, let’s say for a child smuggling ring to the Far East, or wherever. How in the world did that disturbed couple get their hands on two of those kids? How did they pay for them? I’m sure the stolen kids come at a high price on the right market. And please, they got the kids to cash in 500 $ a month? That in itself is ridiculous. You go through all that trouble for 6000 $ a year? Highly unlikely. Besides if that kid was in the system with a fake ID, how come NO one ever checked on them, no one ever checked if she was at school, or at medical check-ups?

But the biggest illogical thing in this episode was to keep Ella alive and bury her. I’m sorry, but that guy would not have done that. He would have killed her. I don’t think he thought he’d get her back at a later time. Leverage? Sorry, but no, he was not that clever.

In my eyes it made no sense to keep her alive. And quite frankly, as horrible as it is, the episode would have been a lot better if she had died. It’s horrible, I know, and I feel bad to say it, but that would have been a more realistic ending.

I think it would have been an awesome and bold move to let Five-0 fail to find the girl in time. Yeah, okay, hate me for it, but that’s how I feel about the ending.

Well, what’s left is the verdict. I’m struggling with this one. Yes, mostly because of Danny. I’m not one for in-your-face acting. I’m more the subtle kind of guy. A look here and there says more than thousand words.

As I said before, I really have it with getting Danny’s anguish about kids cases slapped in the face with. And the ending with his face filling the full screen twice at the end at the crime scene and with the parents, really was too much. I groaned out load. That really ruined the beautiful voice-over for me completely. We really didn’t need to see Danny again at the end. The team ending and just the crime scene and the parents would have been SO much better.

The episode had many good scenes, but all in all I was disappointed. That was my initial reaction and I’m going with that for now. It might get better with the second or third viewing. But at the moment this is one of the weaker episodes for me.

Just because it involves children in a dramatic way doesn’t make it a great episode for me. At the moment this one barely gets a B.

19 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.22

  1. I agree with you in this review. I will go even further and really risk having rotten eggs thrown at me, but I was really disappointed that Steve condoned Danny’s action in this scene, that he actually seemed to leave Danny armed, angry and out of control with the suspect, obviously intent on beating the truth out of him. I had enjoyed this episode right up to this scene but I’m afraid, I ended up feeling bothered and disappointed by the ending. It took the enjoyment away. There are enough real life situations of police brutality in the world. I don’t want to associate my heros with this type of behaviour. I’m sorry, but for me, the writers really messed up with this.
    I feel like a limit was crossed here that shouldn’t have been. I know it’s only a TV show but because of that, they should have been able to resolve this case another way.
    I am a mother. I could easily beat anyone to a pulp who harmed my kids……but I’m not a law enforcer with all the responsibility that that entails. H50 are!!!! Come on guys….I expected better of you.
    Now hiding to avoid flying missiles…..lol lol


    • I will protect you from anyone who dares trying to attack you for your opinion. And that has nothing to do with that I share it.

      I know Five-0 is just a TV show, but I think as an elite task force they have to be above standard. They can’t fall to such lows and condone such behavior. And if they do they have to make sure that everyone, even the last idiot who cheered Danny on, knows that such behavior is wrong. And let to terrible things in the real world.

      My complain about it is that they did a p/ss poor job about that this time. Just letting Steve walking away looking sick about his descision was not enough.

      And you are right, they wrote this thing, there was no need to do it in such a way.

      And yes, I can relate to their outrage and anger, I mean really, who can’t? But they are not there as a father, they are the police. They have to uphold the law. That is what I expect from them. And if they can’t there have to be consequences.

      Where do they want to draw the line? When is it okay to torture a guy to get information? And beating someone up IS torture. There was an outcry when Steve was beaten by Wo Fat for information. And rightly so. But did all those people only scream bloody murder because it was Steve who was beaten up? Is it okay if it is a scumbag beaten by police? Think about that.


  2. Just back to mark notify me of emails box that I forgot to do as I feel there might be some discussion to follow here!!!


  3. first, I agree with the B rating.

    second, you didn’t even mention all the fun stuff at the beginning of the episode, before all this mess began. That was just way too cute and I’m glad they all ragged on Steve’s haircut. Although Catherine saying it was because he messed up his sideburns was pretty funny…. they looked pretty good to me. So, now do we infer that Steve cuts his own hair??? 🙂

    third, I know I sound like a broken record, but I view this as the lesser of two evils. As a parent if, in the end that little girl had died, I don’t know if I could have watched the show. Period. I also know that the psycho would not have told them where she was without ‘help’. Yes, it was wrong. In way too many ways. But sometimes a person in authority has to weigh the good vs. the bad. Steve was doing that… it showed on his face.

    And I repeat, I *know* it was wrong. But it was also the best idea they had to get this little girl home. Will there be repercussions? Yes, there should be. Would they do it again if in a similar situation? I honestly hope so.

    Because, in the end, it saved the life of a 6 year old.

