BTS 3.21 by Mike Gordon

Outtakes Online – Welcome to the jungle
by Mike Gordon at Honolulu Pulse

Here is the original article:

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Even in the world of television, which operates at a much faster pace than in feature film, it can take half a day to shoot a scene that’s over after just a few minutes.

The climatic jungle shoot-out between the crime-fighters of Hawaii Five-0 and ruthless terrorist Wo Fat in this week’s episode was shot in early March at Kualoa Ranch and took repeated takes to get right.

Picture 2

The scene – shot in Hakipuu Valley between passing ranch tour vehicles filled with wide-eyed, photo-napping visitors – often filled the air with the sound of machine guns. The show uses scaled down rounds that create noisy, blast spewing weaponry without the bullets.

Nearly everyone on set wears ear plugs, even the actors.

The final scene, as Five-0 exchanges gunfire with Wo Fat, was shot around a real helicopter wreck. Burning pressed logs and gas-fed tubes were used to create smoke and fire. Before each take, a production assistant would walk through the set with a smoke machine, but the smoke kept drifting away.

Picture 3

The make-up that was used to turn actor Mark Dacascos into the severely burned Wo Fat was better looking on the set than on TV. The small screen didn’t do it justice.

He really looked bad, his head and upper torso painted red and half of his hair missing. It will be interesting to see how disfigured he becomes in future episodes.

Mike Gordon covers film and television in Hawaii for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Email him at and follow him on Twitter. Read his weekly Outtakes column Sundays in the Star-Advertiser.

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