    Was this unrealistic? Probably. And the outcome too predictable? Yes. Do I ever want another show like this one? A resounding ‘no’. I would rather watch a reporter follow along with them again…

    As for the Kono storyline… please, people, just get it over with. Kono is shot; she is going to be on the run… I have heard that Adam will be on here next season, so maybe he isn’t a bad guy, but he sure is acting like it. I’m just not loving the Adam and Kono show. Every time I see them together, I flash back to the scene where he duct taped her to a chair… that shows the love!

    ok, my DannyRant is over! … maybe. You never can tell. 🙂


    • Don’t you worry; there will be a second review for this episode with picture spam and all. As I said there was a lot of good stuff in it. But I felt wrong to even mention this, because this serious issue REALLY bothers me for many reasons.

      It is probably because where I’m from, but I can’t look at it like you do. Or a lot of other people do. Just can’t. And it’s no excuse that Steve and Danny did it.

      Yes, I understand there was a decision to make, and Steve has to live with it. But it was simply not necessary to write it this way.


  4. and, of course, I’m back. I forgot to say that is an awesome photo of Steve you clipped up above. Very, very nice, and I thank you!


  5. OMG, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Sam, I have to agree with you on all levels. I was so looking forward to this episode, and although I did get enjoyment out of it, I was disturbed. I love my Danny, but you’re right. He has issues that need to be addressed by a professional! In all seriousness, Danny should have been forced to seek counseling after Gracie’s abduction last year -when he shot the two unarmed men (one innocent and one not so much). One of those little plots we’ve never learned more about!

    He never should have even been on this case – he should have been recused, but hey! This isn’t reality, this is H50! You can’t have one of the core 4 sitting at home watching the breaking news on TV!

    The thrust of the episode was not so much WHY the girls had been kidnapped but saving little Emma from being lost forever, or worse, killed. Time was of the essence here, and for that I can understand the drastic measures Steve allowed in order to find Emma. But yeah, I would feel a whole lot better about this if Steve told Danny to take some time off and get some professional help – he would even pay! (maybe they could get a discount -two for the price of one?)

    Oh, Kono! I have lost total interest in you, too. She is swiftly becoming the most boring character on this show. I agree with everything you said about her and her lies to Chin, her dragging Catherine into her web, and her hiding it all from Steve. What is the point of that? It didn’t work so well for her in S2 now, did it? Why do they keep her story on the back burner all season and then put her center stage again for the finale? That’s pretty much what I’m sick of!

    I did enjoy the beginning, nice and light hearted for an episode about to turn dark and gritty. I will always love my Danny, but sometimes I don’t like him very much. I still feel it was a powerful episode, and the actors all did an amazing job with what they were asked to do.

    Just don’t get used to me agreeing with you all the time, Sam!


    • Wow, Lynette, this I did not expect.

      See, that is what I love about a mature, ‘normal’ fan. You love your favorite character but are still able to see the flaws.

      Yes, I completely agree with you, all of them did a really good job, and I think Alex and Scott nailed it. I might not think that SC is a good actor, too overacting for my taste, but in this one he was good. And as I said, this time it was not his fault. 🙂

      Ah, we will see if we can’t agree again sometime. Thanks for your input, We all appreciate it very much. And I think this is a very important issue that I hope will be addressed at some point on the show. No, not holding my breath for it. Love life too much for that. 😉


  6. I like to hear your opinion. I liked this ep a lot.
    Was it ok what Danny did? No. But if it was my daughter someone kidnapped, i would hope that someone would do everything to bring her back to me.

    I liked the fun part about Steve’s hair.
    I can’t say much about Kono and Adam because I don’t care.
    I don’t understand Cath’s ‘I don’t lie to Steve. I’ll tell him if he asks’ (or so)….she ‘lies’ to him again, in a way…. Not telling something as big as this and only waiting if he asks, well…Maybe she tells him in the next 2 eps

    I liked this ep better than the last one, i really hated the way it was filmed, this handcam shook the whole 40 minutes that’s horrible


  7. Good review, Sam. I thought it was really good though not a perennial favorite but MUCH better than last week.

    For Kono, I’m interested to see where this goes, only because I like Daniel Henney so I’m interested in how Michael’s appearance has really changed Adam…or IF it has. Not a fan of Adam and Kono together though. Adam dating Kono has made him rather boring. I’d rather him be a bad guy with his brother and go toe to toe with McG once in a while. THAT was when he was interesting…when he was bad. lol. Kono needs to tell McG but given that all this happened in one day and all very fast it’s not like she was reasonably going to take time away from the child’s case to tell him about her own problems. Maybe next week…

    Chin, I wish there had been more Chin. He’s really my favorite next to McG. I loved his teasing McG about his hair and his honest talk with Kono. I also respect him for not saying, “I TOLD YOU SO!”.

    Danny, agreed Danny has some anger issues. He’s either spouting off the rules or he’s breaking them when they fit HIS circumstances. That has annoyed me since season 1. Also agreed the whole concept that Danny is the father and all cases involving children, especially little girls will effect him more than anyone is old and the way they give him free reign to do whatever when a child is involved, is old…but I don’t see it changing. Peter seems to like that aspect of Danny and that seems to be his ‘role’ in the series.

    McG on the other hand, like you said has had plenty of times to do the un-honorable thing but has taken the honorable path. that said, he does like to do his crazy stuff….and thats where it gets tricky for me. I ADORE crazy steve…Steve with his hand grenades and hoods pushing perps off short cliffs, etc. That’s when I remember it’s a TV show and that kind of stuff is entertaining to me. Also, McG rarely does it out of anger or vengeance (none actually that i can remember but could be wrong..). He simply does it to move the process along…and its fun and entertaining. So while I didn’t find the situation in last night’s episode fun and entertaining, I have to give show a little bit of leeway because I do like the over the top stuff. Then again, it felt a little too real….so I dunno. I’m just on the fence about that one. I’ll probably always go back and forth on whether it was ok or not ok.


    • “He’s either spouting off the rules or he’s breaking them when they fit HIS circumstances.” couldn’t have said i better, you definitely right there!


    • Yes, I can the see the struggle about this scene. On one level I’m pretty sure everyone thought it was right, because it saved a little girl. But the other bigger part is telling a different story.

      But I think I’m mostly concerned about how easy and fast Danny was willing to beat everyone to a pulp who might be the bad guy. That is what I find most disturbing.

      Danny never even questioned his own behavior. In the blue room they had no proof whatsoever that their suspect was even remotely involved in the kidnapping and had any information to give. But Danny gave a flying F7ck about that. His answer was violence to get information. Right off the bat. He didn’t even try a different way. And I believed him when he said if he didn’t believe the suspect knew where Ella was, he would kill him. Danny wouldn’t lose one night’s sleep over that. And THAT is what really bothers me. And that is why I think Danny needs professional help and does not belong on the task force or even on the police force.


  8. Sam I have to agree with your comments about Danny, though I have to see this ep again because my internet was bad.

    Just saw in YT the scene where Steve asks Danny for his badge and walks away, still not sure of my feelings about this but again AOL was amazing, again no words were needed for us to understand the conflict in him, I know I’m not partial, I love to see Alex acting and he was great in this ep, because if Danny is a “father” in the show he is just acting and let’s not forget that Steve is a Father in real life and we can see it in his performance and that’s why he is so good at what he does. there is so much of Alex in Steve.


  9. Here’s what bothers me about this scene. Alex the actor, great. Alex the father would have the understandable right even if it is illegal to beat a guy up if he had touched, kidnapped, harmed one of his kids. Steve the head of H50, the person who is meant to enforce the law…….not so much and this is the point that disturbs me here. He condoned police brutality by leaving Danny, an armed angry Danny, to beat the guy up. They gave themselves the right to be the law, order, judge and jury….they don’t have that right.
    Sorry to go about this as it’s only a TV show but I actually feel strongly enough about this that this show may lose a fan in me if they don’t address this issue and hand out sanctions in it to Danny and Steve. A TV show cannot in my point of view be seen to condone police brutality. Not a TV show watched by so many people. It’s irresponsible.I feel it’s shame the writers put these characters in this position.


    • Well, I feel very strongly about this issue, but Five-0 will not lose me as a fan. But I truly hope they will address this again.
      And I hope their behavior will reflect that they have thought about it in future actions.
      And you are right, from an ethical point of view, Steve walking away and letting Danny beat that guy up, it was utterly and completely wrong. But after they reached that point in the story, it was probably the only thing to do. And legally they probably won’t face any consequences from the Governor. But Steve should sanction himself and Danny for what they have done.
      Maybe he will. Don’t ask me how that would look like, I don’t know. Even if Steve could install aweness in Danny that what they did was wrong on every level of the law, that might be a first step.


  10. I know I’m a little late to the party. But I have to tell you how much I love to read your random thoughts. I so often find myself nodding in agreement when it comes to Danny and especially after reading your thoughts and the comments about 3.22.
    My problem with Danny – what makes it really difficult for me to like him – is that he is an hypocrite. He applies double standards, right from the start btw. On the one hand Mr Know-it-all about the rules, just to break said rules if he is involved emotionally. And because I’m a mother hen regarding Steve I get really angry about Danny calling his friend (!!!) constantly neanderthal, animal or moron. 🙂 Because words do hurt, even if they are meant to show that someone is rationally concerned 😉 .


  11. I just watched this episode, and it wasn’t that bad, but of course I didn’t like Danny in it, he was out of control twice and what Steve did, took his badge and let him beat the crap out of the suspect? I know that they thought that’s the only way to find her, but for me it wasn’t a good idea.
    And Kono what she is thinking, that she can hide this from everyone, it’s like back to season 2 when she was working with Fryer.
    But it was great episode, at least the did found that girl, so it’s a plus for Five-0.


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